Swiss navy silicone lubricant

Lubricant discontinued
by MDScience Lab LLC

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Swiss navy silicone lubricant reviews

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This is a great lube and in my opinion the best on the market. It's long lasting, dispenses easily with no spilling and isn't sticky or smelly.

This lube is good for all-around use. It displays great slipperiness for fun in the shower and fun in the sheets!

Whether or not this product is actually endorsed by the swiss government, it seems to be a carefully made and precise product ready to keep you slipping and sliding down whatever hole you please.

I love the smooth and silky feel once I get enough lube out of the pump bottle. It does leave a slight stain on sheets but its easy to treat and wash out. Over all it is a great product for the cost!

This product is absolutely fabulous. As I have said this product is long lasting and easy to use. However, there are some issues with the packaging. Don't let this deter you! It is well worth the money.

Once you try this lube, you will be spoiled. You will never go back to anything else. It's a fantastic product for the price, and one of the best additions we have made to our 'bag of tricks'!

This lube both is and is not worth the price on it, but I like it for vaginal play and vaginal fisting since it is so slick.

This is without a doubt one of the best lubes I have ever used. I would highly recommend this lube to anyone in the market for a silicone based product.

If you are new to silicone lubricants this is a good starter and if your tired of your lubricant spilling everywhere then you'll love the packaging.

This is a terrific high quality lube at a very attractive price. Consider using this if you find water and paraben based lubes to cause irritation.

This is a fabulous lube. Everyone should try it. Once you try Swiss Navy Silicone, you'll never go back. You'll love this lube.

I, for one, won't ever go back to water based lubes for sex after using Swiss Navy. It totally converted me.

With a silky and velvety feel, long lasting durability, and a bang for your buck, why not give Swiss Navy a try? This is perfect for waterproof and non-silicone toys as well as anal play.

For most people this is an okay silicone lube for the price. It comes in a nifty bottle with a pump that locks in place, which is one of my favorite things about it. However, the formula left something to be desired.

A little lasts a long time, so you won't go through it as fast as other lubes that you have to keep reapplying.

This is a good cheap lube that I use primarily for toy. It is long lasting and comes in a convenient bottle that dispenses just the right amount.

Overall, Swiss navy silicone lubricant isn a good product. Positive points are the design of the bottle, the texture, lack of odours and taste, the longevity, and the price. At just $9.99 - this should last you through a fair few steamy sessions! This lubricant claims to be velvety, silky, long-lasting, non-staining, and waterproof. I would agree with the velvety and silky part.

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