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Better than chocolate Better than chocolate

Clitoral vibrator by Nomi Tang

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Better than chocolate reviews

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29 reviews

The design of this toy is great, the concept of the slide control is great. The execution is not. I have never been so aggravated in trying to use a toy as I am with this one.

The better than Chocolate is almost better than chocolate more like caramel. When you get a box of chocolates and you know that the square one is the caramel so you grab it first. I grab this toy first when I open my box. It's a great starter. It fits perfectly between my legs and has great controls. It comes in a high end package and feels like your getting a gift when you open it.

While the slide touch pad technology can take some time to learn, it is worth the effort for the easy to use design and the great vibrations this toy offers. This clitoris stimulating toy is great for solo or couple play and will not disappoint.

Ever hate the fact that you were born with one pair of hands? And that you’ve got to make a choice and either use one hand to keep your lips parted or to toy with your breasts? It's the pot of gold! Masturbation made lazy. Hands free vibrator!!!

Great shape for sitting on! Not my strongest vibe, but the one I've had the longest and still one of my favorites.

This vibe produced the most intense orgasm I have ever had, so that about says it all! Would I buy it again, you bet.

All in all I think the Better Than Chocolate is a revolutionary, easy to use, light weight, discreet, fun and very comfortable clitoral stimulator that I think pretty much any woman would love.

Unlike chocolate this vibrating delight will satisfy without adding to your hips and because it's ultra quiet you're guaranteed this will remain your own dirty little secret! There's some things that just don't need to be shared. Don't be fooled by the battery size. This beauty doesn't require AA batteries to take you into ecstasy.

This is truly better then chocolate, and I love chocolate! Why pass on a guilty pleasure with out feeling bad about it! Truly a enjoyable buddy to have!

The Better Than Chocolate is superior is construction, material, and vibration patterns. It can even go up to 1 meter under water and not break on you. The unique design fits perfectly in your nether region and nestles nicely between your thighs. It can be used between bodies during sex as well as for solo stimulation or massage.

She says: If you like external stimulation and a toy that allows you to put lots of pressure on your entire pussy this toy is for you! He says: This toy has a variety of uses, solo play and couples play are both enhanced. We were not able to adjust vibration level, and we are not sure if we have a defective one or that is the design. The instructions were vague about that.

The Better than Chocolate is ergonomic and innovative, and boasts a unique and futuristic look. The vibrations are deep and rumbly, but somewhat diffuse and may not work for all users. It's lockable so you don't have to worry about the pattern switching on you (everywhere but the shower, that is) and is truly waterproof for jaunts in the tub.

Better Than Chocolate has been all the rage lately, but is it worth the hefty price tag? It's high-tech, and unlike anything you've ever seen! It has a design that will make you feel like it's made just for you. Despite the fact that it has a few things I didn't care for, I'd still shell out the money just so I can hold it up to my shirt and say "Beam me up Scottie"!

The Better Than Chocolate has a lot of things going for it. The ergonomic shape, the innovative controls, the fun pulsation patterns, the deep vibrations, the nonporous coating. It many ways, it's a really cool luxury toy. Unfortunately, some women will find that it just isn't strong enough.

The Better Than Chocolate's neat touch pad control had me sold. I wouldn't be too quick to trade in all my clicker/button-type toy controls, though. The touch pad tends to act strangely in the shower, and it's hard to quantify "finger glides". Besides that, it's plenty enjoyable!

The Better Than Chocolate vibe is a cleverly designed and pleasantly pleasing clitoral vibrator that while not overly strong, it makes for a great warm-up toy that provides nice vibrations.

The Better Than Chocolate revolutionized my expectations of clitoral vibrators. I love the deep, rumbly vibrations and the smooth, soft texture of the vibe. The touch sensor could be better, but it was easy to overlook the control problems when the vibrations were so good.

I really love this unique, innovative toy from Naomi Tang. It is the ideal, low-frequency, decently-strong, but pleasingly-quiet sort of vibrator that's prefect for a slow, leisurely pleasure session.

The Better than Chocolate is a beautiful, ergonomically shaped vibrator. With it’s innovative touch sensor control panel, deep rumbling vibrations, and many different functions, it’s sure to please almost anyone.

The question that must be answered is always, "Is it REALLY better than chocolate?" It has a lovely shape that cups the user's body nicely, and the vibrations are really strong, but I felt that it had too many places where it was just difficult to use and aggravating. The Better Than Chocolate is certainly an innovative toy, but could definitely use some improvement.

This vibrator is perfect for extended foreplay and romantic nights with your partner, but if you're looking for something to take out to get yourself (or your partner) off, spend your money on a vibrator with a great deal more intensity.

The Better Than Chocolate is a unique, innovative toy with tricky controls that can be locked to prevent an accidental setting switch. Its curved body and blunted tip are designed with the shape of your vagina in mind, and it rests beautifully over just about anyone's mons. You may find that although the vibrations are powerful, they don't quite set you off as quickly as other toys. It seems this toy was designed with a slow, sensual "me" session in mind.

A cool little clit stimulator with touch controls, potent waterproof-ness and deep rumbly vibrations that come in a wide variety of patterns.

Unless you're really, really sensitive pass this one up. For you money you could get two nice toys that would work way better than this one. While I give Nomi Tang a little credit for the touch-strip idea, this one definitely fails to pass the test.

Nomi Tang’s Better than Chocolate is a wonderful external vibrator. While particularly suited for clitoral and labial stimulation, it can also be used all over the body for pleasant sensations. Safe for the shower or bath, this vibrator is a pleasure to use, whether alone, or with a partner.

The Better Than Chocolate is a great warm-up vibrator. Personally, for me, it lacks the ability to actually finish the job. However, it's great for sensual play, play in the water, and is a great, new high-tech toy.

The Better than Chocolate by Nomi Tang earned its title by providing users with strong vibrations and pulsation. It's also submersible up to 1M. Unless you require heavy stimulation, the BTC will likely fulfill its function. Even if you can't climax from this decadent treat, it makes foreplay extra special as a total body massager.

The perfect size and not intimidating at all considering how high-tech it is. It's definitely Better Than Chocolate and without the guilt.

The Better than Chocolate is an innovative clitoral stimulating vibrator with amazing touch sensor controls. Three vibrational patterns as well as multiple strengths are lockable to keep you on that "just right" setting; making these controls a step above anything normally seen. The ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the hand and against the body. Ideal for those who like diffuse, deep vibrations and a techy, futuristic look.

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