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Wet safe sex kit reviews

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15 reviews

For me it wasn't right, but if your in need of a little something different, it's perfect and it was great for the price.

This pack is an adorable thing to be given out on college campuses because it contains a one-use lube packet and a one-use condom. Two in one pack! Easily kept in your bag!

I recommend this to anyone who is able to use normal condoms. The lube is great, and the condom works perfectly with it. This is a winning product.

It's worth the dollar so you don't have to worry about having that special moment if you're not at home. It's a quick and easy kit to keep with you, always.

Even though this is just a simple kit with a sample of each item, it makes safe sex easy and effortless. If you aren't allergic to latex and aren't using a silicone toy with the lube, then this kit should be perfect for you!

The Wet Safe Sex Kit is a wonderful little thing for a night out when you don't know where you are going to land and who you are going to land with.

This is a great sample offer. The condom is quite durable and the lube does exactly what it was meant to do.

I'm not 100% sure if the lubricant will damage silicone toys, but I say it's safe to stay away from trying it. I used it with one of my dildos and nothing bad happened, but I don't want to give advice about that to someone and have them ruin a toy with maybe a lower quality silicone. This is convenient, free with purchase, and great for travel! So make love and be safe!

This is an excellent item to carry with you; it has both a high quality lube and an excellent condom that can be used in a variety of situations.

This is basically a one-time use kit that is great to take on the go. It contains a condom and a sample pack of silicone lube. If you have a latex allergy, this isn’t the kit for you.

The safe sex package does its job and is safe and convient for any time sex is planned or unplanned. Great price.

Overall this is a great buy, it is great for that just in case night. Although there is nothing super about this kit, it is effective enough.

You can't go wrong with a dollar's worth of condom-and-lube. This is great for one play session. Also recommended is the Wet Synergy Lube that will be linked below. Easily worth a dollar, because it will bring you just that much pleasure.

This condom gets the job done and is safe and reliable, but if you enjoy being stimulated by color or taste during sex I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Great for carrying in a wallet or purse. Includes a condom and a sample size of lube, everything needed for fun safe sex. Great for personal use, or as a small reminder for someone you may be concerned is having unprotected sex.

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