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Roulette Croupier reviews

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Great for beginners up to more advanced users, easy to clean, use, and leave me coming back for more. Worth every penny, and I would buy it all over again. I have had mine for almost a year and it still runs like day one.

The Croupier is part of the Roulette vibrator series by Evolved Novelties. This toy is made of European silicone, is waterproof, and has an easy-to-use dial control. The Croupier offers wonderful, deep vibrations and is sure to please those who love girthy toys.

Overall, I think most people will like the Croupier. It's vibrations are strong, it's easy to use and comfortable to hold during use.

I would be hesitant to recommend this to someone, because mine broke after 2 weeks. $60 dollars is a lot to spend for 2 weeks, but if the motor was more reliable, I would count this as a good addition to anyone's toy box.

Honestly, I was less then impressed with The Roulette Croupier, that doesn't mean it doesn't have the potential to be an amazing toy for *some* users. If you're just starting out with sex toys then I do think this is a good beginner toy that can be used either solo or with a partner, just don't expect to be overly thrilled.

The Roulette Croupier is an absolutely wonderful G-spot vibrator, with enough length and girth to satisfy intermediate to advanced toy users.

The Croupier is one of the g-spotting aids in the Roulette line by Evolved. It has very nice vibrations that most will find satisfying.

The Croupier is an excellent toy that works fantastically for external and internal use. With it's super soft silicone body, strong vibrations, excellent curved head and cute design this toy is more than worth the money and your time.

The Roulette Croupier is a fabulous toy. It's beautiful and the craftsmanship is phenomenal. It's made of quality silicone and is soft and flexible to the touch. It's curved for g spot stimulation (if you don't mind it's flexibility) and thick enough to be filling. And its powerful, rumbly vibrations make it perfect for both internal or external play.

Buying toys is such a gamble. Is it big enough? Small enough? Powerful enough? Will this design work? The Croupier is awesome for both my clitoris and my G-spot and it is the only vibrator that I can actually use for self-stimulation if needed. With its powerful motor and comfortable silicone this toy is a winner all around for me.

The Croupier is a unique G-spot vibrator which has powerful and intense vibrations, while managing to stay very quiet. It’s rather large in size, so it’s more for the experienced user, but odds are, you’ll really like this one.

When it boils down to it, I actually really, really like the Croupier! Not only is it phthalate and latex free, easy to use, made from quality silicone, odorless and seamless, easy to care for and very pretty, but it's also extremely powerful and very quiet which are qualities that I think go a long way in making a fantastic vibrator!

Overall, this is an above-satisfactory product. If you're looking to advance your personal experience beyond a quick and simple orgasm, this toy will take you there. The Croupier allows the user to work up to ecstasy at a slow (but sensational) rate. If you're looking for your first g-spot centered toy, I highly recommend the Croupier.

The Croupier is a fun silicone vibrator from Evolved that has a curved tip for g-spot stimulation. It is waterproof so it can be used in the shower or the tub and provides wonderfully deep and powerful vibrations that should be pleasurable for most users.

This vibrator definitely hit the spot, and when I say spot, I really mean multiple spots! It has more than enough power behind it to withstand anyone's poker face!

I am glad that I took a gamble and purchased the Croupier, if for anything, just to try a simple silicone vibrator. The G-spot appeal did nothing for me, but it's unique texture and flexibility made it a comfortable and safe toy to use.

If you are like me, and enjoy the flexibility of a dildo but crave the sensations from a vibrator, you are sure to love the Croupier! The motor in the tip makes the shaft very flexible and pleasing, no matter how it is used. Croupier is also waterproof and, unlike other silicone vibrators, is safe to use with silicone lubricant making it ideal for shower use! The vibrations travel through the entire shaft very well. It is definitely my favorite toy so far!

The Croupier's soft feel, flexible shaft, and easy dial control make it a nice inviting vibe for beginners, but it has enough power to please anyone. A true multitasker, this versatile vibrator can be used alone, during intercourse, or incorporated into various other types of play. It very quickly superseded a few other toys on my list of favorites.

The croupier will have you cashing in all over the place. Placing bets will be a sure win one way or another. The g-spot design may or may not work for you, but there are other uses for this well-made toy. The packaging is exquisite and so is the craftsmanship. The silicone and plastic materials will ensure safe play and a long life for this toy.

The Croupier is a sure bet for a good G-spot vibrator that can also be used clitorally. The control wheel and waterproof construction are what every toy should have. The fine European craftsmanship Evolved is known for is obvious with this toy. The unique shape, deep vibrations, and unique silicone construction are definitely worth the price.

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