ON natural arousal oil for her - clitoral gel by Sensuva Organics - reviews

ON natural arousal oil for her ON natural arousal oil for her

Clitoral gel by Sensuva Organics

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ON natural arousal oil for her reviews

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16 reviews

On is a natural arousal oil that causes a warming and tingling sensation in some people. You'll want to spot test this or avoid it if you have either skin sensitivity issues or allergy concerns with the ingredients listed. Otherwise, get ready for long-lasting fun.

On is the kind of product you either love or hate. If it works well with your body chemistry, it will produce powerful warming and tingling sensations which last for a long time; great for anticipation-play or long-distance play, among other things. For some, however, it may cause irritation, or the sensation might be too much. Overall, a product to try; if it works for you, you've just hit a miniature jackpot. If not, it's no real loss.

Definitely not something I would recommend to those who are temperature sensitive. It feels like you're on fire and not in the good way. It lasts a long time, so it makes it even worse, unless you have some ice nearby.

I wouldn't buy this product again. It is a pretty small bottle for a high price with a lackluster performance.

Oh, how cute. A tiny little bottle of lady stimulating magic. I'll take one! They do say that the best things come in small packages, right? If you enjoy feeling like someone's taken a cattle prod to your clitoris, then go ahead. It may seem non-intimidating and smell warm and cozy, but it doesn't screw around. Warming? Try "Oh god! Get it off! It's BURNING!" Yeah, that's just what gets me in the mood.

I'm giving On 2/5 stars because it really was not a hit for me at all. However I think that it might be a home run for some ladies. Either way, don't let this review scare you off, if you're looking to try something new by all means, give On a chance. This is the first time I have come across the unique buzzing feeling I found with On and it's worth experiencing!

Not so much an "arousal" oil as a "burning" oil. I think some women enjoy the sensation of burning down there, or else all those warming oils wouldn't exist, but I found it unpleasant. I also don't personally feel that it's safe to use something like cinnamon, an irritant, on such a delicate part of my body. I'll stick with using it in my hot chocolate.

This is most certainly a product not worth buying. I've had several people provide feedback and the general response is either it burns like crazy or they don't feel a single thing at all once applied. No one has reported back that the sensations were even enjoyable. Given the price and how small the bottle is, I don't think it is worth the gamble to purchase it. Especially when there are so many other brands out there offering effective, and safe options.

ON has way too many risks for me to use comfortably. With no arousing effects, only stinging and irritation, ON is not a product I would recommend. You'll probably be better off choosing a lubricant with warming effects rather than an oil that isn't safe. Unless you're looking for a product strictly for the menthol-free property, I would not buy this.

This arousal oil sets the mood in less than two minutes, and makes sex or masturbation hotter than ever. Literally. The unique warming sensation is among some of the most powerful out there and lasts for up to 45 minutes. Dare you to see if you can last 45 minutes when you use it.

On is a clitoral stimulating oil that combines warmth and tingling sensations to incite arousal. A blend of essential oils including sweet almond, cinnamon, and rosemary create a scent that reminds me of Christmas, and is spicy for sure. It didn't work for me but once out of the 3 times I tried it, but different women's bodies will experience it differently. If you like warming lubricants, you may want to try this out.

On 4 Her is ecstasy in a bottle. It will make you cum like a champ and be begging for me. This is great for everyone, but sensitive users beware, it might just be a little too much to handle. This is a great long-lasting arousal oil for 'her'.

On 4 Her is an effective arousal oil. It stimulates the clitoris by producing a warm and tingly sensation when it's applied to the area, thereby jump-starting the arousal process and enhancing foreplay. Be careful, though, as the warming may be too intense on sensitive or freshly-shaved skin.

Like I said it is a great kick start to a wonderful night... But know it is a kick start and not the grand finale. It really did help start out our love making tie together. It really did give me that UMMPH in the start. It really did make me want more really soon...But it is a starter, not a finisher.... So as a starter...get it “ON”

Simple to clean up, a pleasant feel, and surprisingly effective, this product is great for when the mood hits you, but can be worth less then the effort at times.

This oil does work, if you are one that enjoys "warming" the clit up. It will last for about 45 minutes, with a good 20 minutes being pretty intense. Better taste would be an improvement with this oil. If you do not like warming lubes, I recommend passing on this oil.

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