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Dona kissable body drizzle Dona kissable body drizzle

Edible paint by System JO

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Dona kissable body drizzle reviews

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20 reviews

Whether or not you'll enjoy actually eating this product really depends on how high your tolerance for artificial sweeteners is. I don't care for them, and they really ruined the edible aspect of this product. That being said, the colorful painting fun totally redeemed the whole thing for me.

I definitely think this product is worth the price for all the uses it has. It definitely spiced up our foreplay. It would be a great thing to take along on a romantic weekend or to surprise your partner with. All the Dona products have been a hit with us, so I definitely recommend that you check them out.

Dona's kissable body drizzle is a fun and tasteful way to enhance oral play and oral sex in your lovemaking. The taste and ease of use make it a sure way to create those extra delicious sensations!

Smooth. Kissable. Well worth the money. Makes for the perfect lover sundae on any special occasion. Just remember that a little goes a very long way.

If whipped cream and chocolate syrup has become too routine for sweetening things up in the bedroom, try Dona’s kissable body drizzle. Its squeeze tube makes for precise body painting, or it can be used as a treat to liven up your oral. With many flavors, there is something for everybody.

This product is a great idea, but was poorly delivered. The flavor was overwhelming, sickly sweet, and heavy, along with the scent, the texture was way too thick to be utilized, and it left me feeling like I had just dumped syrup all over my skin. In general this product did not work for us, it might work for some, I would just advise to pay close attention to ingredients, and play it safe on the flavors.

I was really excited to use this product, but it was a letdown in more ways than one. It tasted nothing like mangosteen, was impossible to write legibly with, and had a strong aftertaste similar to sugar-free sweeteners. When I checked out the ingredients list, surprise surprise! It contains sucralose. Why is it not marketed as being sugar free? While this facet of the product makes it appealing to a large demographic, I definitely wouldn't have purchased this if I'd realized what was in it.

Out of all the things I love about the Dona line and the Goji Berry scent. This one was not on the top of the list it tasted disgusting and left a nasty after taste in my mouth. I do not like anything that leaves a aftertaste in my mouth. It took me a couple of drinks of soda just to get rid of it. I have heard there are some good ones in the other lines, but I got the bad apple of the bunch.

While I'm a fan of versatility, sometimes it's best to get products that are good at one thing. Use food if you want edible play time and use massage cream if you want to massage your lover. At least, don't use this super sweet, fake candy like syrup stuff.

We will not be trying this again. We are going to give it to one of my friends. Hopefully, she will use it.

The Edible Body Drizzle by Dona is a great way to spice up your romance and get intimate with your partner. Coming in such a large variety of flavors, you are sure to find one that will suit both your s and your partners senses.

The Dona Body Drizzle is great if you can find a flavor you like. Unfortunately I didnt like the flavor I chose but that being said, if it goes on sale again I will purchase again in another flavor. I definitely think it's a great buy and an awesome product.

This would be a product that I would try again in different flavors. Maybe I can get the partner to like one of the other flavors.

Sweeten things up in the bedroom with some body drizzle! Make your partner's body your canvas or use this as an oral sex aide. It smells and tastes delicious, a must have for oral or to tease and please.

I love the Dona kissable drizzle. It has a great taste and a perfect consistency for playing in bed with your partner. It's really fun to paint on one another and lick it off, but beware the slight aftertaste. Though it's not overpowering, some may be really turned off by it. If you can look past the mild fruity medicine taste, you will find yourself having a really fun time. No worries if it drips on the sheets, it cleans up really easily.

Overall, you get a good quantity for the price that you pay. Just make sure you get a good flavor or you will be disappointed.

The Kissable Body Drizzle will make anyone want to lick their partner's body from head to toe. This stuff tastes amazing and is a fun way to write naughty messages on your body.

I typically dislike flavored -anything- for sex. They're almost without fail too sweet, too cloying, too overpowering and way too fake. This? This was such a pleasant surprise. My partner and I both really, really enjoyed the way it added to the taste of each other without taking over. Lola makes other flavors, and I am looking forward to trying them out.

Turn your body into a canvas of love! With Donas’ Kissable Body Drizzle created by System JO, couples can playfully express their love with kisses and sensual touches, the skies the limit with this product. Let the aroma of Blue Lotus's fill the air as you use your imagination to top, paint outlines, or even finger paint on our partner creating a erotic setting.

The only way to explain how much I love these is to say I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I'm currently working on an order for a review product Eden is assigning me and I'm adding to my cart (for free shipping) this product in the following aphrodisiacs: camu camu, mangosteen & acai. I may add Goji Berry too, I can't decide for sure on that. Highly recommended even if you decide to only put it over ice cream...the taste is that realistic and good.

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