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Fetish sex stool reviews

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Overall, this is a great tool, probably not a must have for all, but for most I think this is a very useful tool to spice it up a bit, add comfort and versatility!

While I do find this to be a useful piece of furniture it's not without it's flaws. I think we've only used it about a half dozen times which is very low considering how often we have sex. That's both because it's not really spontaneous to use and because we don't always both feel in the mood to use it.

if you are looking for a way to spice up your favorite sexual positions, this might just do it for you.

If you like positional aids, or want to add some new positions to your repertoire, this is a great piece. I liked it, but it did have some flaws that detract from my overall satisfaction even though they do not affect performance.

The ease of use and the fabulous sex that we've had far outweigh the lack of flexibility in size adjustment.

The Fetish Sex Stool is a bit too expensive to be a good product choice for most people. It also is uncomfortable for plus-sized users. However, if you have an idea in mind, it might work better for you.

Kick Back & Enjoy Some Service!

Pipedream's Fetish Sex Stool is an incredible position aid that, for a relatively low price, provides relief to those with conditions that can make many sex positions uncomfortable. It's also an incredibly sexy item that allows for some delightfully wicked power play. From doggy style to oral to bouncing cowgirl or cowboy, this stool provides endless possibilities to couples looking to try something new.

Great product for anyone that loves these types of positions. Makes it last longer due to less fatigue and feels better due to increased penetration

If you have back, knee, or joint issues, this stool will truly help to reinvent woman on top sex! The TPU panels will spread her thighs apart allowing her partner full access to her vagina, he'll be able to go deeper and feel more of her vagina than he ever has before. This is an absolute necessity for any and all couples that enjoy positional aids.

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