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Candy g-string Candy g-string

Candy by Spencer & Fleetwood

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Candy g-string reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

These are a fun surprise for a silly gag gift, girl-party gift or just a night to shock your lover. They are great if you've got a sweet tooth. They fit well on one size fit most, could be worn on a man or a woman, and have a ton of little sweet candies on them. If you are looking for a "sweet" gift or a "sweet time" I recommend these!

Don't you just wanna eat me up? My partner sure did. These candy undies are fun to own, there also is a candy top that is a little more hard to catch on EF, however I have seen them at Spencers.

You need a way to get your man down south and keep him there? Well, if he has a sweet tooth this candy g-string will get him licking on more than just the candy! Buy the bra and the panties and add a fun little twist to your evening foreplay, giggle a lot, and enjoy a nice post sex snack!

These undies are great for a gag gift. If you are going to actually put them on; they pull, pinch, and they are very uncomfortable!

Remember the candy necklaces on an elastic string that you would buy at the movie theater years ago? The ones that if you were really careful, you could make last until class the next day? Well, this is the grown up version, and believe me, you will not want these to last that long!

If you are looking for a fun and colorful way to get some down town action, this is the item for you. Tastes good for him or her, and having them down there nibbling away at it feels amazing.

This is the cute bottom half of a candy underwear set. I recommend this as a gift or a sweet surprise for your lover. If you wear small-to-medium clothes, you can't miss with this!

These make great gifts for you partner for Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, or just because! These are also great gifts for newly weds.

While the novelty of this product is great, practicality is lacking. The panties pinch and pull, make a sticky mess and can stain sheets. The latex in the string is a huge drawback.

These sexy candy panties are a great buy. When you factor in the price and fun it is worth it! I can't wait to try out my next pair.

I would recommend everyone tries out candy panties at least once! You can snack and have fun all at once. What's better than that?

This would be a great sex present or gag gift, but I wouldn't recommend buying it for sex all the time.

I can see why one might want this product, and no doubt it looks great on women, but it is in no way designed for men. It is also definitely not advised for anyone who has any pubic hair or other objects that protrude from the body (e.g., penis, scrotum, large labia), as the candies pull said hairs out with even the slightest movement. So, a cleanly shaved woman without large labia may find this product to be a great, sexy piece of lingerie, but otherwise be very, very careful.

The g-string panties taste great, and are an amazing way to start off foreplay. This exotic piece of lingerie is a great way to arouse your partner and yourself.

The candy underwear would be great for something different to spice up your sex life, but it is kind of high priced for being a one-time use set.

If you want to experience a gift that can be shared between you and your partner , here is a great gift. These eatable undies can bring lots of fun to you and your partner! Enjoy.

Stands out from other kinds of things in this kind. Good flavor, erotic, and works wonders for those people with a nice sweet tooth.

I love love LOVE these panties! They are sexy and so much fun! Will definitely buy these more than once.

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