JO refresh foaming toy cleaner

Sex toy cleaner
by System JO

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JO refresh foaming toy cleaner reviews

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There's a lot of product in the 7 oz bottle, so it makes it a great buy. Some of our precious rabbits and dildos need safe cleaning, and this fits the bill.

You use specific cleaning products for your hands, body, clothes, and should use a specific cleaning product for your sex toy.

Although the System JO Toy Cleaner may not appear to do much more than regular soap and water, I feel more confident about the cleanliness of my toys now that I'm using something that's specifically designed for cleaning them. The light scent makes this seem clean even before you apply it to your toys, just make sure you rinse them well afterwards.

Cleaning our toys is an important part of our playtime. I make sure to clean them before and after each time we use them. I am always worried about getting an infection or being irritated. System Jo's anti bacterial toy cleaner is simple easy and effective. Plus it's long lasting, what more could you ask for.

I have found this to be a decent cleaner. If it can keep my toys clean and keep me from having any problems, I'll be a devoted buyer. However, this could get a little bit pricey if it is all you want to use to clean your toys, depending on how often you use them and how big they are.

For a girl who has always had to use irritating soaps to wash her toys, this foaming anti-bacterial toy cleaner seems to do a much better job of cleaning any and every type of toy. Those who are sensitive to ingredients found in traditional soaps are bound to see JO's as a worthwhile investment.

In retrospect, I chose JO because I wanted to be sure my toys were being well cleaned (better than the handsoap I was using previously) and I chose this one especially because of the foaming pump. The product works to clean; however it does not foam as it used to and that was the reason I chose THIS product over others.

A great investment. Affordable, handy, and isn't hard on the skin. It looks pretty casual too, so it's something you won't have to worry about storing in more public areas.

I highly recommend this product as a staple in anyone's collection. It is an affordable, long-lasting, very effective product that I cannot produce any complaints about. Its ease of use will encourage one to continue using it, promoting self-hygiene and proper toy care.

It's easy to use, safe on all materials, non irritating and antibacterial. Label peels off cleanly for discretion! It might not be worth it for some, since it's questionable whether it's any better than soap, but I spend the money because of the peace of mind that it's safe for my toys and made to do what I'm using it for.

Are you willing to pay a little more for the peace of mind that it is really clean? Try the discreetly-packaged System JO Anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner.

A little goes a long way for this anti-bacterial cleaner. At a low price, this product is a fantastic investment in prolonging the overall life for your toy collection. It's universal, great for sensitive people, and a must-have for toy collectors!

Spic and span!

This is a great foaming cleane,r and you get a huge bang for your buck! Safe for all toys, so you don't have to worry! Would CERTAINLY recommend this to friends!

This is an excellent and a better alternative to soap and water. You'll find it easy to use and you'll feel safer knowing that your toys are properly cleaned. It's common sense and responsible thinking to have a cleaner around. It seems to be the wisest decision to choose this particular one. Read on why.

It's always wise to have something that will keep your toys clean to help keep yourself healthy. The System JO Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is the one that I have now and it's so easy to use.

This is a must have accessory for anyone with adult novelties. Whether your collection is large or small, your toys deserve the best cleaner out there. System JO's Anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner is a foaming cleaner that is gentle and free of petro-chemicals. It is also latex and silicone compatible, making it useful to your most premium toys.

If you're looking for a toy cleaner that is safe for those who have allergies, System Jo's antibacterial toy cleaner may be the cleaner for you. This cleaner is safe for all toy materials and a little goes a long way once pumped out of the bottle. This cleaner will last for months if used in moderation and works wonderfully when cleaning up after a long session. This is absolutely one of the best cleaners that I have tried to date and I highly recommend this to everyone.

Owning and using sex toys responsibly requires that they're cleaned and maintained properly. Here is finally a product designed to specifically do that -- with the added peace of mind of being safe to use on just about any sex toy material.

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