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16 reviews

This was just a big disappointment. Save your money and stick to porn sites. Honestly, put your money into something else, unless you like short sex scenes and lots of pubic hair.

You get a photo gallery with this DVD. It has trailers to other movies that they are in. The women are pretty and very sexy. Sasha gives a great performance. She should have been in more scenes. This had a bad story line, which didn't matter because you couldn't hear it. After going through all the DVD features. I feel as if the story line was not given a lot of thought. It looks low budget. I can't say it was rushed because the dialog was slow.

This is an ok option for a quickie, but if you are interested in a good plot, there are better films available. As compared with other porn films, this is in line with what I would call hardcore porn. It wouldn't have been worse with no storyline. If you are a fan of Sasha or Stoya though, definitely add this to your collection. They do add sizzling heat to the film. The selected male cast is very attractive as well. I do think the script could have been a bit more believable though.

Love and Other Mishaps was a total let down for me. My boyfriend actually refused to watch anything past scene 1. There are a lot of big names in this film, but even that didn't seem to save it. I didn't like the messy story line and there were issues with the camera work, coloring, and audio. I don't recommend this to anyone really. I'm a Sasha and Stoya fan, but I don't think this film does them much justice.

A good choice for fans of both Stoya and Sasha Grey, but those looking for a little more plot and a little less porn might find the DVD disappointing. Ultimately, Love and Other Mishaps promises a lot, but sadly doesn't quite deliver.

Love and Other Mishaps is more mishap than it should be. The plot exists merely to tie the scenes together and you’ll likely be hitting fast forward between scenes. The sex scenes are fairly short and not tremendously inspired, although it’s great to see Stoya get quite a bit of action. If you’re a fan of Stoya, though, this may be one you'll want to check out.

This was film was basically the same as the Digital Playground production Girls Talk but stripped of all its humor, great sex, and good directing, and in its place was horrible dialogue and a convoluted storyline. The film did have some good sex and incredible good looking performers, if you can suffer through the poor camera work.

Love and Other Mishaps will appeal to Stoya fans as it features her in three scenes. The movie is another high quality offering from Digital Playground but suffers from lapses in sound quality. The sex scenes are somewhat predictable but still enjoyable to watch. The greatest shortcoming is the movie's failed attempt to be an art house film. The movie is still worth watching if you can just ignore the poor dramatic performances and broken storyline.

Love and Other Mishaps was a real disappointment. The acting was horrible, the dialogue was difficult to hear at times, and the plot was confusing and hard to follow. If you really like Stoya, then you might enjoy this movie. Otherwise, don't waste your time or money.

This is a great choice for fans of Stoya, especially if they enjoy Sasha Grey as well. With three scenes Stoya is the star of the show and she clearly knows it.

If you are hoping to see an adult film about "Love" you would be amiss with this one. However, if you are looking for some "Other Mishaps" and some decent sex, check this one out.

We watched this together and came away with two very opposing views on it. However, neither were so strong we say we loved it or hated it. As far as porn goes, it does its job. You may want to turn down the sound and ignore the absent storyline. The people, at least, are nice to watch.

My final thoughts about the movie is, I will not be re-watching the movie. This will go in the cabinet. The sound quality on this movie is just awful, the dialogue scenes were way to low and the sex scenes were way to high. The plot was to hard to understand. I would not recommend this movie unless you like plain jane movies

This DVD is not worth the money or your time. I was really disappointed and wish I had better things to say, other than: "Get out while you still can." I thought Digital Playground made better movies than this one. Not even good-looking actors can save this bomb.

You may enjoy this movie more than I did, especially if you are a Stoya fan. Stoya is a beautiful girl, but I just couldn't get past her bush and nipple rings. That does nothing for me. The storyline was quite blah to me. If it weren't for Sasha Grey and her sucking ability, I would have probably given it just one star.

"Love and Other Mishaps", while good in theory, leaves a lot to be desired in the delivery. The colors are awkward, the acting is forced, the story makes little sense, and the sex isn't anything unique.

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