Shunga bath and shower gel - sensual bath by Shunga Erotic Art - reviews

Shunga bath and shower gel Shunga bath and shower gel

Sensual bath by Shunga Erotic Art

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Shunga bath and shower gel reviews

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16 reviews

This large bottle of Shunga erotic art bath gel was no doubt worth the price... I mostly prefer having the mint flavor, but the fruit was desirable as well. Personally I would have no problem recommending this to anyone, it is a great product

This is a great shower gel, and I cannot wait to use this it again. I truly love it! It leaves a wonderful scent and taste on the skin.

I love how highly scented the Exotic Fruits Bath and Shower Gel is, but I think I would have preferred the mint, as this one is almost sickeningly sweet.

Shunga's flavored bath and shower gel really is an interesting idea, however it could have been executed much better. I liked the idea of a tropical fruit flavored shower gel, however the scent and flavor were very nauseating to me. Mostly I could smell/taste banana and passion fruit. I think I probably would have enjoyed this more in the mint flavor. This gel does lather up and wash the body well and rinses off without leaving any tightness to the skin or any residue.

The cool mint shower gel is pleasing to the nose and silky on the body. Functional and fanciful this unique gel will leave you getting clean while you get dirty in the shower. I can't think of a better product for mint lovers to use solo or with a partner! You get a great bang for your buck.

Shunga Bath and Shower Gel has an amazing scent to it and it holds on to the skin almost the whole day. But it seems that there is a lot of water in because it doesn't bubble up much.

This shower gel from Shunga is nice to lather up with or use as a bubble bath. It is great to use as a normal body wash. It provides enough scent without being overpowering, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.

I am impressed with just how good this product is. I will definately be getting this for gifts for my couple friends and would be a great bridal shower or birthday gift.

I really didn't enjoy this at all. Overall, it didn't smell nice, it didn't taste good, no sweet taste on my skin afterward, and it took multiple washings to feel clean. It definitely wasn't worth it for me.

Shunga Sensual Mint Bath and Shower Gel contains Pepermint Oil, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera. It is a sensual and edible gel used for bubble baths or showers. The Mint causes a cool, tingling sensation when used to cleanse the peri area. Use it to refresh, cleanse, arouse, and foreplay with a lover. Contains Glycerin.

While average and horrible tasting, it's something that's so unique it should be tried! If nothing else, it does clean you... so you're not really out too terribly much.

Shunga Bath and Shower Gel is a fun way to spice up a sexy shower. While the mint flavor wasn't nearly what I thought it would be, the scent was yummy as can be and made me feel like I was showering in a land of candy canes. It also allows you to have some fun in the shower without tasting soap when kissing or licking your partner.

Although more expensive than most body washes, Shunga's bath and shower gel more than makes up for it with a larger size than most, a fantastically tropical smoothie smell, and when you can taste it, a light fruity taste. No need for a special occasion or romantic rendezvous, there's plenty in the bottle to last you a long time of daily use.

This lovely shower and bath gel by Shunga Erotic Art, will get you squeaky clean, make you smell good and taste good. It is has a flavor! As you lather up your partner, your kisses will taste like fruit after you rinse and out of the shower too! The bottle size is very generous and even though it will cost more than your run of the mill shower gel, this one goes above the call of duty which makes it worth the extra penny.

Shunga bath and shower gel turned out to be a wonderful purchase. It lathers luxuriously, as well as a premium, non adult bath product, and the soft, sweet scent lingers on the skin (and in the steamy bathroom) for a decent amount of time. Some may dislike the 'Juicy Fruit gum' scent of it, however.

Shunga Bath and Shower Gel is a wonderful sensual shower gel that not only smells heavenly and lathers well, but is also edible! Gone are the days of getting a mouthful of nasty soap. With this product, sudsy bath time and oral enjoyment no longer have to be mutually exclusive!

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