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Diabetics R' Us

While I'm a fan of versatility, sometimes it's best to get products that are good at one thing. Use food if you want edible play time and use massage cream if you want to massage your lover. At least, don't use this super sweet, fake candy like syrup stuff.
Some might like the taste and versatility
Too SWEET! Tries to do too much
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Okay, my title may me slightly misleading. A very small amount of this should be manageable to diabetics, maybe even a bit more. It doesn't have "real" sugar. However, most artificial sweeteners actually taste anywhere from 2 to 600 times sweeter than table sugar, and Sucralose is supposedly 600 times sweeter than sugar according to Wikipedia. So, if you're used to just regular sugar, you might feel like you'll go into diabetic shock with this stuff, but you won't. Sucralose, the artificial sweetener in this product, is the ingredient used in Splenda. Overall, most Sucralose does not raise blood sugar levels as normal sugar would (it does technically raise it when some of it is broken down, but it is minor compared to real sugar).

That aside, Hello! Meet the sugar shock simulator: the Dona Kissable Body Drizzle. This stuff is designed to both condition skin and add some tastiness to foreplay and body rubs/play. It does condition the skin after use and it can be ingested. Do note that these products are not obligated to give you the nutritional value since it is a novelty. It does not have to follow food label laws. I can only speculate, from the ingredients, that some of these oils have saturated fats. I doubt users will be eating this like candy, but it's good to know this stuff is probably fatty like vegetable oil.

Don't use this stuff as a lubricant for penetration or put it near a vagina. It contains oils and glycerin. Oils can clog pores, glycerin can be broken down by bacteria in the vagina. Yeah, you might have seen that article done saying glycerin isn't a sugar, in some ways they're right and in some they're wrong. Glycerol is a sugar alcohol and guess what it break down into? Sugar and alcohol. Overall, it's just not a good things for any lower orifice. Oh, and if you are unsure of the validity of my claims (it's always good to see if I'm keeping accurate, I'm not always perfect) I encourage you to do research. If I am off, inaccurate, or wrong, I am more than willing to look at evidence and change my claims.

Anyways: Yeah, this Kissable body drizzle tastes sweet as hell. If you like stuff that sweet, you might like this. If not, ignore this.
    • Foreplay
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

If you look at the drizzle in the bottle you can see that the product is an opaque pink. You can see the oil that floats at the top of the pink opaqueness. You can see granules in the liquid. It doesn't feel grainy during use, though. Once you twist the cap open, it is easy to dispense with one hand. The liquid is on the thicker side. A little bit will stay in place, but it will run if you pour a puddle of it and turn your hand. It don't run away from your skin like water does. The physical properties of the product are a bit different if you use it to rub in or lick.

I'm just going to rub it in to the skin.

It will initially feel sticky and then tacky is you rub it in. You may feel tackiness for a little while after it is rubbed in, but this wears off after about 5 to 10 minutes. It will feel like there is nothing on your skin. Your skin will smell like odd candy and if you decide to lick your skin later you will remember that you put it there.

If you introduce water the the inoculated skin after it dried, the drizzle revives a bit. The water makes it slick and oily again. Then it'll feel a little greasy as it dries again. You'll need to use more than time and water to get rid of it.

I want to lick it.

It feels like you licked some lotion. Your mouth will feel weird and like there is some oil or residue going on. I'll elaborate more in the next section.
    • Greasy
    • Oily
    • Sticky

Taste / Aroma

Scent: The smell of the pomegranate drizzle is much different than the other pomegranate products in the line. Overall, many of the body products for the pomegranate scent are floral in nature with some very light fruit tones. Perhaps a different nose is expected when the item is edible. If you close your eyes and bring the open bottle to your nose you will think of candy, very sugary candy. It reminds me of Push-pops, and those strawberry flavored candies and knock-off Smarties. I have smelled some edible paints and they smell worse and more fake than this drizzle. You can smell the artificialness of this product. It's is not offending, though.

I don't detect the floral notes in this drizzle like I do in the other products. If I were to guess the scent I would say strawberry or maybe sweetened cranberry. It doesn't smell particularly exotic or like pomegranate. It's not a bad smell. I think it smells about average for many adult edible products.

Taste: Scent is better than taste here. This things tastes SWEET! You know how you pucker up your face when experiencing something sour? Ever do that with something sweet? This is just when consuming a tiny drop off your finger. It also heats your mouth a tiny bit (I'm guessing the sugars and ingredients cause a heat reaction. Exothermic, if you wish to look up the particulars). In addition, you can feel a little residue in your mouth. If you have ever licked skin after it had lotion on it you'll feel that residue in your mouth. It makes you thirsty. Have a large cup of water on hand depending on how much you use. If you don't mind the taste of fake sugars, then this is not as bad. Sucralose tastes better than aspartame in my opinion, but everyone has different preferences.

The smell is not super strong when it dries. You'll have to have your nose close to the skin to get a whiff. It does smell like you spilled juice or candy on yourself.
    • Bad taste
    • Too sweet


If you use this on your skin, you'll want to shower with soap and water after you're done. You might feel dry after use, but the oils form the product can revive with moisture such as water or sweat. You'll need a cleanser to break down the oils in the drizzle. If you only use this in small amounts and don't turn over, you don't need any crazy preparation. If you want freedom to use a lot of product or move around, then you might want a put a towel on the bed. If you happen to use a few drop, then you should be fine until your normal showering time. The amount of clean up will depend greatly on how much drizzle you use.

If you're looking for this to have some edible fun you might be better off with real food like strawberries or frosting. If you want something that conditions the skin, then get some lotion. Want to massage? Get massage cream.
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


All body products or liquids are wrapped in plastic so they don't leak everywhere. Remove that and you'll see the Dona bottle.


I apologize to you, dear reader. I try to be unbiased in reviews. I try and see the good in products. It's just really hard for me to think of it with this drizzle. It could also be because I research label laws and the sweetener industry. If anyone wants to chat more about artificial sugars, glycerin and body metabolism, I am happy to do so. Some of my info may be viewed as not super accurate since I sacrifice some accuracy to explain the big picture. Nothing is blatantly wrong, but some aspects can be a bit glossed over.

My personal biases with artificial sugars and ingredients may have flavored the tone of my review *baddum tish.* I will admit I scorn many artificial sweeteners. Some studies are pretty reliable, some are sensational, and you have to look to find the good ones. Regardless, I don't want to eat artificial sugars for a couple of reasons. One: they can screw up your sugar sensitivity. Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar in the same amount. That's not to say that each packet of Spenda is the equivalent to 600 teaspoons of sugar (we're talking about perceived sweetness). I bet it is broken down differently then when it is in raw Sucralose form.

I understand some people want the taste of sugar but can't really due to health issues. I'm not trying to demonize the use of the stuff as much as spread awareness to what it is.

So what of this drizzle? I'm probably going to trash it. My partner and I aren't into edible play. We like ice play and using wine here and there, but we're not into very sweet stuff. This won't get used and it's taking up space. I'll ask my roommates if they want it. Other than that, it's gone.
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