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I give these a great big, two thumbs up! What can be simpler in toy cleanup than remove and toss? The fact that I was able to give them another purpose just makes me that much more of a fan!

Sorry, but this is just an overpriced condom that comes in an extremely small size. I love the colour, pink is my favorite! And I love the outside cover of the box, but this cover does not even cover the vast majority of my toys. What a waste!

Unless you've found condoms unsatisfying or inadequate for covering your toys, these are probably not for you. If you have a need, though, these tiny covers may be exactly what you are looking for. They can help prevent cross-contamination when switching orifices or toys between partners and can be a major time saver.

After receiving and using these toy covers I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. They are non-lubricated and super small. Please don't waste your money. A condom would be much larger, more of a protective barrier, and lubricated.

The idea behind these "Toy Covers" is fantastic. They come in handy especially when you're sharing toys such as your bullet, or your favorite beginner sized dildo. However, they're just simply too expensive for the quantity -- $5.00 for 3? Better stick to condoms.

I appreciated these toy covers from Cal Exotics. Their design is fun and they are easy to use. I prefer them over all of my toys (especially my jelly toys, since you never know what chemicals are in those). I highly recommend this product to all toy lovers. I have an idea to use them over some Ben Wa balls but I have yet to try it.

I like this item most for the easy cleanup! You really should have these on hand to protect your sex toys as well. They are expensive!

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Cover

These are good toy covers that work well as time-savers and prevent bacteria from switching orifices mid-use--just be aware that they're going to be very small and will only fit small/thin vibrators and dildos.

As much as I wanted to love Toy Covers for my slimmer sex toys, they felt just the same as the smaller condoms on my toys. And they had that same odd feeling.

For most of us, the best sex toys make us wiggle and jiggle with joy and pleasure. Thus, sex toy covers -- boring! -- probably aren't high on our list of sexual "must have" items. On the other hand, if you're looking for safety and peace of mind when it comes to using or sharing all those hot-ticket toys in your box, then these are a good, solid choice.

This product isn't really worth the money you'd spend on it, or even the space it would take up in your toy drawer. Buying regular old non-lubricated condoms works just fine, if not better. And you'll probably save money. Who doesn't like to save space and money?

The California Exotics Toy Covers are strong, latex covers for toys to make cleanup easy or to protect you from chemicals or cross-contamination in anal play. They let a toy's texture shine though and allow you to use your water or silicone based lubricant of choice.

This is a very useful product that fills the gap left by traditional condoms. If you have small toys that you need to cover, give these a try, you won't be disappointed.

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