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Better than Chocolate?

The Better than Chocolate is an innovative clitoral stimulating vibrator with amazing touch sensor controls. Three vibrational patterns as well as multiple strengths are lockable to keep you on that "just right" setting; making these controls a step above anything normally seen. The ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the hand and against the body. Ideal for those who like diffuse, deep vibrations and a techy, futuristic look.
Body safe material, innovative controls, ergonomic shape, strong, diffuse vibrations
Because vibrations are diffuse this may not be pinpoint enough for some
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The Better than Chocolate by Nomi Tang is a brand new, luxury vibrator intended for external stimulation.

It's elegant and geeky, with flowing lines and a futuristic look.

It's ergonomic, fitting into the palm of your hand like it was made to be there.

It's powerful, quiet, waterproof up to 1 M and unbelieveably innovative.

This vibrator is ideal for clitoral, labial and nipple stimulation as well as for cupping the entire vulva and massaging it with deep vibrations that rumble and throb inside the entire toy.

Vibrations are strong and diffuse but not amazingly strong. Because they are not pinpoint this is probably a good toy for those who don't need a power tool like the Hitachi to orgasm.

Material / Texture

This Nomi Tang toy is created from thermoplastic elastomer and polycarbonate. The product guide that accompanies it states that the material is skin-friendly and used in many medical applications.

It feels unlike anything I've ever used before. The texture is beyond velvety to the point of being almost as soft as microfiber when you rub your finger along it. The interior is solid, with no give or flex of any kind -- similar to the laya spot or lily -- but the outer coating is purely luxurious.

It has no smell that I can detect nor does it have a taste of any sort. It's very similar to silicone only a bit more matte, a bit more velvety, with a bit more friction and drag while in use.

If you like very slick toys like metal, glass and plastic, you might not like the texture of this one. However it has no bumps or ridges so the only texture you're going to get is from the material itself and the lines and curves of the toy.

Design / Shape / Size

I cannot talk enough about the design of this vibrator. Wider in the middle, where it rests in the palm of your hand, it tapers on each end to a battery cover on one side and a rounded pleasure point on the other. The pleasure point nuzzles against your clit, the firmness of the toy making it easy to get plenty of pressure if you need it, while the wider center cradles your pubic mound like a dream.

The top of the toy, where the control is located, dips down so that the sides almost seem to wing out and up. It allows your middle fingers to rest inside this hollow, your pinky and index fingers along the outer edge for amazingly ergonomic comfort.

The Better than Chocolate is about the size of my hand across so it rests exceptionally well inside it. It's not a large toy but it is larger than some of the other toys designed similarly. It's very close in size to the laya spot.

Tucking it away discreetly is easy as it comes with a velvet drawstring bag and the batteries can be removed to prevent it from turning itself on.
Even if you left it laying out, however, it looks amazingly like a mouse, game controller or other such technical and geeky device and I doubt anyone would even look twice at it -- other than to maybe want a new mouse like yours!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Better than Chocolate really shines when it comes to it's control pad.

Batteries -- it takes two AAA -- are inserted by unscrewing one end. They insert one up, one down and the cap screws back on securely. There is an uber o-ring (it almost looks like an o-ring sleeve) to keep it water proof up to 1 meter.

The on/off button is also located on this end, on the battery cap. It's a flush press button and a single press turns the vibrator on, another turns it off.

The pleasure point is at the other end where the toy gently rounds -- though vibrations truly do diffuse throughout the entire toy and I didn't notice a major difference in their level at the point versus across the entire surface.

At the top of the toy is the amazing part; the touch sensor control pad.
It looks like a futuristic scroll wheel only it doesn't actually turn -- you simply glide your finger over it to increase or decrease the vibrations. One side of the touch sensor has a red "NT" logo on it, the rest is a solid gray color. To switch from continuous vibration to different patterns, you simply press your finger to and hold the area with the Nomi Tang logo for two seconds. The vibrator then starts a pulsation pattern that can, again, be adjusted in strength by gliding your finger over the touch pad. Hold the logo for another two seconds and you get another pattern, slightly different than the first, again adjustable.

When you find a vibration level you like - either steady or one of the patterns - you can hold your finger for two seconds over the opposite side of the touch sensor and it will lock that level and pattern until you hold it for two seconds to unlock.

