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Sex in the Shower locking suction foot rest reviews

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I was so excited about this. I didn't even want it for sexy times in the shower. I wanted something to put my foot on as I shaved my legs. I was so disappointed when I actually got to use it. This caused me to loose my balance every time I used it, so I think it fails. The suction is awful and doesn't stay on any surface. Overall, I would call this very dangerous.

This was the worst product we have ever tried. It did not work at all and we were very disappointed. This product was a waste of our time and money.

This footrest is a great positioning aid. It can slide off and pop off when it's in a bad mood, but when it's installed well, it makes leg-raised positions much more comfortable. It's versatile and has lots of uses (Shave your legs! Have hot shower sex! Put your soap down!) which means you can keep it in your shower without anyone thinking that it's a sex aid.

This product was a fail for me because of the design of my bathroom, not because of the product itself. So long as the area you're sticking this to is completely flat, it should stay. If you have tiles that are smaller across than the suction cup of this, it isn't going to stick.

The Sex in the Shower Foot Rest is a simply device they can give you a leg up in your shower sex! It can help for shaving too which is what I use it for most. It suctions well, but it can slide, so be careful!

This is a great device as long as you have a smooth shower surface to put it on. It is very easy to use and very sturdy as long a you don't put too much weight on it. Great for assisting sexual positions in the shower, even better for shaving in the shower.

Totally worth it! It very simply makes not only sex in the shower easier, but honestly makes showering easier! Durable and easy to clean and use, every shower needs one!

The Locking Suction Footrest is a great product that works beautifully ... if you have the right surface for it. Smooth showers work best with the tightly suctioning back. While the suction mechanism is tight, it provides a good seal and a stable surface to place your foot in the shower.

This foot rest, while not an essential, is wonderfully decadent when soapy sex in the shower sounds like fun. Having it double as an aid in shaving is a huge plus and I use it mostly for that purpose. I love that it has a kinky use but needs no hiding from little curious eyes.

The Sex in the shower locking suction foot rest is a great addition to any sexy couples collection. When attached correctly, it can easily support any male or females leg to help you and your couple easily get into those "ooh yeah right there" positions, and it'll leave you wanting to purchase the rest of the Sex in the Shower collection.

The Single Locking Suction Footrest is another one of the pieces in the Sex in the Shower line, designed by Sportsheets. It's a wonderful addition to their already hefty collection of handles and cuffs that can be used in the shower, for shower-loving. The footrest suctions onto the wall with great force, and stays on unless deliberately taken off. It's great for people whose legs tire after being held up for long periods of time, and perfect for couples to enjoy.

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