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Better Sex Essentials (TM) Silicone Lube is the best silicone lube I've tried yet. It's thicker than ID Millennium and Wet Platinum, so it's great for anal and sex in the shower. Smooth and decadent - if it weren't for my silicone toys, I'd use this lube for everything!
Thicker consistency, ideal for shower sex, great deal
Cleanup can be a hassle, slippery if it gets on the outside of bottle.
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After discovering that glycerin in water-based lubes was the culprit behind my recurring yeast infections, I tried silicone lube and became a true believer in no time flat. Silicone lubes are generally more expensive than water-based lubes, but they're well worth the investment. They will never gum up in the middle of a hand job, and a little bit goes a long way. It works well to moisturize the skin and can be used as a massage oil as well as personal lubricant.

All that said, I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite silicone lube, Better Sex Essentials (TM) Silicone Lubricant.

In the past, my major qualm with the silicone lubes I've tried (ID Millennium and Wet Platinum) was their thin consistency. It would work fine for vaginal penetration as long as the penetrating object in question was relatively smooth, such as a glass wand, plastic vibes, and my boyfriend's penis. However, if I put the same amount on a toy with a little more texture, such as a ribbed dildo, the thinness of the lube became a problem. In the case of anal sex, lubes like ID Millennium were definitely too thin to ensure comfort.

Happily, I have found that Better Sex Essentials uses a formula that produces thicker silicone lube. Where the silicone lubes I've used before pooled easily into a puddle in my palm, BSE's formula has a consistency closer to gel. It's still liquid, but offers much more staying power.

BSE Silicone Lube works great on textured toys, as long as they are not silicone. In the anal sex department, this lube also scores high marks. Instead of quickly petering out and requiring reapplication, it sticks and slicks. It even fights the good fight against shower sex's number one enemy: hot water. They typically say that silicone lube needs to be cleaned up with warm water and soap, but I've found that most silicone lubes can be mopped up with hot enough water. Not so with BSE's Silicone! Find a good ledge or handle to hang on to and get your shower bop on, because it takes some hard scrubbing to get this body-safe goo off your bits.

Alas, BSE Silicone's amazing staying power can be perceived as a drawback as well. Cleanup takes a bit longer, since the lube is more stubborn than most others. Soap takes it right off your hands and thighs. If you're like me and hesitate to scrub down your bits with soap, warm water and patient scrubbing will get rid of most of the excess. Silicone lube doesn't block pores or trap bacteria inside the vagina, so it's fine to have a bit left around the area. I like to think of the leftover slipperiness as a moisturizing benefit, myself.

At approximately $20 for an 8 oz. bottle of GLORIOUS LUBE, Better Sex Essentials (TM) Silicone Lube is a steal. It's flown to the top of my list of lubes and I use it for everything except silicone toys. A little dab'll do ya, and it will do you good.
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  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    Good review. I love, love, love this stuff. Glad to see it back in stock, for sure! Smile
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Carrie Ann--It was your review that made me want to try it! Thanks for the recommendation; this stuff is the best!
  • Contributor: Maiden
    Great review! I'm constantly searching for better lubes. I'll give this one a try!
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Maiden--Thanks, and hope you enjoy!
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    Honestly, if I ever wanted a silicone lube, I tihnk I would be buying this one now. Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo
    Holy Lord, a silicone lube that isn't like water?! This sounds surprisingly awesome, even with silicone lube's obnoxious clean-up!
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Adriana Ravenlust-- Best silicone lube I've ever tried! Thanks for stopping by.

    Backseat Boohoo--Personally, I am of the belief that the Sinclair Institute should have named this product "Slickerish Goo" or something in that vein, because this stuff is amazing.
  • Contributor: 2BudZ
    We have one of those old timey bathtubs with feet (circa 1920) and when we take a bath together, I've always wanted to make love to my wife "in the water". This lube sounds like it will work. Thanks Miss Cinn for a great review.
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    2BudZ--We've only tried this lube in the shower, not in the tub, but if you try tub sex with this lube, be sure to let us know how it works! Pure speculation, but I'm sure that if this lube doesn't hold up, none of the other ones will, either.
  • Contributor: jankit
    Great review! Thanks for mentioning the consistency and throwing some comparisons in there.
  • Contributor: chucky
  • Contributor: Princess-Kayla ?
    Thank you for the review.
  • Contributor: Entropy
    Thanks for your review.
  • Contributor: Undead
    Like this brand alot. Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Feisty
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for a great review! I think this is the best deal among all the various silicone lubes.
  • Contributor: xxxbluexxx
    great review! thanks!
  • Contributor: lovebites
    thanks for the review!
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