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If you have back, knee, or joint issues, this stool will truly help to reinvent woman on top sex! The TPU panels will spread her thighs apart allowing her partner full access to her vagina, he'll be able to go deeper and feel more of her vagina than he ever has before. This is an absolute necessity for any and all couples that enjoy positional aids.
Allows couples to go deeper and get closer than ever before.
When rocking forward, the metal frame has a tendency to dig into your lower abdomen.
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The Fetish Sex Stool by Pipedream is something a lot of couples have long been waiting for. With the ability to hold up to 300 lbs, it's an answer and a prayer for those who wish to get closer to their partners without having to exert too much energy.

Do you get tired easily from being on top? Do your knees hurt and your back aches? If so, than the Sex Stool is the perfect bedroom accessory for you. If you crave woman on top (cowgirl position), simply straddle the stool and the TPU panels will pull and hold your thighs apart as you sink down onto it. As it pulls your thighs apart, it allows your partner's penis to go deeper which means you will experience more sensation. Without closed thighs, you're able to experience a full penetration that helps to make all your vaginal nerve endings accessible to your partner. A bonus is that for some, rocking the stool forward will help their partner to effectively stimulate their g-spot.

Besides being useful in the cowgirl position, the stool can also be used for doggy style, reverse cowgirl, missionary, oral sex for her, and oral sex for him; with him positioned in front of the stool and with her laying on her back and upside down to receive his penis. There are a plethora of positions that couples can use the Fetish Sex Stool for, your imagination is truly the limit.

You're able to bounce on top of the stool or simply stay stationary while your partner grasps the steel frame and rocks it back and forth over their penis. Rocking and manipulating the stool will require abdominal strength, while whomever is stationary on top won't feel the burn, the partner underneath will. For those on top, if you feel unsecured, simply grasp the steel frame and hold on for a wild ride. The stool can tip if rocked too far forward on an uneven surface like a bed. However, this can be used on mattresses, just use caution and play safe.

Each TPU panel is 5" wide and 16" long, with a gap of 5.5" between the two. The total length of the bars are 17" across and the height from the top of the stool to the floor is 13". The Fetish Sex Stool is constructed with a heavy duty tubular steel frame that will not bend even under severe conditions (as long as you do not exceed the max weight limit). The TPU panels are easy to clean, simply wet a cloth and wipe down.

The only negative to the stool is that when using it on a bed, if it's continuously pulled and rocked forward, her lower abdomen may press against the front bar which can become increasingly uncomfortable. And for larger partners, laying your stomach across the TPU panels for either doggy style or oral sex with your partner behind you, will be painful as the TPU panels have a tendency to dig into your abdomen and the metal frame will dig into your hips. While it supports up to 300 lbs, the larger you are, the smaller the stool will feel and the less comfortable it will become.

This is without a doubt one of the best positionary aids on Edenfantasys! The Fetish Sex Stool is constructed well and has a weight limit that will allow plus sized people or those with back, knee, or joint problems the freedom to enjoy its many positional uses. It's a must-have for those who take their sex seriously and long to be closer to their partners.
This is absolutely amazing. I have terrible back pain and I tire easily, the Fetish Sex Stool helped to make cowgirl easier and more comfortable for me than it's ever been- I didn't have to do ANY WORK! I simply sat on the stool and my husband reached between us to insert his penis into me. He rocked the stool and thrusted with his hips as I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

With the panels pulling and holding my thighs apart, I felt like I was spread open. It was truly awesome! He was able to go deeper and with rocking the stool at the right angle, he was able to hit my g-spot. I did notice, sinking down onto the TPU panels, my vagina had a tendency to try and "push" his penis out- I'm not complaining though, it made penetration more intense and I was able to feel more of him than I ever have before.

I also want to say that when using the stool on the bed, be careful! Rocking it too far forward could cause it to tip over as your bed is not a flat surface.
Follow-up commentary
Want to use this for masturbation?

Strap a harness/dildo onto a large, fairly high pillow to ride- Simply straddle the stool and position the pillow directly under your vagina. You'll have hassle-free masturbation in no time!

Or invest in the Hump Bump & Vibe. It looks fairly small so find something to prop it up with.

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