The screaming O touch-plus - cock ring by The Screaming O - reviews

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The screaming O touch-plus reviews

17 reviews
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17 reviews

Soft and easy to clean, jelly material makes this toy practical. Good vibrations and nubby texture on the vibrator portion of the item, adds extra stimulation. It's not very intense, but is a good toy for couples looking to add that extra something special to their sexual activities. Is especially good for couples where one partner needs to take it easy due to a painful injury or condition that prevents them from giving it their "all"; it is really good for slow, deep, love making.

This is a great vibrating cock ring to try out, especially for beginners. It's very simple to use and vibrates only when a woman's clit hits the base, but can leave you pausing the fun just to make sure it's aligned right. Great cock ring, but overall it didn't make me have a screaming O.

This is a nice starter cock ring for couples. The material is very stretchy and comfortable for males, and the vibrations aren't that strong and pleasing for both male and female users. The vibrating part can be used for both clitoral and anal stimulation. The only negatives are the vibrating part didn't quite reach my clitoris and the batteries are hard to find and die too fast.

If your truly are interested in this, go ahead and spend a little extra money on one that will actually last you awhile.

Part 2 of my three part cock ring reviews covers the intercourse and sexual aspects of this cock ring. This is one of the more versatile rings and is a comfortable and soft ring. The side benefits are easy to clean and store, versatility-limited only to your bullet and imagination, and you cannot beat the price for a well used and favorite toy.

This toy wasn't the most satisfying couples toy i've tried but would work better on a singles rider pillow. Not too thrilled about it.

I had been expecting more from this ring after our experience with The Screaming O, but it was simply less exciting than we both hoped.

If the thought of simple cock rings (i.e. non vibrating ones) just doesn't suit your fancy, the products made my Screaming O might be a much better option. Not only are they very stretchy and easy to apply, but they're also affordable, comfortable and great for offering stimulation to both partners.

The Screaming O Touch Plus is a disposable, one time use cock ring that adds flavor to sex. It is a bright orange cock ring that is embellished with a vibrating unit that is touch activated. The Screaming O is made of non-toxic SEBS silicone material. It is comfortable, fun, and great for couples.

This little ring will not disappoint. It activates on contact and the vibrations were perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed using this toy.

sometimes it just takes a small thing to make a big difference! to add a little flavour without going all out, this is the thing for that.

This cock ring will only work with pressure on its control button. If you love being on top and grinding, then this ring is good for that. It can become annoying, however, when you are trying to finish. The vibrations are mediocre, but quiet. Overall, I think I prefer the original version of this ring.

Great beginners ring for couples. While it can provide good vibrations, unless it is perfectly set and doesn't move, the touch-activated pressure controls can be frustrating. If you are looking to experiment for the first time, this would be perfect to try and see whether or not this type of toy is right for you and your partner. Being that this is a one-time use ring, I would recommend moving on to a more advanced ring (one with constant vibrations) that is reusable.

While the screaming-o touch plus can provide good vibrations, the pressure activated controls proved to be frustrating. A ring that includes a constantly on, vibrating experience would have worked better. Coupled with the fact that this product is recommended for one-time use, I would advise passing on this one.

This cock ring is super stretchy, comfortable for him to wear and the vibrations are strong enough to get you off with a little maneuvering. The price for a one time use only toy is a little steep but if you've never used a cock ring before I'd say it's a good place to start.

This is a powerful and easy to use ring. Great for beginners. It is made for soft silicone. This ring is great for couples.

This was an alright beginner cock ring. It helped keep my erection stronger longer but it was very difficult to consistently keep the vibrations going to accomplish anything.

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