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The Max Shave Balls N All is a thin but creamy lotion type shaving lotion that feels heavy and slimy on the skin. it is difficult to wash away and goops up razors. The small sample packet is enough to get a good pubic shave if you can get the razor close enough to the skin.

I can't help but to want to give this shave cream some points for good intentions. A pheromone infused, rash-free, unscented shave cream that can even be used on the most sensitive areas (see the phrase "balls n all") really does sound like an intriguing product. It just doesn't really exist here.

I think Max Shave Balls N All is great since it is unscented, travel friendly and you have to shave less which saves you money in the long run. It is also great because you can shave other areas like your face.

If you have sensitive skin and are tired of finding razor bumps, in-grown hairs, or irritated skin after shaving, then you need Classic Erotica's Max Shave Balls N All.

My man must shave his nether regions to prevent additional discomfort while running in and out of burning buildings. His skin is so sensitive though that it rashes up no matter what product he uses. However, Max Shave Cream Balls n All came along and works just as it is intended! Even his stride seems more comfortable.

This shaving cream works great. I will always buy this for my husband because he loves it as well. It's well worth the money, and I will recommend it to everyone!

Body safe and works great, the Max 4 Men shaving cream is perfect in every way. Its cream moisturizes while preventing razor burn. Also, the thick cream doesn't foam and lets you see exactly where you're shaving. No matter what part of your body you shave, this cream is sure to give you a lickable shave every time.

Whether you are an old hand at "manscaping" or a newbie like me you owe it to your balls to try Balls n All Shaving Cream. It is an excellent product that outperforms its claims. It makes shaving your most delicate areas safe, clean and yes, even fun!

Don't let the name fool you - this stuff gives a great, clean & smooth shave on any part of your body. It's so good, I might just have found my new day-to-day shaving lotion

This shave cream is fabulous for guys that like to stay well-groomed below the belt. It is ultra moisturizing and provides a nice, close shave not just on the cock, balls, and near the anus, but on the entire body. This sensitive shave cream is great for all skin types and hair thicknesses, and has mostly natural ingredients that shouldn't cause allergy concerns. It's really a great product for the $7 price tag. It does so much more than ordinary store-bought shave cream - we love it!

Finally I manscaping product that doesn't have a strong odor, weird packaging, and delivers a long lasting smooth shave. If you personally enjoy or have a man in your life that might appreciate the look and feel of clean shaven set of balls, N all this product is for you.

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