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Complete Mishap!

This was film was basically the same as the Digital Playground production Girls Talk but stripped of all its humor, great sex, and good directing, and in its place was horrible dialogue and a convoluted storyline. The film did have some good sex and incredible good looking performers, if you can suffer through the poor camera work.
Good action, great looking performers.
Poor camera work, horrible and played out story line with quite possibly the worst dialogue in film.
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Front Cover:
The front cover has a very sexy picture of a topless Stoya, with Mick Blue looking on from the background. The background features a lavish home that is elegantly lit. I did like the front cover; it served its purpose of being attractive and eye catching. If it were not for Stoya being topless the front cover could pass for an average Hollywood flick.

Back cover:
The back cover was as you’d expect, more hardcore, but it did still have a softcore touch in between all the “bang shots” (that term coined by yours truly). The softcore image I talk of is of Stoya as she leans back naked, her hair covering her right eye, almost a nod to the 50s.

The menus are well designed and are easy to navigate, but may be somewhat difficult for the Blu-Ray newbie.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
After the opening credits roll, the camera shows Mick Blue entering Sasha Grays home, with Mick voice over explaining that this is all in the past and the day he met “her” (Stoya). The camera then shows Stoya and a male performer kissing and touching, which quickly leads to oral sex, at one point Mick walks in on them. This sex scene features oral and vaginal intercourse and ends with the male performer ejaculating over Stoya’s pelvic region.

Afterwards the four are sitting on a couch talking, they share their personal philosophies on luck and life, after a few minutes it is apparent that Mick and Stoya share better chemistry than the last pairing, as does Sasha and the other male actor. After Stoya and Mick leave, the other actor and Sasha get really close, hand on the upper thigh, hand on the shoulder, nose to nose kind of close. Sasha warns this guy that if he pursues Stoya he will get hurt, but she knows he will anyway.

Sasha catches up with Mick in the hall way as he stuffs a note into his pocket that Stoya gave him. Sasha and Mick get very close and things begin to heat up when Mick utters the words “What will your brother think?”. She replies “He can find his own way home!” So that guy that Sasha was just eye to eye, nose to nose with was her brother? Oui! That is like something out of the early 80’s porno series Taboo (Isn’t Porn Fun?!).

Mick and Sasha then have oral sex (that features deep throating) and vaginal sex, with the scene ending with a facial. This scene also features some choking, which Sasha requested.

The next scene shows Stoya in a bar talking to the bartender, they are talking about getting something, or getting nothing, honestly it just came off as pretentious and stupid. Stoya then has oral and vaginal sex with the bartender before ending off this scene with a facial.

The next scene features Scott Nails and Nicole Ray in a sex scene that features titty sex, oral and vaginal sex and ending in a facial.

The final scene shows, Mick Blue walking in on Stoya and her partner from the first sex scene kissing. Mick looks disappointed and walks out, that would be the last of him for this movie. For all you romantics who were hoping for this guy, than you better find something else. Stoya continues with the other male performer, and the two have oral, and vaginal sex.

Camera work:
The Camera quality was great, top notch, the camera direction however, was horrible. Several times would the camera zoom in and then try to make a hasty retreat to some of the other action going on, effectively blurring the picture and having to wait a few moments before the camera re-focus.

Sound work:
The sound quality was good with no issues, and what little music there was, was appropriate and fit well, while their was no outstanding or stand out musical score in the film.

Bonus Features:
Special Bonus Trailers
Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes
Personal Comments:
I have got to say that this film’s plot was awful. The dialogue made the actors/actresses/performers look down right silly (Stoya in particular), and that is a true shame. If you can get past the horrible storyline, there still is some good sex. The sex was good, but the camera angles and direction seemed to hurt the overall production. The whole film was shot from one camera, meaning that in order to show a close up on the face of an actress and to then go back to showing the actual sex; they would zoom and then quickly move the camera. As I said in the “Camera work” section it just blurred the picture, and got distracting. Digital Playground is above this kind of shoddy work, as is the director.

If I had to choose a scene that stood out it would be the Sasha Grey and Mick Blue scene, it was probably, in my opinion, the sexiest scene of the film; it however was crippled by the issues I discussed earlier.

If anyone had a good performance, it would be Mick Blue, even with horrible dialogue that was given to him, he delivered in standout fashion.

I am going to give this a 2 star rating, the lowest rating I have ever given a Digital Playground production. The rating stemming from a horrible storyline, one that has been done to death, and even one that has been done before by Digital Playground (It is very similar to Girls Talk, you know boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy can’t have her till the end, but wait he can’t have her even then...) The film’s rating also took a hit for the picture quality.
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  • Jobthingy
    I did not see this one because I don't have a bluray player but it seems I didn't miss much
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    Great review
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Ugh, we were dissapointed too.
  • Redboxbaby
    We didn't care for this one much either. Great review!
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    Great review, thank you!
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