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Gun oil reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

Gun Oil isn't perfect, but it is damn close for us. It's only stingy for my boyfriend when he is very freshly shaved, but I have no problems with it, and I am allergic to the planet. It's long lasting and holds up well to even the extremes of fisting, so I am completely happy with it.

Gun Oil is perfect for anal sex between partners, but it's not so perfect for solo anal stimulation since the most widely used anal toys are usually silicone.

Gun Oil is a fantastic silicone lubricant for those looking for a tool for silky smooth penetration or gliding hand-jobs. Unlike other lubes, Gun Oil doesn't leave you feeling sticky and messy. This is my top choice for a silicone lubricant!

A great product just got even better; long lasting, a little goes a long way, it’s great for shower play, and now comes with a pump dispenser instead of the flip top cap.

Gun oil was my first silicone lube; It left a really bad first impression, and I haven't bought any more silicone-based lubes since. If you only intend to use this lube for anal play, give it a try. However, I'm sure there are better options. If you're planning on purchasing it for a jerk off lube, look elsewhere.

While I adore natural lube, I've recently discovered just how useful a synthetic lubricant can be. Planning on a handjob for your fellow or if you're a guy looking for a good lube to use for jacking off (or, handling your firearm, as it were)? Grab this! It comes in a masculine bottle (the two larger sizes are shaped in a bullet-like package!), that wouldn't seem out of place in a guy's room. It also is my go-to lube for anal play!

With a runny consistency and a slimey after feel, I just can't give Gun Oil a shining review. It's frustrating to use. Instead of absorbing into the skin, it sits on top and dries quickly. There's little lubrication, but the slikness of it might be good for anal play.

Overall, a terrific lubricant for those looking for the highest level of slippery and slickness! This lubricant is truly worth every penny because it works and feels great. It is safe for condom use and has moisturizing properties and components, such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. If your current lubricant is messy, dries quickly or simply isn't effective, give Gun Oil a try and you will be absolutely thrilled with the results!

If you're a fan of silicone lubricants, Gun Oil is definitely one of the best. The packaging is leak-free and easy to handle. The lube lasts for ages without having to reapply or re-moisten. A fantastic product at a fantastic price, Gun Oil will keep you locked and loaded until you're ready to FIRE!

One of the best silicone based lubes out there and thee best silicone based lube for the price, hands down. Gun Oil is great for all kinds of bedroom play and will last a long time when you're doing it. Although the bottle can be difficult to open when lubed, it is small price to pay to have one of the best experiences you can include in your sex lives. Everyone should have a silicone based lube, and this one is it.

A classic silicone based lube that'll give you the ride (or hand job) of your life with minimal fuss, minimal mess. A little lasts forever and the velvety, barely-there feeling is incredible!

The price and how long it last gives you more "bang" for your dollar. It doesn't leave you feeling coated with guilt on the price, and it can be used for more than just oiling you or your partner's "Weapons of Pleasure". Plus it is made in the USA!

I gave this a 5 star rating, for the reason of this being an awesome lube. When mine runs out, I'll be getting a few more bottles of this.

Gun Oil silicone lube is worth the purchase. It's a great, long lasting, slippery lube, but if you're looking for an easy cleanup this is not the lube for you.

Gun Oil is much slicker and long lasting than water-based lubes, it feels like a dream in your ass and never gets sticky or tacky. It is 100% Scent-free and has NO TASTE. The Vitamin E in Gun Oil conditions your skin as you Bang!

Nothing slows down an evening quicker than heavy, sticky lube that does not glide! Gun Oil is a slippery dream. You can go for hours without having to reapply and you can go places you may have never gone before!

You really can't go wrong with silicone lubes, but Gun Oil seems to have something that may of the others don't. While it provides the same long lasting, very slick, non-sticky feeling of other silicone-lubricants, Gun Oil combines all that with the inclusion of Vitamin E and aloe to leave your skin feeling silky. It's great for doubling as a massage lotion, and a little bit will definitely go a long way! Gun Oil is most definitely worth a purchase!

If you're a fan of silicone lube and you are looking for quality and longevity at a good price, this is a great choice for you. A little goes a long way, and provides a nice silky slip to your play. Perfect for handjobs / jerking off and anal penetration. Clean up requires soap and water. Although the bottle is masculine and designed for function over aesthetics, the 8 ounces inside are bound to last you a long time.

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