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12 reviews

I thought this book would help me make a decision on something I was on the fence with. It did become a tough read because of the negative attitude it takes to monogamy which turned me off on it for quite a while. If you've already made your decision then this book should be required reading, but if you're on the fence like I was you may want to give it a little more consideration. Now that I'm single I've opened up to the ideas it has presented to me.

Very simply, this is a clear, concise reference guide to open relationships (in their many and varied forms). It avoids preaching tones and overly academic wankery, making it accessible to all readers who are considering 'opening up' their relationship, and need a little guidance in negotiating how that will best work for them (and for their partner/s).

I purchased this book at the recommendation of several people. I was definitely not disappointed. It answered all my questions, concerns, and then some. I would recommend this book to anyone considering an open relationship, or is already participating in one. And then share with their partner(s) as well.

I would highly recommend it to anybody considering pursuing an open lifestyle, as well as those already in an open relationship. Not only does the author inspect problems associated exclusively to open relationships but many that apply to monogamous relationships as well. The main focus lies in not restricting yourself to the boundaries associated with labels and encourages discovering an arrangement that works for you instead.

Opening Up is a great primer for someone who is uneducated about relationships outside of monogamy. It's excellent for those who would like to see if it might be a good fit for their lifestyle.

For people who are interested in understanding open relationship or those struggling to swim the shoals of the love style this is the definitive guide to understanding and maintaining open relationships. If you have questions, are just curious or need some serious help this is the resource you should own. Ms. Taormino has a gentle but plain speaking manner of presenting her ideas that can't help but spark her readers to take a long and cleansing look at their own relationships.

"Opening Up" is a great choice for anyone who is seeking information on whether they'd like to have an open relationship. It also covers many topics having to deal with actually starting the open relationship.

If you are interested, considering, or even negotiating a poly relationship, this is the book for you. This is a great text for mental health counselors to better understand polyamorous couples.

Want to know how to better your own relationship, let alone start opening yourself up to new ones? This is the book for you, undoubtedly.

If I could rate this book higher than five stars I would. It's comprehensive, accurate, personal, thoughtful and well designed. It covers more issues in depth than I could even imagine.

Taormino gives her own spin on a relationship style that is gaining above ground recognition. Typical of Taormino this book is well-researched, emotional, and personal. Highly recommended.

Tristan Taormino's newest book provides concrete advice for those looking to try out non-monogamy or those already in an open relationship.

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