The lock function also goes into effect automatically if you submerge the Better than Chocolate in water. It will keep operating but you cannot change the vibration until you remove it from the water and dry it off. (You can, of course, just turn it off to stop vibrations)

I've tested the toy repeatedly in water and it's held up as amazingly as theh Form 6.

Nomi Tang's Better than Chocolate is so quiet it would sound no louder to anyone hearing it than a cell phone on vibrate -- although cell phones don't continue to vibrate for half an hour. The point is it's very discreet in noise level as well as looks.

This vibrator does start on it's highest vibration level so you need to glide your finger downward to lower those vibrations if you like to start out slow.

Care and Maintenance

The product guide that comes with the Better than Chocolate suggests washing it with soap and warm water. Toy cleaner can be used, as can wipes, but I cannot recommend bleach or alcohol without more information from the manufacturer. Boiling and dishwashing are, of course, not recommended for toys with a motor.

This vibrator does pick up lint due to it's velvet-like texture so be sure to wash it or wipe it down both before and after use and store it in it's plush, white velvet drawstring bag.

The wonderful thing about TPE is that it feels much like silicone in this form but can be used with either silicone or water based lubes. Unlike silicone, however, it can't be sterilized so use a condom if you plan to share. A condom does fit over the toy but it's awkward and lessens the wonderful sensations from the texture so I'd suggest being selfish with this one.


The Better than Chocolate is packaged very, very beautifully. It's box is heavy white cardboard, nearly exactly like that of LELO packaging, that is imprinted with tiny "NT" logos in a white on white design. It also has a red NT logo in the center. The box opens like a jewelry box with the vibrator displayed inside, resting in white velvety material. Under the vibrator you'll find your instruction manual and a drawstring bag. Either the original box or the velvet bag can be used for storage of your toy.

Personal comments

I really, really, reallyreallyreally love this toy. It feels good in my hand. The controls are amazing (if a little finicky if you slide your finger over them when you don't mean to but this is where the lock function comes in handy). The shape is innovative and so body friendly it continues to amaze me with each use. Vibrations are strong and deep. The waterproof function works perfectly.

The only issue I've had is that the vibrations are so diffuse it's difficult to actually get off while using this vibrator. I've found I love it for foreplay and for use during sex but I tend to switch to something else when it's time to actually orgasm unless I have a good, long, leisurely time to spend getting there.

Pictures (two pages of them) can be found over on my Tumblr blog.

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Follow-up commentary
Ahh. The chocolate.

It's still innovative. It's still a nifty texture with a nifty control pad. It's still a good shape, a fantastic design. It's still sits in it's nice gift box packaging. It still one of the niftiest toys I've seen, primarily due to the touch pad sensor thingy.

I still love it.

And yet I just can't get off with it without feeling frustrated. I don't know if the vibes are too diffuse or too on the surface or too deep or too weak or if my clit is broken (well, okay, I know my clit isn't broken) but it's a struggle, every time I use it, to get off with it. And it's not different enough, like the Sassi or the Sqweel, to feel good using it for foreplay and switching to something else to get off.

And so.

While I love it for being so cool.

I just don't like it any more for me.

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  • Contributor: Luscious Lily
    Having just been sent one of these, I had to wander back over here to figure out the controls. I thought that the intensity was controlled by one smooth glide, not repeated runs up and down the strip. Thanks for saving me from worrying I had a dud!
  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    Thank you, purpleladybug! That was sweet of you. Smile
  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    Yeah, Lily, it's repeated runs. I think it would be too hard to adjust with just one swipe? I dunno.

    I actually like it more now than I did a few months ago, though. I should edit my follow up.

    The toys hasn't changed but I'm beginning to think I have. Heh.

  • Contributor: Hannah Savage
    I think maybe a toy with such diffuse vibrations (or so it sounds) ebbs and flows with what we are enjoying or the stimulation we are needing at that time. I appreciate your follow-up review and the video. Sometimes, when us busy people get a chance, something like this would be good to slowly warm up rather than get off at a moment's notice because that's all the time we've got.
  • Contributor: Pegglepuss
    Your review has been extremely helpful. Doesn't quite sound like the toy for me.
  • Contributor: charletnarouh
    Have you tried the music edition? I'd be curious to know your thoughts on that. I always love your reviews. Thanks.
  • Contributor: Wide Awake Daydream
    Your reviews are always so helpful! Thanks for a video of the controls, unfortunately, I think I would need more than this to make it to the finish line...
  • Contributor: zz1aag
    Great review
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