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Wet heating massage lotion reviews

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Unfortunately I was unable to review this product to the fullest. I had quickly wash off the lube after it was applied. Even after being washed off, I couldn't proceed with any sexual activities to my fiance's dismay. Please be careful if you are sensitive to certain products because it can be painful. The smell is strong (but nice), but I couldn't tell you anything farther than that.

This product did nothing for my husband and I. It needs a taste adjustment and lower price. I did not feel anything getting warm for me, and hubby did not like the warm sensation during oral sex.

I fell in love this the warming and the taste of this product. I love the fact that it's easy to clean. The cap on the bottle provides an easy way to use the product without getting it every where. Therefore, it's clean to use as well. The only dislike I have of it is that it didn't really get warm with the motion. It got warm after a little blow of air to it.

If you're looking to add more products into your "Fun Time" category, get this warming lotion. The flavors are potent and tasty, and the warming sensation will make your toes curl. Playing with this product resulted in the best sex I've had in weeks, so of course I'm going to recommend it!!

I loved the way it spiced up my husband's and my sex life. We have been looking for something to spice it up and this sure was it. We have never used anything like it and we think it is really going to keep up our sex life a hell of lot better.

All in all this was a mixed bag—the massage was nice, but the minute things went down south, I thought I'd have to call the fire department! OUCH!

This product is worth it completely! The sensitivity of everything heightens since it's a warming lube. It makes sex for me feel better and helps me to not dry up at all.

This item was a lot of fun and my partner and I used every bit of it. We really liked storing this one in a fridge!

This product was absolutely fabulous. I never imagined a lubrication could liven a sex life up so greatly. I have bought many kinds, but this one is waterproof and non messy. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new excitement. Also, for your partner gives you a excuse for a massage during foreplay.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a bit of flavor in their love life it helped mine big time.

This is a great lube for couples to use during oral play or intercourse! It smells and tastes like watermelon and does give off a nice warming sensation when you blow on it. Although, it didn't get "hot" it was still a nice pleasant warming sensation! It's also non-staining!

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