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Inflatable love pillow review

It appears to just be an inflatable pillow one might use for their back (thus, you can leave it out in plain sight), but it adds so much to sex!
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The Inflatable Love Pillow is ingenious in its simplicity! It appears to just be an inflatable pillow one might use for their back (thus, you can leave it out in plain sight), but it adds so much to sex! My husband and I used it during oral, in the missionary position, with me on my stomach, with me sitting in his lap, and it really added a lot to each situation. We have a couple more positions we want to try, but haven't got around to testing.

The Love Pillow inflates in sections, so it can be arranged in different ways for different uses. It is covered with a sort of fuzzy blue cover (though non-removable) so it is comfortable to lie on. When I was on the pillow, it rocked back and forth just a little bit; this added a new element to the whole experience with both penetration and oral sex. It added just enough height during oral to make it easier for him to reach me, which heightened my experience.

When we tried the missionary position, he was able to rock back on his calves and I put one leg up on his chest; it was great! I could also reach my clit easier so I could play with it while during penetration.

In the past, we have had a little trouble having sex with me on my stomach, due to angles and things. But the Love Pillow lifted my hips just enough to make the whole thing easy and satisfying. My husband used the pillow for support when we had sex with me sitting on his lap. It helped his back to not get tired, and helped the angle of penetration for us as well.

All in all, the Inflatable Love Pillow is a great addition to any toy box! I do have a couple of observations about it, however. First, the cover is not removable, and stains do show up on the dark blue. We wiped it immediately, but then it still spotted. And it is NOT as easy to inflate and deflate as it leads you to believe! There are two valves, and inside each is a sort of diaphragm. I understand that it is probably there to keep the pillow from suddenly deflating when pressure is put on it, but it makes it really hard to inflate. We had to push it back with a toothpick before any air would go into it. And, it made it impossible to deflate; in fact, we still haven't figured out how to deflate.
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  • sounds awesome - might be worth getting :)
  • I just might have to try this pillow, Becuz I want my boyfriend to be comfortable when he is doing oral on me I don't want him with a crooked neck and all, so yes the pillow will help.

    As for deflating it did you try to squeeze the sides of the valve in together to let out the air and you can also do the same to inflate it.
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    Thanks for this review !
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    good review, thanks!
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    nice review
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