Afterglow special edition - body massage candle by Jimmyjane - reviews

Afterglow special edition Afterglow special edition

Body massage candle by Jimmyjane

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Afterglow special edition reviews

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13 reviews

The unique scent combinations of this Afterglow special edition massage candle intrigued me but I was disappointed by the muddy scent and would rather buy a better scented massage oil.

The scent of this candle is amazingly accurate, although it may be a little too strong for some, as it was borderline for me. I love the shape of the porcelain candle holder. It makes pouring easier and less of a mess, and stays a comfortable temperature to handle. The candle melts fairly quickly and stays liquid for a long time. There's a good slip to the oil, and a little goes a long way. Plus, no waxy feeling or gummy pills to deal with.

I waited forever to take the plunge and try this candle, but I'm glad I did. It made for a very sensual evening that we both enjoyed, and the candle will last for many more evenings. If you're looking for a lightly-scented massage candle that won't overpower, this could be the one for you.

I wish this candle was edible. It was worth the money for us! It is great for sensual massage foreplay. I would buy this candle again - probably in a different scent though. If you love gardenia, this is the candle for you!

The Afterglow Special Edition: Absinthe + Sugar Water is a great massage-oil candle, and great as a gift or for yourself and your special somebody. It sounds ingenious, looks cool, is built to be poured, and makes storing massage oil that much easier. Just light, wait, then pour.

Truffle + gardenia is more gardenia than truffle, and it's a rather complex scent. No flower shop here...just the pure, clean smell of a blooming garden. It may be overpowering to some, but this massage enthusiast thinks it is a huge WIN, and I'll be buying more in the future! Try the sampler if you are unsure about the scent strength, and try it with the Contour M for relieving deep muscle tension.

The way my nose feels after smelling JimmyJane's Absinthe + Sugarwater candles makes me wonder if I'm not actually cheating on my husband. If pleasure were a scent, this would be it. Everything about this product is simply marvelous.

If amazing scents and sensual massages are what you're looking for, this is the candle for you. But you'll have to get one of your own, because this one is all mine.

The body-loving soy massage oil and the complex scent pairings of the Afterglow, presented as a clean white candle in a rich ceramic cup with a pour spout, represent the gold standard in massage candles. Though the absinthe + sugarwater scent doesn't smell like anise, the Afterglow is still worth the price tag.

Whether you're having a romantic evening with your partner or just want to pamper yourself, Jimmyjane's Afterglow candles are the perfect way to set the stage. Just light the candle letting it illuminate the room, and fill it with fragrance. And when your ready, just pour a little of the wonderful oils onto your or your partner's body, for a luxurious warm oil massage.

The Jimmyjane afterglow massage candle is a luxurious sensual gift for yourself or someone you love. The candle is beautiful burning on its own and when it melts becomes a warm and silky massage product. We've also used this, to put it delicately, everywhere except the absolute most delicate regions. Or less delicately, I'm not going to let this oil inside my body, but I'm ok with it everywhere else, and have had no problems at all.

This makes a wonderful gift, it even comes with a pretty red bow! AFTERGLOW Special Edition features two unique fragrances that intertwine to engage and delight the senses, so this is the perfect item for romance. It sets the mood for hours of love making, and it moisturizes the skin perfectly. Every couple should try this at least once. “Absinthe was long banned for its tendency to loosen morals (and undergarments), making it an irresistible muse for our latest confection.” – Jimmyjane

If you think $30 is too expensive for a simple candle, think again. Jimmyjane has packaged high class seduction into a compact ceramic holder. You'll fall in love with the scents and silky oils. Do yourself a favor and buy a case of these because they go away. You will not be disappointed.

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