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Crystal high intensity bullet reviews

50 reviews
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50 reviews

Although this bullet may not be anything new and unique, it's definitely a great toy for female orgasms. It's powerful, and it delivers!

For less than twenty dollars, this toy is a steal. Especially for beginners and those who need something nice and quiet. The crystal bullet is great if you want a racing, speedy orgasm. If you need prolonged stimulation or varying intensities though, look elsewhere. In the time it will take you to get off, you'll need a new battery!

For those who don't need a lot of power and are looking for a quite toy to use in and out of the water, this is great. But with hard to find batteries and a slightly wonky button it makes it a slight dud.

I found it was great fun for those who desire a quick easy toy that you can take along with you anywhere.

This toy is cheap, but also great for someone just looking for something simple. It is a must buy! I promise that the majority of the people who buy this won't regret it!

It's worth your money, and you will be satisfied by this product. My fiancee and I enjoy it together, and we plan to use it on our wedding night.

I think that this item is definitely worth the money. It is perfect for quick little pick me ups! The vibrations are great without the obnoxious noises!

The Crystal High Intensity Bullet is a perfect beginner's toy! It's beautiful in design and color and great to use with or without a partner! Crystal is a must!!

Are looking looking for something that is small, discreet, travel friendly, but still has great intense vibrations? Well, look no further! This bullet is perfect for anyone!

Simply the best bullet a woman can buy, and inexpensive to boot. The sleek finish and pointed tip gives targeted clitoral stimulation that will rock your socks off.

This cute babe packs quite the punch. It's gorgeous and small enough to be discreet. This is a good choice for those looking to begin a collection of toys, though may not be worth it to someone who already has a wide variety.

This is not worth the money at all. You will be let down by this product. Don't waste your time on this tiny toy.

In terms of the looks, vibrating speed, low sound level, and satisfaction, I would say this is worth the money for most. But it is just plastic, and plastic cracks easily. Mine already had a crack at the opening cover after the first use. I could not imagine what if it fell to the ground. It guaranteed me an orgasm over and over again, which I loved. You can bring it anywhere you go, it's so light it's not even the weight of a tube of Mentos. Use it anywhere.

This is the best vibe we have ever purchased. We would recomend it to anyone looking for the best bang for their buck.

If you want simple effectiveness at an affordable price, the Crystal High Intensity Bullet is a great choice. It is cute, fun and the perfect speed for its size. A great little bullet to carry around in your purse and use whenever you like!

The Crystal High Intensity Bullet is a nicely made bullet for the price. It’s waterproof, has no wires, and has a pretty effective design. This bullet is moderately powerful. If you are a clit of steel girl like me, don’t get this one! It was just a big tease for me. At times, I found the button hard to operate. Although I didn’t fall in love with this bullet, I think a lot of people will like it. I’m still on my search for the perfect powerful bullet!

It wasn't at all disappointing, works well, uses one simple battery, and is waterproof therefore can be used anywhere! Again though, could be stronger then its strength now, but its still great for any beginner.

For under $20 this is a steal! Super strong, totally discreet and pretty! Isn't that all we ask for? ;)

Whether beginner or advanced user, the Crystal high intensity bullet is a nice toy, for its price range. If you are looking for a vibrator that is powerful, yet extremely concealable just about anywhere, this toy should be on your list. The uncommon battery type is frustrating, but the single N1 battery is commonly found in the pharmacy or watch section of your grocery store; so you'll want to stock up!

This is the perfect little gadget for beginners or anyone for that matter! Don't let the size fool you; this little bullet is pretty powerful and should do the job for the average person. It's easy to use, just simply hold down the button on the top until you get your desired level of intensity. It's cute, small, easy to clean and easy to conceal. I'm happy that I purchased this and would recommend that every girl owns one!

If you can get past the crystals (and who can't) this is an awesome little toy for an even better price. Sometimes you may just want a quick orgasm, and this is the toy for that!

This toy is very small, which makes it ideal for use with a partner or with another sex toy during solo play. If I ever need another bullet for partner sex, I would probably buy this one again.

While it wasn't high intensity enough for me, this may very well do the trick for beginners or women who need mild to moderate vibration levels. The Crystal High Intensity Bullet is beautiful and smart in design, but sadly failed for me in the area that was most important - performance.

Those looking for a powerful yet discreet toy will not go wrong with the Crystal High Intensity Bullet. Varying speeds, easy controls, and a beautiful design render this bullet a near steal at under $20. Worth every penny!

I thought the Crystal High Intensity Bullet was gorgeous to look at, and packs a punch for such a small toy. I found her to bit a bit difficult to use while pinpointing, but provided incredible intensity when I managed to get into the swing of things. Would recommend to those looking for something strong, small, and powerful; But also have availabilty to unusual batteries.

The Crystal bullet is an amazing toy for the beginner to the master. It's easy to use, clean and store and will leave you feeling satisfied every time you bring this little toy out to play.

