The screaming O touch-plus - vibrating penis ring by The Screaming O - review by Colossus

Screaming O might make you scream in frustration

While the screaming-o touch plus can provide good vibrations, the pressure activated controls proved to be frustrating. A ring that includes a constantly on, vibrating experience would have worked better. Coupled with the fact that this product is recommended for one-time use, I would advise passing on this one.
Firmer erections, clit portion is textured well, stronger orgasm.
One time use, irritating pressure control, difficult to put in place.
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First of all, this was my very first cock ring. I was excited and curious to see if it would provide a firmer erection, and how it would contribute to my partner's pleasure during sex. I picked the screaming O touch-plus basically on a whim, because it was inexpensive and looked fairly straightforward. In many ways, my instincts were correct about this product, but in others, I was somewhat surprised.

The Screaming O touch-plus is made of a fairly springy silicone. The hole that holds your cock is not simply a ring of this material. It is punctuated by a few holes where the material is absent from the ring. I'm not really sure why this design choice was made. I'm assuming it helps the ring stretch a little bit to help ease it into place. The top of the ring is very nicely textured with 16 mini "nubs" (no more than maybe a few mm tall) that are very soft and squishy. In the center of this piece a raised nodule (less than 1/4 inch tall). This is what controls the vibration. There's only one speed to the vibration: on. If the center nodule does not have pressure applied to it, the ring remains still.

I had a little bit of difficulty putting the ring onto myself, but with a little adjustment, and pulling, I finally secured it around the base of my cock. I would recommend using lube to help this process, but remember, no silicone-based lube since this is also made from silicone!

During sex, my girlfriend and I found it to be pleasurable when I was deep enough inside her to trigger the vibrations. We soon realized that it actually worked better when it was positioned higher on the shaft of my dick so it would vibrate easier. Once we discovered this, and the vibrations became more constant, it became a lot more enjoyable. Still, whenever I would thrust or move the slightest bit, the vibration was cut off and sometimes was hard to find the right spot/positioning/pressure to get it going again.

I did notice, however, that the ring kept my cock noticeably firmer during sex. One of the biggest things for me was that I could stop stimulation altogether and, thanks to the ring, maintain my erection for several minutes. It's also worth noting that during ejaculation, I noticed my orgasm was slightly stronger than normal. Not sure if it was because of the ring or other circumstances, but it's worth noting.

So here's what it comes down to: I really felt this cock ring was textured perfectly, but the touch vibration controls were frustrating. I also discovered after the fact (thanks to EF) that this ring is designed for a one-time use. Huh? That's kind of a steep price for a mediocre toy that is only meant to be used once (I've ignored this and used it a few times, but I wouldn't suggest ignoring manufacturer instructions). So, when you put it all together, the value of this toy just doesn't really hold up for me, even though it can in provide a fairly enjoyable sexual experience.
It was awkward having to readjust the screaming o during intercourse for me and my girlfriend, but when it was actually in the right spot, her eyes literally lit up. That was pretty cool. When I ejaculated, I noticed that it lasted longer, and felt better than normal.
Follow-up commentary
Since my first review, the vibrations on the screaming O touch-plus have gone completely dead. When I stored it, the trigger mechanism accidentally was depressed, thereby running all of its batteries out. Since this review, I have experimented with other cock rings, and have found them much more adequate than this guy. Still, this one is clearly deemed as "one time use only", so perhaps those wanting to try a cock ring out for the first time may still enjoy the experience.
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  • Juliettia
    My husband and I couldn't get this to work for us sadly. The vibrations just wouldn't hit me in the right spot. Excellent review.
  • Alan & Michele
    Good review! My husband and I have a couple of rings with that touch-sensitive vibration feature, and we've found that it's easier to get them to work if I'm on top. Otherwise they can be frustrating!
  • Colossus
    Thanks for the comments guys! Thanks for the tip about being on top, Alan & Michele, I haven't tried that yet, I'll have to give that a shot next time!
  • lemony
    Helpful review, thanks!
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    Thank you!
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    Nice review!
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    Great review!
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  • Ash1141
    good review
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    Thanks for the review!
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