Tight squeeze clamps

Nipple clamps with chain

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Tight squeeze clamps reviews

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The Tight squeeze clamps deliver on their name. They squeeze and keep squeezing, and they'll make you aware of every little movement that you're making. The swinging chain can be pulled on to make the clamps tighter, and when they're taken off, sweet relief comes. Not for the beginner or faint of heart, the Tight squeeze clamps are a great little addition to the advanced kinkster's toybox.

The pros of trying a new toy and a different type of clamps makes it worth the buy. If you are looking for clamps that give a mean bite for possible punishments, then these are the ones for you.

If you are looking to be brought to the brink of nipple pleasure and then some, you truly have to look no further. Definitely worth having in your sex toy stash.

Whether you're hardcore into BDSM or just testing the waters these clamps are a good staple for your tool box. Inexpensive, appealing to the eye, light weight, and of course that wonderful bite. Feeling adventurous? You don't have to stop at the nipples.

I think the Tight Squeeze Nipple Clamps are a nice set of clover style clamps, and are good for anyone who likes more painful sensations. They seem to be made well, and should hold up quite a while. While they're a little large, they're not overly heavy.

If you are into nipple sensations with a little more bite, these are for you. For those that are more imaginative, these can be used anywhere on the body that you would like a little extra pinch.

I think these should be a standard in every personal BDSM kit. They are inexpensive, have a long life span, and can be used for clamping other things as well. These are definitely worth buying if you are into nipple torture.

For anyone who enjoys clamps, this item is a great bit of kinky fun, and truly a keeper. These are painful in the best way, hands down.

In summary, we found the tight squeeze clamps to be very stimulating. They are not something that we would use on a regular basis. You really have to be ready for the pleasure/pain these clamps produce.

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