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Position Of The Day Playbook: Sex Every Day In Every Way reviews

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12 reviews

A book that boasts a different sex position for each day of the year. Gives the benefit of a rating system from "below average" to "Woah!" and shows how many calories each person burns for each position. Unfortunately positions are repeated so there are not truly 365.

The Position of the Day Playbook is pretty humorous. I purchased it thinking it was an actual book of sexual positions, so it was kind of a surprise to receive something with a lot of humor in it. I actually prefer it that way. There are lots of positions to look over and laugh at. Each page is easy to interpret. Some of the positions are something you can actually try, but not all of them are possible.

I absolutely LOVE this book and would highly recommend it to anyone! It's a safe book due to the fact that it's drawn and not photos, it's funny, and I think anyone looking at it would get a good laugh! This book never gets old, no matter how many times you flip through it, there's always going to be a position that makes your eyes get big, your jaw drop, and the laughs fly out!

When you're limited position wise in your sex life, this book can really help bring you out of that routine feeling.

This book is great if you want something to help you find new sex moves but aren't comfortable having a book with graphic photos in it! It is great for couples who want to spice up their sex life or have no idea what they are doing. This book is also great for those who appreciate a little humor.

Don't buy this book looking for 365 sex positions that you and your partner are literally going to try. It is meant to be taken as humor as well as having SOME positions that you will try.

Overall I feel that the book is a good buy for anyone looking to be creative with their sex life. There are no cons that blow the book so far down that it isn't worth it.

I loved that it's not hetero-only positions either. There isn't much description and some positions look a little difficult, but half the fun of this book is figure it out and writing your own description. This book can very much be made your own sex play book. It'd be a great little book to give as a gift to a new couple. Plus it's small and can be hidden easy and lists lots of new positions.

Bored with the same old positions? Or do you just want to add something new to your bedroom antics? Pick up your own copy of Position of the Day Playbook: Sex Every Day in Every Way -- you and your partner will have a blast trying out new positions and finding plenty of new ways to connect and enjoy each other.

This is a very cute idea that always gets a laugh out of anyone who flips through it. Attempting some of the positions can be hazardous, but that's half the fun! Safe enough to leave lying out without offending most.

Overall it was a great little book. It was fun and gives readers something to look forward to daily, challenging readers to step out of their comfort zones and try something new every day in every way!

The Position Of the Day Playbook is moderately more useful than its predecessor. It actually provides positions that are physically possible, and has SOME slight information about them, albeit more humorous than useful. It is definitely a fun book through which to browse, though!

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