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Are you looking for a new type of erotic anthology to read? Look no further than Carnal Machines by D.L. King. It contains 14 stories that focus on a steam-punk theme. This is one well written, creative and highly arousing anthology. If you are considering it, don't think twice!

If you are a fan of Steampunk or Victorian settings in your Erotica, Carnal Machines will fit right up your alley. While not the most graphic of erotica it is perfect for those who just need a little something to get their imaginations going!

Erotica with a decadent Victorian spin, and a technological angle that is almost as thrilling as the uses the tech gets put to. A world without computers, fast cars or videos, but the things they have instead will thrill you just as much... if not more!

Why I recommend CARNAL MACHINES: It's a unique type of erotica, one that won't disappoint both content-wise, and quality-wise. The thrill of the Victorian impropriety will have your toes curling and your.... well, you know.

This book felt really disjointed and all over the place. One story about a gay couple will be followed by another story that is purely hetero. A bdsm scene will be followed by a very normal seduction. A good sampling of kink I guess, but I found it awkward.

This is a collection of short stories that feature steampunk erotica set in Victorian times. There are devices of all kinds put to all sorts of sexy and sensuous uses.

A wonderful book for so many reasons. Fun, different, great sex and extremely well written and edited. Plus, the short stories allows you to enjoy them at different times; breaks at work, waiting for an appointment, etc. Highly recommended!!

Ever wonder what sex was like in a time when batteries didn’t exist, and there were no wall sockets to plug in your favorite toy? What if you didn’t want to make do with live flesh? The stories in Carnal Machines explore sex, desire, and ingenuity in the Steam age with some amazingly exciting results.

If you love the steampunk style, you're going to love this book. Each tale is sizzlingly erotic, but stays true to the aesthetic of the steampunk subgenre. The emphasis here is always on story, with the sex and the steampunk coming deliciously, delightfully after.

I enjoyed this book a lot, I mean whats not to love. Victoriana, Steampowered goodness, women in corsets, all great things in my book!

While I will not say this is a hardcore tour through the realms of sexy Steampunk, it does give a nice nod in that direction adding some spice to these erotic tales. If you are a fan of corsets, clock-work dildos and steam powered love machines, then this book will not disappoint.

I had been wanting to get my hands on this book since it first appeared on Eden. I am certainly glad I did. The stories feature creative and sexy uses of machines alongside a variety of erotic activities. There is absolutely something for everyone in this book. Kinky, vanilla, gay, lesbian, straight, gender queer-this book has it all!

For those who love reading about Victorian lovers, “Carnal Machines” provides fourteen stories set in the suppressed sensuality of that “steamy” era. The stories cover a variety of sexual scenarios from hetero to homo to BDSM, though there is a little too much emphasis on steam powered sex machines and not enough elements of actual steampunk. Not all of the stories are equally good, but overall, it is a very satisfying read.

Carnal Machines is steampunk's step into the erotic world. Each of the stories in this collection are not just sexy and hot, but they present a rich world of steampunk and neo-Victorian technologies. One of the better written erotica books I have picked up recently.

Erotica can be quite hit or miss anthologies in particular, at least that has been my experience. Carnal Machines however has it all, from sex, good and detailed, to stories, yes actual stories and good ones at that. Not loose and simple as possible, just as an excuse for the characters to have sex. I would recommend this one to anyone who wants to read erotica it's really quite excellent.

Carnal Machines is a great selection of stories for fans of steampunk or anyone who enjoys reading about people using sex toys. These stories are all well written and are quite exciting to read.

If you've ever fantasized about old-fashioned sex machines or robots then read this book. It's very original, and it's very kinky. However, if you prefer more traditional themes, or if sci-fi or fantasy fiction bores you, then you may not enjoy it as much.

Carnal Machines is a sexy compilation of stories that are filled with amazing creations and wonderful, hot sex. The tension and decorum created by the era in which the stories are set make the behavior that much hotter.

For lovers of Victorian Erotica and all that is entailed in that genre, Steampunk seems like a great fit! Corsets, long skirts and repressed sexuality are in full flower in Carnal Machines but theres an added twist of sexuality that makes for an explosive read.

If you love sex toys and have a few fantasies about the Victorian era, then this erotic anthology is perfect. The fantastic aspect of the stories are credible, and you'll envy some characters for their luck of trying a few erotic inventions. The stories are very well written and you'll read through this book too quickly than you would have liked.

You don't have to dress in period costumes for fun to enjoy this book. If you're looking for something a little different than the standard modern erotica book, give Carnal Machines a whirl. It's sexy steamy fun!

I loved this collection of stories! If you love variety in your erotica then you will love this book. All the stories are set in the Victorian era, but the characters are not typical. The main theme of all of them is invention and these author have a wild view of what could have been!

It might sound like a stretch, but I almost feel that this book was written just for me. There's bondage, hysteria treatments, arcane sex toys, robotic pleasure contraptions, female dominance, and much more. I loved the character development, and some stories I wish didn't end! If you have any inclination towards BDSM or steampunk, I highly recommend this as a read.

If you enjoy sci-fi fantasy and like a little historical fiction thrown into the mix, you will love this book. Strong leading female characters fill the pages of this book and they meet their matches with some of the contraptions that they come across. This is heavy on plot as far as erotica goes, but I feel that it has been made all the better because of it, the stories may be slightly longer but they do not lack the heated action one expects from an erotic anthology.

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