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Advanced smart cleaner foaming toy sanitizer reviews

8 reviews
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8 reviews

If you're looking for a toy friendly cleaner that won't damage your expensive items, then this would be a good choice to go with.

Overall this stuff does exactly what it is supposed to do. it cleans, disinfects, it kills bacteria, and it will clean any toy you have. No complaints about any part of this product.

I love how the suds make it feel like it's actually cleaning. It's anti-bacterial and practically safe to use on any toy. It is foam so it is easy to use up, but it makes it easier to clean your toy after each and every use.

I don't see the hype in buying special toy cleaners. I thought it was a neat idea but now that I own it and I see that it is not really worth the money, I know I will never buy a toy cleaner again. I may invest in a good leather cleaner, but this is not cutting it. It gets 3 stars because it does what it says it will but is too expensive and not worth the hassle.

If you are looking for an affordable and quality cleaner, the Advanced Smart Cleaner Foaming Toy Sanitizer is a great choice. I have even stocked up on this product. This is not a “wipe and go product”. You should not really use that method too frequently; this is not a cleaner that is okay to skip steps with. It will leave residues that can irritate skin. It has a light medicinal scent.

Advanced Smart Cleaner Foaming Toy Sanatizer last for a long time and is very easy to use. It also doesn't spill at all.

Most people buy a toy cleaner to save time, or for when they are so exhausted from their sexual work out that they cannot make it to the bathroom to clean the toys properly in soap and water, but will later. This product is not for these uses. It requires you to rinse the toy properly after cleaning, due to the high concentration of the antibacterial Triclosan. While a great deep cleaner, this toy wash will not save steps or time. Great for deep cleaning toys and killing germs.

Evolved's Advanced Smart Cleaner Foaming Toy Sanitizer is a gentle antibacterial cleaner. It can be used to safely clean and disinfect toys made from any material, and doesn't contain ingredients that are harmful to the body.

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