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Sex and a Few Mishaps

Love and Other Mishaps will appeal to Stoya fans as it features her in three scenes. The movie is another high quality offering from Digital Playground but suffers from lapses in sound quality. The sex scenes are somewhat predictable but still enjoyable to watch. The greatest shortcoming is the movie's failed attempt to be an art house film. The movie is still worth watching if you can just ignore the poor dramatic performances and broken storyline.
Length of movie and scenes,
Good sexual performances,
Stoya (Oh boya!)
Issues with sound quality,
Mostly predictable sex,
Poor dramatic performances
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Love and Other Mishaps (1 hour and 25 minutes), a Digital Playground production and a Celeste capture, is another high quality production from this studio. The movie stars three attractive females led by the temptress Stoya. At the end of the movie, Stoya proclaims: “Sometimes you just have to make a decision to be happy; you just decide things are never what you hope they will be, not for anyone.” This seems to be the underlying theme and Stoya’s mantra throughout the movie. She is torn between the girl she says she is, an actress, and the girl she wants to be, the seductress. By the end of the night, she decides to be the latter and be happy, feeling no guilt and having no regrets.

The evening begins as Sasha Grey and her boyfriend, Mick Blue, arrive at her brother Tony’s house. As Sasha excuses herself to visit the restroom, Mick “accidently” walks into a bedroom and sees Tony de Sergio performing oral on Stoya. Mick’s eyes meet Stoya’s, and you immediately feel the sexual tension between them. Sasha returns to pull Mick away, and Stoya and Tony continue their lovemaking. The scene involves both giving oral, including 69, as well as PIV in a variety of positions. After just over thirteen minutes, Tony cums on Stoya’s pubic hair, and she delights in his explosion.

We move into the living room where Sasha and Tony introduce their respective love interests to the other. Stoya mentions she is an actress on hard luck. Talk leads each to wonder whether it is luck or hard work that gets you what you want. As Stoya leaves the room, Mick follows. He is intrigued by her and as she leaves the house, he is tempted to accept her invitation to meet her later at a local bar. Sasha finds him and leads him to another bedroom.

Twenty minutes into the movie, the second sex scene begins, this one with Sasha and Mick. Sasha is definitely the aggressor and in control. She moves right on top of him, with some very impressive oral sex, including a lot of deep throating. The two perform a 69 and throughout, the two of them are seriously into it and that makes it a pleasure to watch. Although there is nothing new or risqué, there is variety in positions and the sex is good. After seventeen minutes, he cums onto her face, and she seductively plays with his cum and obviously enjoys it.

The movie immediately cuts to the bar, where Stoya has engaged the bartender, Mr. Pete, in a conversation about relationships. He advises her to be happy… and BAM, he goes down on her in a flash. Like Sasha in the scene before, Mr. Pete is in control here and is very much enjoying himself. This scene features each of them giving oral on the other while seated on a barstool, lots of ass slapping by him, and an impressive move in which Mr. Pete walks across the room to a bench with Stoya on top of him. More sex continues here, and after fifteen minutes culminates with Stoya giving Mr. Pete a hand job with him coming inside her mouth, something you don’t see every day in porn. Mr. Pete makes some strange slurping sounds throughout the scene which I found annoying. I actually had to ask my wife what the weird noise was.

After the two have dressed, Mick, Scott Nails, and Nicole Ray enter the bar. Scott and Nicole go to the back room, where Stoya meets up with Scott and we surmise the two obviously share a past. Moments later, the two of them get hot and heavy. Sex in public places? Sure, why not, it’s a porn after all! Most of this scene takes place with the two standing or leaning against a pole. The two switch positions often, including one time where Nicole is “sitting” on Scott while he is standing, fucking her. Scott is pretty quiet and doesn’t always seem into it. Nicole is the opposite, very vocal and very enthusiastic with what she’s doing. Twelve minutes later, he comes onto her face. The end.

Abruptly, we change scenes. We are back at Tony’s house where Stoya has returned. We find her in the living room kissing Christian. We are left to wonder who he is and how she met him. Of course Mick arrives there, too, and sees the two kissing. He heads back outside but only after catching Stoya’s attention. Stoya and Christian provide nothing new to watch except one position, a standing 69. Wow. Now that was impressive. The rest of the scene is pretty standard with lots of oral, PIV, switching of positions, and Christian eventually cumming eleven minutes later, again onto Stoya’s pubic hair.
The movie ends with Mick and Stoya talking. He wants her, but will he leave Sasha to be with Stoya? Cut to the bar, and Scott is telling Mick to be careful of Stoya; he tells him she will only break his heart. Stoya walks in, her eyes meet Mick’s, and one is left to wonder, what will he do?

If you like Stoya, then you will love this movie. She is the star, with three sex scenes with three different men. There is something appealing about her, if you can get past the fact that she is paler than a vampire looking for their next meal. Her alabaster skin was literally difficult to watch when she was on white sheets. My other criticism of Stoya’s performance is her strong gag reflex. She appears to gag when the slightest thing barely enters her mouth, and forget about deep throating. This may be a turn on for some, but I find gagging unappealing. But overall, she is pretty awesome to watch. The other two women hold their own as well, with Sasha giving a strong performance. Each woman is different in what they have to offer, but together offer a balanced performance to watch and enjoy. I also liked that there was some variety in the cum shots and not just the typical facials, which I personally don't care for.

The movie attempts to come across as an art house production. The storyline is somewhat vague and attempts to invoke deeper thought and emotion in the viewer. However, the film fails in this aspect, mostly due to the rather poor dramatic performances. Another criticism to note would be the sound quality, again. (This seems to be an issue for Digital Playground productions.) At times it is very difficult to hear the dialogue, and other times the sounds during the sex scenes are a distraction, like the gagging and slurping, as well as some background noises. Overall, this was another well produced movie by Digital Playground, and I would recommend it if you are looking for a notch above vanilla porn with no kink or edge.
Follow-up commentary
I still consider this a good movie choice, especially if you like Stoya. The sex scenes are entertaining and the actors all attractive. If you can get past the few technical issues and a storyline that didn't work for me, you should consider getting this.
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