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Infidelity & Other Confusing Matters

Love and Other Mishaps was a total let down for me. My boyfriend actually refused to watch anything past scene 1. There are a lot of big names in this film, but even that didn't seem to save it. I didn't like the messy story line and there were issues with the camera work, coloring, and audio. I don't recommend this to anyone really. I'm a Sasha and Stoya fan, but I don't think this film does them much justice.
Some big names, Sasha's oral skills
Face Fucking (gagging), Lots of pubic hair (for some), Not much chemistry, Harsh lighting
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Content / Genre / Audience

The last two "couples movies" I have seen from Digital Play Ground have included a large amount of infidelity. For my partner and I, infidelity is the opposite of what we want to watch in a "couples" movie. it turns us off. This film is one of those two.

Love and Other Mishaps is an erotic film directed by Celeste, presented by Digital Playground, and has film stills shot by Robby D. It is supposed to be for couples, but I would only recommend this to males who are fans of Stoya or Sasha Grey. I am a fan of both, but as a female, I did not like this film. My partner who is not a fan of either, also didn't like it. He actually refused to watch anymore of it after the first scene.

If you are interested in this film, you can expect all male on female scenes, vaginal sex, lots of oral, plenty of vaginal bush, small framed females, mostly uncut penises, and plenty of cum shots. You should not expect anal sex, threesomes, lesbian action, or condoms.

Overall, this film was not put together well in my opinion. The lighting was often unflattering, the shots were sloppy, the dialog was inaudible at times, and the sex scenes were just boring and uninspired. I did not finish at all during this film and honestly don't even ever remember being aroused. I was incredibly dissapointed considering the large names in the film.
    • Hetero
    • Mild
    • Oral


*Scores are based on their sexual performance + appearance (out of 5)*


1. Stoya: ***
Scenes #1, 3, 5
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2. Nicole Ray: ***
Scene #4
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3. Sasha Grey: ****
Scene #2
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1. Christian (II): ***
Scene #5
(photo not available)

2. Mick Blue: ****
Scene #2
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3. Tony Desergio: ***
Scene #1
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4. Scott Nails: ****
Scene: #4
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5. Mr.Pete: ***
Scenes: #3
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    • Male/female cast
    • Bad acting / chemistry

DVD Features

This porn is a Blu-Ray disc, but can be found on DVD. It is shot in wide-screen (16:9). The length of the film is rather short in my opinion. It is just under an hour and a half.

- Chapter index
- Behind the Scenes: Semi-worth watching
- Digital Surround Sound
- Photo Gallery: Features very nice photos that I actually liked better than the film
- Trailers of 7 other DP movies

The packaging is wonderful. Over the Blu-Ray case is a matte sleeve. It has the same images and such from the original case artwork. The front cover is not very discreet because it shows Stoya half naked. The back is even less discreet showing graphic thumbs from the movie. The side isn't so bad and might not be noticed amongst regular DVDs.
    • Attractive design
    • Scene selection
    • Special features / bonus included


*His/Hers scores are from my boyfriend and my points of view (out of 5)*

So basically the storyline is confusing, not really complete, and abrupt. A female character whom has broken up with a male character sort of drives him crazy with lust by sleeping with other men (while she is engaged to another third party) where he can find out. It is not at all alluring to me.

#1: Stoya and Tony are making out while the prying eyes of Mick look on. It's apparent he really wants Stoya. I noticed immediately that the film color work was not a good choice for this film. Stoya and Sasha Grey have gorgeous, but very pale complexions. They have almost porcelain like skin. It is very the right light. This harsh lighting was a bad choice in my opinion. To my boyfriend and I, it made some actresses look ghostly and unhealthy. It turned us off because the contrast was very unnatural.

Anyways...Stoya receives oral and then reciprocates. My boyfriend was not a fan of Stoya's amount of jet black pubic hair. I can't say I was a fan of the amount either. This took away from the oral for us, because it makes it harder to see her naughty bits. We did enjoy that they did 69 though. As the scene went on, the camera angles cut off a lot of the action. Stoya starts to ride him. We noticed, probably exaggerated by the harsh lighting, that she had not shaved her back door recently. To us, two individuals who shave the area every time we shower, this was an additional turn off. I think this is the point where my partner declined to watch the rest of the film. The scene has a decent last position of sex on the side. We were pleased that the cum shot was not in her mouth, but were not pleased that it was on her bush. Not for us.

Him: *
Pros: Nothing to mention
Cons: Lighting, boots

Her: *
Pro: Did not cum in her mouth
Cons: Set, harsh lighting

NOTE: From now on, the pro/cons will be from me only since my partner didn't want to watch the rest.

#2: Sasha and Mick go off alone. They start fooling around in a sterile white room. She gives him amazing oral (he is uncut by the way). They do 69 which is also great. Sasha is excellent at giving oral.
This scene made me wish it was not shot in HD. HD sometimes will allow the audience to see things we simply do not want to see. Sasha gets on top, reverse cowgirl and leans back. It is a stunning display. For awhile...I got bored. She then gives oral again and has sex with him from the side. During and afterward, Sasha gets choked and then chokes Mick. This is also not our thing. The chemistry between the two was hard to ignore though. I've never seen Mick so excited! They are believable as a real couple. They then have sex in the doggie style position where Mick finally wants to cum in her mouth. I don't think Sasha came in this scene.

Her: ***
Pros: Sasha, Sasha's oral skills, chemistry
Cons: Choking, HD, lighting

#3: Stoya is at a bar and is complaining to the bartender. They start to make out. Mr. Pete gives her oral first. This was nice for a change! She then gives him oral (he is uncut). I was turned off from the start because there is face fucking where she makes a loud gag sound. He then decides to fuck her from behind and turns her around a few times. The camera angles were not that great though. They move to a couch where Stoya gets on top. At this point, it is starting to drag on because my interest in not being held. She gives him a hand job where she is twisting his balls. Apparently he likes this because he then comes in her mouth. She gets up and leaves with no goodbye.

Hers: **
Pros: Some new things
Cons: Face fucking, gagging

#4: Scott and Nicole are random characters at the same bar. They start to make out and he gives her oral. She then reciprocates with a little bit of titty fucking for a nice change. He does her from behind but the bad angles hide the action. The girl was a bit annoying because she starts to sort of thrash about. The camera then goes in too close at a very bouncy part in the action. I started to get a headache! She gives him oral and then they have sex from behind again. He comes in her mouth after a few more positions. This scene was boring for the most part because they lacked chemistry.

Hers: **
Pros: Nothing in particular
Cons: Boring, no chemistry

#5: Stoya is with yet another guy, a random one. She is giving him oral on a couch. They then have 69 on the couch which was really hot and very impressive. They then do standing up 69 which is something I would love to do. Unfortunately this only lasts a short time before they have sex from the side. She gives him oral again and then he does her from behind. She then climbs on top which was a much better view. She turns around and the guy cums on her bush.

Hers: **
Pros: Standing 69
Cons: Lighting, same routine

The movie ends very shortly after this. It is very abrupt and I was left saying "WTF, that was the end?". You don't even see the two characters have sex at the end...Mick and Stoya. I was really dissapointed with this film in most aspects. This is why I am giving it 1 star.
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