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Fail At First, Then Success!

This product was a fail for me because of the design of my bathroom, not because of the product itself. So long as the area you're sticking this to is completely flat, it should stay. If you have tiles that are smaller across than the suction cup of this, it isn't going to stick.
Holds pretty strong on places you can actually get it to stick, Easy to use
Slides on some surfaces, Nothing on the footrest to prevent your foot from slipping either
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If you have a flat surface bigger than the suction cup, and you need something to help keep your foot in place while having sex, this is a pretty decent thing to have. It would also work well in a shower for shaving your legs. I know this was designed for use in the shower, but don't let that limit you. The possibilities really are endless, if you can stick it, you can use it.

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

This footrest is made pretty well. Looking it over and playing with it, it really seems as though you'd have to try to break it. Aside from some springs and the suction cup, everything is made from plastic.

The suction cup is 4 5/8" across. It's not going to stick well on its own, but that's what the little lever underneath is for. In its "loose" position, it'll be down against the back of the suction cup. To get the suction cup to stick where you want it to, press it into the surface, and pull the lever up towards the footrest. It'll be pretty hard to do at first, so be careful. I snapped my finger a few times with it.

The footrest itself has a pretty neat shape to it. It almost looks like an awkward flower petal, the way it comes out of the base and flares out to 5" across then rounds itself out in a slight downward curve. It's got a really slick surface, and this could cause problems when it's wet. If you can find them small enough, those little sticky things that you put on the bottom of your tub to keep from falling flat on your ass can also be used here. Stick one onto the wide part of the footrest, and now you have a surface your foot won't slip off of when you least expect it to.


On most of the places I could get this to stick, it held up pretty well. Some suction cups are strong enough that if there's a small gap, like the grout between tiles, it doesn't really matter. To this one however, it really does. You need to make sure that the entire surface is clean, and free of any imperfections that could cause the suction cup to not stick. Unfortunately, this means that the 4 1/4" tiles in my shower just don't cut it.

Other places I could get it to stick: the side of the bathtub, the window in my shower (complete with a plastic like coating over it with a design for privacy), on a regular window with no extra coating, on every mirror I tried, and on some hardwood surfaces. It will stick on some painted surfaces, but not very well and not for very long.

I did put my weight on it where I could, and found that in the shower, it would slide around a bit. I was testing it with it attached to the back of the bathtub. It took me a while to be able to do it, since sometimes my foot would slip off if I was on a weird angle, but I did have to put a decent amount of weight on it to get it to move. On something like a mirror, I couldn't get it to move at all.

For shower sex, this will work much better as something to just rest your foot on, rather than something to put your weight on. In other areas of the home, test it out first by pushing down on it with your hands.


The packaging for this is not discreet, at all. Half the box shows a couple having sex in the shower, or rather, implied sex in the shower. It comes with instructions, but there's really no need to keep the box around for anything else.

Care and Maintenance

Not much to do here. If you're using it in the shower and it starts to get mold or soap scum on it, you can clean it with some bleach. If you're using it somewhere else around the house and it somehow manages to get dirty, feel free to wash it with some soap and water.

It'll travel fairly well, but it is a bit bulky, so you might have a hard time storing it. For the most part, if it lives where you stick it, that's its storage. But you can stick it in a drawer or under a cabinet if you want it out of the way.


The way I like to shave my legs leaves them at a really odd angle, with my foot ending up way up the shower wall. Unfortunately, that doesn't work out so well, since my toes don't have grippy pads to keep them in place, so they slide down the wall, leaving me to sit in the tub with the shower running so I can hold my leg up in the position I want. I had hoped that this would change that, and let me have my awkward shaving angle and enjoy it, but alas, it was not to be. The tiles in my shower are 3/8" too small for this to stick in there. Damn. It sticks well on the tub, but the interior of the tub obviously being lower than lip of the tub that I used to use nullified using it for shaving there.

But I haven't given up hope for this little footrest just yet. It held really well on the mirrored closet door in our bedroom, and will hold up in a shower with tiles bigger than the suction cup just fine.

For me, it didn't work for the purpose I bought it for, but I still managed to find something useful to do with it. My only recommendation? Make sure you measure the tiles beforehand to see if this will work in your shower if that's where you want to use it.
Follow-up commentary
The more I try to use this, the more it just fails for me. I still can't use it in the shower because the only places it'll stick it just slides on down. I can use it on the mirrored closet door in my bedroom, but yanno what? Moving the doors around (like having sex against them) makes a whole hell of a lot of noise that I don't really feel like explaining to the people who also live in our house. Retroactively I'd knock it down a star, but at this point, my plan is to pass it on to a friend. I just have no use for it in a practical sense at this point.
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