Beautiful, discreet bullet with serious power!!

When it comes to discreet and powerful bullets to get the job DONE, and quickly, you cannot lose with Crystal, and she is beautiful to boot! There's a reason people lover her so much.

It's a great toy. It's powerful, it's super quiet, travel friendly and waterproof. What more could a girl ask for?

Perfect small and powerful bullet for beginners or couples. You won't regret buying this toy. It's perfect for the price, and you'll love every minute you get to spend with this small, chic bullet.

This shiny purple vibrator with little crystals on the top looks great and feels even better. If you're a beginner, this would be your perfect first experience.

Discreet, easy-to-use and powerful bullet that doesn't disappoint. It is perfect for clitoral stimulation and fun time anywhere you want.

This item is 100% worth it. Although it may not be your 'magic wand' and make you orgasm your socks off, this vibrator packs a punch and along side some other toys, it makes you go wild. Its quite strong and travel easy. It is waterproof and easy to clean. For a clitoral pocket vibrator, it's all you could ask for.

This toy hasn't died on me yet, which I am very excited about. It is dependable. I know what I'm gonna get with it: intense vibrations and an intense orgasm. For this reason alone, it will remain at the top of my toy box. There are some downsides to it, but they are easily overlooked because of its overall performance.

I was driving my Porsche and going way too fast. This is simply a sporty little motor that you can drop in your favorite sex toy and control the accelerator. It's awesome. It goes fast. The best bullet vibrator, period.

This is a terrific toy that is easy to carry, very quiet, and easy on clean up. I would recommend this for anyone who wants an intense orgasm from a small, quiet toy.

The Crystal High Intensity Bullet is great for first timers, or those new toys. it runs the gamut from mild to intense, and is quite handy.

Want something that is waterproof, easy to store, and is quite to use. This breath taking toy is the way to go. Not only does it do the job right but also done in fashion. If you want to be secretive about it, its easy to transport anywhere just hide away. Want something easy to maintain clean , this product was meant for you! Not hard to use and easy to put away. Enjoy this little toy as it makes your dreams and fantasys come true!

This is my favorite toy I've gotten so far! It builds your adrenaline as it races you to the finish line. I was skeptical such a small thing could do anything...but after trying it out almost the same night I got it, I was convinced and am never turning back. Now I'm only looking for more like it.

Looking for a bullet that packs a punch and leaves you satiated? Look no further as this beautiful bullet should be right up your alley. Small, discreet, and powerful, this bullet is sure to provide pleasure both the beginner and the experienced user alike.

The material is smooth. Very classy looking. Level of intensity is great. Easy on/off button. Great to take with you on vacation. For use in shower, tub, or pool.

Crystal high intensity is a very discreet and powerful bullet, great for on the go, and travels well. She is great for a beginner because of her size. Controls can be a little confusing in the beginning; you just have to remember to read the packaging before hand and you will get along with her just fine. The type of battery Crystal uses can be a little hard to find at a local grocery store, but EdenFantasys does sell them.

If you're single and want to stimulate your clit this is the toy for you. If you don't want to use it for penetration, it also works great for penetration, anal play, and for foreplay with your go-to guy, if your like me and have a guy that you go to just for fun.

The Crystal High Intensity Bullet didn't satisfy me, but I'm a size queen when it comes to vibrators! If you're looking for a small, handy, posh little bullet, this is one to consider.

Do not let the pretty color or fake crystals fool you because this little piece is a high caliber shot. The simplicity of the one touch design combined with the strength of the maximum setting make this bullet a must buy. It is powerful and practical! You will want to make sure you have some extra batteries on hand because you will find yourself turning to the Crystal Bullet to meet your stimulation needs time and time again.

If you are looking for a simple, discrete, yet sexy design in a bullet, then the Crystal High Intensity Bullet is the toy for you. It has easy to use push button functions with a wide range of vibration intensities, it's waterproof functions make it fun to use and easy to care for, and it's small design makes it easy to conceal.

This little bullet vibe is powerful, classy and sure to please. You're able to set the intensity to your own liking. It's so discreet you can take it with you anywhere.

Great for beginners, decent for more experienced users. Crazy vibrations that should get you going, but it you are used to a vibe covering more area - this one might not suffice.

A tiny little bullet that'll definitely rev your engine, at home, in the pool, or anywhere. Press and hold the button and feel your anticipation rise with the vibration level... You wont be disappointed.

It is a great vibrator for beginners or really anyone who wants to have a small, easy to use vibrator to easily take around with them. It is small and has a great speed for how much I paid for it. This one is worth it if you want a simple cheap vibrator that gets the job done.

Another new bullet performing the same old tricks? Not so fast. The Crystal High Intensity Bullet does something that no other little bullet does: take orders! The push button at the base responds to firm pressure with increasingly strong vibrations. Simply hold the button down until the sensations are to *your* liking. No more not-quite-there presets. This vibrator listens!

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