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Classic rabbit pearl reviews

25 reviews
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25 reviews

The rabbit is a great toy to give to a friend you don't like or your ex-wife. Be aware of this "Rascally Rabbit".

As a big fan of bunny vibrators, in general, this one left much to be desired, as it did not bring me even close to reaching orgasm. It's also the worst smelling toy I have ever come across.

This item is well worth the price and I would buy it again in a heart beat. A few of my friends also own this toy and swear by it. I have had mine going on 3 years with regular use and it STILL hasn't broken!

I personally would never buy this item again. Sure, it was my first-ever vibrator, BUT there are a lot of better vibrators out there now. At the time, I had the extra $40 to dish out on this. Now I would take that $40 and put it towards something else. Don't waste your time.

If you get off mostly by clitoral stimulation and not as much from vaginal stimulation, you will love this. With the addition of the egg with the insertable portion, I was able to cum several times and even kept coming for about 20 minutes after I was done. However, next time I will pick one with a larger and stronger penis portion.

I was disappointed with this toy. It is very cheaply made and is also made of jelly. I don't see this rabbit lasting very long. The shaft is too short and slim for me even though I'm not a size queen by any means.

This is a quality rabbit style vibe for its price range. I found it comparable to other higher priced rabbits and exceeding in intensity when compared to others in its price range. It's well worth it to add to your toy chest if you are new with rabbits and wanting to experiment or as a back up.

This is by far on my list of favorite toys. It has the whole classic look for a rabbit. The Classic Rabbit can be felt all over your body and you can really feel the shaft moving inside you. If you can get past the attached control with wires this would be a great buy.

This was a really nice product. You can really feel the vibrations all over your body, and you can really feel it moving inside of you. If you are concerned about the material safety, it is easily fixed with a condom. Overall, the vibrations were strong and the movement fits to your body.

Overall, I regretted buying this toy. I felt like I had spent too much money on something that I would rarely use. It just didn't fit me right. Also, the positioning of the controls made it tricky to operate, which kind of killed the mood.

This is a great toy for someone on a budget who wants a simple toy that provides both g-spot and clitoral stimulation.

This item is really worth the money. If you want great pleasure without going through all the complications of control it's the best.

This rabbit may have disappointed me, but if you're looking for a cheap toy that will get the job done quickly and quietly, give this bunny a chance. It's flimsy but fairly powerful, hard to clean, but wonderful for thrusting, and is completely silent under the covers. It's perfect for those of us with roomies or nosy next door flatmates.

Besides a few cute colors, this rabbit vibrator really has no redeeming qualities. It has an ugly design, it's bulky, and it's loud. It's actually kind of painful when used, too!

I would totally recommend this toy to any novice toy user, and even to folks that have a lot of toys! This toy is great for solo use, as well as for couples! The CRP definitely even has it's place with folks who have a lot of different toys.

I think this is an excellent first rabbit. This is a good starting point for anyone about to take the leap into more complex vibrators. If you already have something more than a basic vibrator in your arsenal, I'd look somewhere else.

I would recommend this to a beginner for a first time rabbit. It is a pretty good vibrator but the size may be small for some and the vibrations could be stronger coming from 3-C batteries. There are a lot of things with this toy that are really just personal preference and I think most advanced users won't like it.

This product isn't a fabulous, stand-out toy; but, it works great, is always pleasurable, and is a great toy to always have on hand!

This toy basically evens it self out as far as pros and cons,and isn't much different from other toys. Its on sale, so trying it wouldn't hurt, but I wouldn't pay full price.

I liked that I had some fun times with it, it felt good. I really didn't like the battery it required to run this thing, and I didn't like the controls either. Didn't like the wire as it just felt like something is always bothering me.

This toy is perfect for solo and partners, and it is worth it if you like to have a lot going on while having sex. But if you don't like batteries and a remote then you might not want this one.

This is an okay rabbit for beginners who want to know what rabbits are all about, but it is not so great in quality.

The price is right for a faithful product that will not fail to deliver. I have better vibrators in my toy bag, but this is a good addition to anyone's collection - especially for those of us who are older and find that one vibrator sometimes just doesn't do the job.

Quite quickly, this has become my favorite toy that I own. It gets me where I want to be with ease. At the time of writing this, I've used it about a dozen times or so, and the batteries are still going strong. Hurray!

The Classic rabbit has certainly earned a special place in my toy collection. It has fast become the toy I just instinctively grab. It's a no brainer for me as it requires very little work on my part to get to that point of pure pleasure.

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