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Tantric massage oil reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

All in all, I'd recommend it. The pros heavily outweigh the cons. The product is good. I really enjoyed this product a lot.

For all of you using your favorite lotion once or twice a day to achieve constant silky smooth skin and it taking forever to fully accomplish, now there is a way for you to achieve that goal instantly with Nirvana scented Tantric Massage Oils. Not only is it wonderfully scented, but it will leave you feeling so silky smooth that you may find yourself caressing your own body.

Erotic message anyone? Yes please!...Tantric just makes you want to let a moan escape, especially while your lover is rubbing into your body getting into all those places where you can never reach.

This oil can be used for Tantric massage or erotic massage. It can be used as a stand alone activity or as foreplay as a warm up for more exciting tings to come. It absorbs into the skin easily, leaving the skin feeling smooth and silky without any tacky residue. The price is awesome for a great oil.

For the price, this lightly-scented, long-lasting massage oil can't be beat. The all-natural oil absorbs fully and the bottle will easily last through several massages.

This product is definitely worth the price. Just make sure you keep the lid on tight because if you don't I promise you it will be messy.

This is a great massage oil, available in a variety of different scents that is sure to set the mood. This oil is a great way to start off a fun night for you and your partner, but it can be used for other things and for other purposes. The only trouble is deciding which one you like.

This massage oil is great to use as an aide in relaxing in general or erotic message. It has a wonderful smell and texture, plus it absorbs very well into the skin and leaves it silky smooth. It's isn't edible and doesn't have a taste, but as a basic massage oil, it's great.

The tantric massage oil is a great oil. I enjoyed receiving and giving massages with this oil. I will next time order a different smell; the Nirvana oil was too musky and earthy of a smell for me, but some people really enjoy that.

If you want a basic, long-lasting massage oil at a cheap price, you could do worse than Tantric Massage Oil. It's good for most people with sensitive skin, and it smells okay. But if you're looking for something truly luxurious and sensual, look elsewhere.

Tantric is a long lasting massage oil that is packed with aroma. It is available in a variety of scents. Tantric comes in a not so elegant 8 fl oz bottle. But it is forgiven by its ability to soothe skin and leave my senses dancing.

This a great inexpensive massage oil. It rubs in well and is the perfect texture and consistency. It won't leave you feeling greasy or dirty and rejuvenates the skin. With a bottle of this size it is sure to last you for quite some time.

The Tantric massage oil is a great product for anyone who enjoys a great massage! No matter how much or how little massage experience you have, the Tantric massage oil will enhance the senses, making every massage magical!

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