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This position pillow is the greatest thing to ever happen to our sex life. I finally have control over positioning and comfort during sex. Because of my partner's and my height difference, we used to have a tough time getting into positions that were comfortable. Now we have no trouble at all, thanks to this pillow!

Overall, in my opinion the product is not worth the money as it broke within a month after purchasing it. Also, you can easily achieve similar results with a standard bedroom pillow.

Not only is this a sex position pillow, but if you are looking for a great bath pillow - look no further! It supports your head, neck and shoulders. This is better than any bath pillow I have ever bought from a store. It even comes with its own repair kit!

For those of us without fancy furniture or surfaces, the inflatable love pillow gives some variations to the standard positions.

Discreet + Effective + Inexpensive = WIN!

The inflatable love pillow is a pillow with multiple uses and a completely innocent look. Made out of a vinyl with dark blue velvelty finish, nothing about this pillow screams "Use me for sex!" but it's oh so good when you do.

The Inflatable Love Pillow probably makes a great positioning pillow and, indeed, includes an informative guide for that purpose. For me, I used it as a bath pillow and have never been happier with one. It supports from neck to lower back, dries fast, cleans easily and makes each bath feel like a luxury, even in our crappy tub.

This is a must have for anyone. Gives you the support that a regular pillow cannot achieve. Not bulky and doesn't get in the way. Perfect for those with lower back pain. A+!

At the end of the day is this really worth the money? well yes it definitely is its almost 70% less then the liberator lines but after using both i can safely say there is a difference. Its like comparing a corvette to a Lamborghini both great in their own ways but still on two different levels. Some people drive economy cars and wouldn't have it any other way but my theory on this is if they could drive the Lamborghini every day they would.

It appears to just be an inflatable pillow one might use for their back (thus, you can leave it out in plain sight), but it adds so much to sex!

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