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Shunga bath and shower gel

Sensual bath by Shunga Erotic Art

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Om Nom Bubbles

Although more expensive than most body washes, Shunga's bath and shower gel more than makes up for it with a larger size than most, a fantastically tropical smoothie smell, and when you can taste it, a light fruity taste. No need for a special occasion or romantic rendezvous, there's plenty in the bottle to last you a long time of daily use.
Smells fantastic, Large bottle, Doesn't leak
Flavor is very light, hard to taste
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First and foremost, this is a bath and shower gel. It just also happens to be flavored and smells fantastic.

Available in two different flavors, fruit and mint, you can hop in the shower with your partner for some yummy shower loving or pour it under the faucet for a romantic bubble bath.

The size of the bottle guarantees that you'll be able to use this daily if you wanted to for quite a long time.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture and consistency of this bath and shower gel is comparable to shampoo. It wasn't very runny, but it wasn't very thick. If poured into a cupped hand it will stay put no problem, but if you flatten it out, the gel spreads out too. It came out very easily and I had no difficulty controlling how much came out of the bottle.

Taste / Aroma

This stuff smells wonderful. I would compare it to a fruit smoothie; however, the only fruit which I could definitely pinpoint the scent of was bananas.

As for the taste, well, no matter which way you taste this, it's going to leave a slightly soapy aftertaste. I tasted the gel itself (purely for research reasons, of course) and at first it tasted really awesome. I could definitely taste fruit, but nothing really specific. Then I got hit with the soap aftertaste. It wasn't as bad as say, actually getting your mouth washed out with soap, but it wasn't all that pleasant nonetheless.

The bubbles smelled nice, but didn't really have all the much of a flavor. However, just like the gel on its own, the bubbles start out with a fruity taste, then go right to soap. The only difference is that it's harder to taste anything if you eat the bubbles.

The strength of the aroma was perfect in my opinion. It made my shower smell like it while I was using it. If you stuck your head back in the bathtub area when I was done with the shower, you could still faintly smell it, but it didn't linger much. I took that as a double edged sword, since this stuff does smell so good, I would have liked it if that scent had been deposited on my skin more, but after toweling off, I couldn't smell it on myself or my fiance anymore.
    • Light taste
    • Smells good


The big thing I kept hearing from other people about this stuff was how it lathered just like a traditional body wash. Well, not so much. The body wash I normally use foams up with big bubbly poofiness with just under a quarter size dollop. With the Shunga gel, I squirted over a half dollar size into my loofah and then finally got the same amount of bubbly.

As far as how long it lasts, it did pretty well. I used it to shave my legs and wash my body, and still had plenty left over to clean up my fiance as well.

For those of you who use your body wash to shave your legs or any other areas, I have found that this Shunga gel works as well as any other body wash I've used for leg shaving. My legs are always left smooth and silky after shaving with this.


The bottle that you get is pretty large at 16 ounces. The cap is similar to that of a shampoo bottle, you just press down on one side to pop up the other. There's nothing about the bottle itself that's all that inappropriate, merely risque at best. I keep mine in the shower with everything else, and I share the shower with multiple people, none of which have mentioned anything to me about it other than telling me that the bottle looks really neat.

The front has a picture that is similar to that of other Shunga products. It also tells you that it's a bath and shower gel in the scent of your choosing, whether you got the mint or the exotic fruit. The back tells you in both French and English "An evening of loving caresses in the shower or bath can only be enhanced by this shower gel with vitamin E and made from vegetable oils. It gently washes the skin and stirs up passion with its subtle flavor of exotic fruits that awakens the senses and leaves no aftertaste as you and your partner take turns kissing... Wherever your lips may roam..."

It also lists the ingredients as: Demineralized water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocomide DEA, Fructose, Glycerin, Almond Oil, Grape seed oil, Avocado Oil, Sesame Oil, Safflower Oil, Artificial Aroma, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Vitamin E Acetate, Aspartame, Aloe Vera, Red #40, Red #33

If you have sensitivities or allergies to glycerin, aloe vera, or aspartame, please look for a different product.
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

While this product may be 'edible', it was not intended to be consumed in any real quantity. Getting some in your mouth in the shower isn't bad, but you should probably avoid drinking it or anything like that.


I'm still a little torn on just how much I like this stuff. I love the way it smells, but it took me forever to be able to figure out how to get as much bubbly out of it as I would like. Once I managed that however, I started to like it a whole lot more.

Overall, I'm really happy with this and while I'm still not sure about purchasing more, I wouldn't be upset to get more as a gift and I definitely don't regret my purchase.
Follow-up commentary
Omg, amazing, seriously. I use this stuff at least once or twice a week, and in the just over 5 months I've been using it, I still have just over 3/4 of the bottle left, so I'd say damn well worth the money. I did figure out that what seems to be the best way to get it really foamy, for me anyway, is to sort of squeeze the loofah in my hand as I'm working it around my skin. I do this with any body wash that seems to be a bit foaming deficient. Either way, I still highly recommend.
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