Better sex essentials silicone lubricant by Sinclair Intimacy Institute® - reviews

Better sex essentials silicone lubricant Better sex essentials silicone lubricant

Lubricant by Sinclair Intimacy Institute

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Better sex essentials silicone lubricant reviews

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10 reviews

The Better Sex Essentials Silicone Lubricant finds the perfect balance between long-lasting slip and pull. It is truly our favorite product for handjobs. It is also well-suited for sex or play in watery places or for use with glass or metal toys. We may not always use a silicone lube, but when we do, this is IT.

If you are looking for a lubricant that's going to feel like your natural lube, this certainly isn't it. However, if you are more concerned that the lubricant is long-lasting, then give Better Sex Essentials Silicone Lubricant a chance.

Someone interested in getting into anal play with a partner or alone with steel or glass toys should definitely get this lube. You won't need to be stingy with it and it is sure to make your experience more enjoyable.

Better Sex Essentials Silicone Lubricant may appear to be more expensive than other silicone lubes, but when taking into account the large 8 oz. size and the fact that very little is required, it is actually a great bargain. And best of all, this is a really fantastic lube.

This lubricant is absolutely fantastic! It won't break your wallet, and it's such a quality product that you'll find yourself using it often. Silicone based, this lubricant lasts forever and is waterproof. It performs perfectly, and afterward it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Definitely worth it!

I would recommend this to anybody looking for a great multipurpose silicone lube. The amount you get for the price and the amount you need to use per use make it a great value. Plus it works and makes sex more enjoyable for us. It is slick and doesn't ruin the fun with enjoyment killing re-applications. Only problem is that it does leak if it falls over on its side. I keep it in a sealed plastic bag so it doesn't get all over the place.

So far, this is the best silicone lubricant we've tried. It comes in a generous 8 oz bottle with a flip top, making it easy to use during sex and sure to last quite a while. As long as you don't need it for use with silicone toys I recommend this lubricant to everyone. Don't be scared away by the $19.99 price! It's such a large bottle that it's actually a bargain in the end, and it's a high quality lubricant that is sure to satisfy.

Better sex essentials was recommended to me and I give much thanks for it. Good consistency for anal play with no reapplication needed. The best I have found for the tub/shower. Excellent for glass toys and masturbation by hand

Better Sex Essentials (TM) Silicone Lube is the best silicone lube I've tried yet. It's thicker than ID Millennium and Wet Platinum, so it's great for anal and sex in the shower. Smooth and decadent - if it weren't for my silicone toys, I'd use this lube for everything!

Fabulous--slick and slippery just like nature's lube without any goop or glop. A little goes a long way and it's absorbed into the skin like a great lotion with zero sticky, dried mess to clean up!

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