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Tastie pasties Tastie pasties

Edible treats by Kingman

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Tastie pasties reviews

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10 reviews

Unless you are only a couple dollars away from shipping or just want to use up your points, I do not suggest these. They tastes awful and stain your skin. They do smell good, but it's not worth it to me. Go buy some Fruit Roll-Up stickers instead, they will taste so much better.

I would not recommend this to anyone, unless it is a gag gift or you really don't like the person.

I would go with a sticky pastie as opposed to the edible pasties. I know it sounds like fun but this product turned into a disappointment. I'd have rather had non-edible sticky pasties.

Tastie Pasties are a very cute idea and they would be wonderful if it actually worked. They taste was so horrid that it was actually a turn off. Also when I tried to put them on, they looked hideous and unattractive.

Overall they were a fun experience for the price. I most likely will not buy them again unless they revamp the taste and messiness of them.

Worth the cost and time for a fun night or special surprise.Great gift for a single person or a couple too.The pros outweigh the cons

The pasties are a waste of money. They have a horrible taste, they shrivel up, and they just completely get me out of the mood. It's not something I'll ever put near my mouth ever again. I've rated one star, because they look cute, and that's it.

This product is just plain gross and not in a good way. Tastes nasty, smells nasty, and hard to put on without a lot of frustration. I ruined like half the pack trying to get them to stick to me and they still fell off a few moments later.

For 3.99 and some amusement and possible gag excitement in the bedroom, this product is worth it. As long as you buy it, knowing that it's not really meant to do as advertised. If you use it as a gag gift and enjoy the brief uses for like solo videos or pictures or teasing before intercourse and have a smaller cup size, they'll do fine.

All in all my favorite aspect of these Tastie Pasties is the packaging. I do not know if the makers intended for the box to be so very funny, but what can I say. It is the perfect gag gift, and it can turn out to be a great deal of yummy flavored fun as well. A must for any honeymoon, get away, or private time.

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