Position Of The Day Playbook: Sex Every Day In Every Way by Chronicle Books - review by Beautiful Dreamer

Very cute gift, designed to get a laugh

This is a very cute idea that always gets a laugh out of anyone who flips through it. Attempting some of the positions can be hazardous, but that's half the fun! Safe enough to leave lying out without offending most.
Very cute gift, always gets a laugh.
Some positions are physically impossible.
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This book is not designed to be how to sex guide, but rather a comical day to day guide to “sex positions.”|Position Of The Day Playbook Some are realistic and very enjoyable, some are funny, some are impossible, and some are hazardous to your health.

I received this as a gift for Christmas. As someone who micro-organizes everything and considers my planner a bible, a friend got me this as a subtle way of telling me to chill out and enjoy the day. The book is compact (6x7”) and very thick at 380 pages.

There are not truly 365 positions, as some are repeats with different names. The date is at the top, with a very cute name listed below it. Below the name is the position photo which is a very simple sketch. The positions are mostly designed for male/female, though there is the occasional male/male and female/female position. There are also a few that involve more than two people. There is no description on how this position should be achieved, so get creative! Below the photo is a breakdown of calories and an area that you should check what you considered the position (Below Average, Average, Above Average, and the ever appropriate Whoa!) Some positions also list equipment needed, hazards, and benefits. At the bottom of the page there is an area to sketch comments into. The calorie count seems very unrealistic, and even change though the position is the same. I assume they are mostly as a cute item, rather than a realistic guide.

Positions that worked for us and that we actually enjoy: The spoon swoon, the otto-man, and the only chair in the house trick. Positions that didn’t work: The Funky Monkey- this position involves us standing with him holding me up by me heels, while I wrap my arms around his neck. Even for the physically fit, I think this would end disastrously. Many positions involve him bending his penis in a way that is not possible once erect.

The first page appropriately starts with a New Years kiss and the benefit is a fresh start the last page ends with a kiss as well. This day to day sex position book is a cute gift, and something that could be left out with out offending most guests. While some of the positions are near impossible, attempting them will always guarantee a good laugh. This is not a how to guide, but rather a cute calendar that is designed to arouse a smile and curiosity.
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  • Oggins
    I really need to get one of these! It sounds great and I'm sure it would get a laugh from us as well! =)
  • It was hilarious! Just make sure you go into it realizing some of these positions, WILL NOT work. :)
  • Bulma
    Sounds like an interesting book, but don't think I'd leave it out for my company to see. lol I'd agree from the descriptions that some of the positions sound impossible. Sounds like a cute book though :)
  • Epiphora
    I guess it is called a "playbook" so you can't expect it to be an authoritative guide. :)
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Bulma- I'm in my early twenties and a lot of my guests consist of college students. They think it's hilarious. Not something I'd want my grandma to necessarily see, so I leave it on my nightstand. :)
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Epiphora- Definitely! I just didn't want to mislead people to thinking it was a how-to guide. Maybe how to break your partner's penis guide would be more appropriate for some of these positions.
  • systematicweasel
    Seems like an interesting read =) Thanks for the review
  • TheHardOne
    I'd love to read this one.
  • Bonesdance
    Sounds like fun. Thanks for the great review!
  • Highmaintenancegirl916
    thanks for the review.
  • Blooddragon
    Nice review!
  • JG24FanUK
    Nice review, this book sounded very good at first, but now I'm questioning if it is worth it.
  • pinkzombie
    Great review!
  • Aydios
    thanks for the review love the illustrations
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