Crystal high intensity bullet - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Owl Identified

What A Curious Little Thing!

Another new bullet performing the same old tricks? Not so fast. The Crystal High Intensity Bullet does something that no other little bullet does: take orders! The push button at the base responds to firm pressure with increasingly strong vibrations. Simply hold the button down until the sensations are to *your* liking. No more not-quite-there presets. This vibrator listens!
Vibration can be customized, one tap turns vibe off, splash-proof, relatively quiet.
Loose rubber o-ring make submersion unpredictable, vibrations are very surface.
Rating by reviewer:
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The Crystals High Intensity Bullet is a great stimulator for nearly all parts of the body. It can provide anywhere from mild, rumbling vibration (great for teasing testicles or relaxing the outer anus with) to intense buzzy vibration that should be capable of giving clitoral orgasms to most. This toy cannot go anywhere, however, because it is very small and perfectly straight without any flare. As I mentioned, the lowest setting is great for relaxing the anus, that is, massaging the outer areas of the anal opening with it. However, it should never be inserted into the anus as the powerful sphincter muscles can draw the toy in too far for it to be retrieved without a hospital visit. Not fun.

This toy is excellent for all levels of familiarity with toys, from beginners to the very experienced. With a simple, user-friendly button that lights up in order to make visibility in the dark easier, this vibrator is nearly foolproof. Its compact size makes it easy to take to a noisy club and use discreetly with a partner (slip it in your panties and enjoy the thrill of orgasm in public!) It's also very convenient for use during penetrative sex as it can be held against sensitive areas without it taking up too much space and getting in the way.
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    • Anyone
    • Fast session/quickie
    • Teasing a partner
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    • Dorm room/campus living
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    • Shower

Material / Texture

Hard plastic, the material that this little guy is made from, is non-porous meaning that it will not absorb and breed harmful bacteria. This toy is safe to share so long as it is wiped down with Isopropyl alcohol or a 10% bleach solution first which will effectively sterilize it. Anti-bacterial soap and warm water are sufficient to clean it for your own personal use, although you should sterilize it if you are going from outer anal stimulation to vaginal.

The Crystals High Intensity Bullet has no discernible scent or taste. It is smooth and becomes quite slippery with the addition of lube. I found no need to use it with any lubricant other than what my body naturally produces :)

Design / Shape / Size

Cute and decidedly femme, this bullet comes in princess-y metallic shades and is studded around its twist off battery cap with tiny white rhinestones. It measures in at little more than .5 inches wide and about 2.5 inches long and is designed for external use and not internal. While it's not long or thick enough to provide meaningful penetrative sensations, it is just long and thick enough to make it easy to hold on to while using it all externally. The pointed tip allows the option of pin-point stimulation, but the slanting sides of this tip provide a flatter surface that can be used for slightly more diffuse vibrations. And being small enough to fit in your palm, this bullet is easy to tuck into your pocket, purse, eye glasses case, hell, just about anywhere and travel with. Its size also lends itself to all manner of sneaky little hiding spots around the house if you need to be discreet.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This vibrator is so. damn. functional! Cal Exotic has had some clever but less than dependable concepts for bullet/egg innovation in the past, but with this they really get it right. With the Crystal High Intensity Bullet Cal Ex takes an awesome, functional bullet and brings it to the next level with personalized vibration.

When I first took this one out of the packaging and clicked the button on all I felt was a low, rumbling vibration. My partner noted it was great for teasing but could never hope to get the job done. "Are they serious? They can't be for real!" As it turns out, they weren't for real. After examining the packaging further I noticed that it stated that firm (very firm, actually) pressure was required to increase the vibrations. Holding the button down increases the speed, and removing pressure stopped the ascending intensity in its tracks leaving it at a customized level of vibration. I was able to get it *exactly* the way I wanted it at that moment. Granted, it takes a little practice (more about that in the next paragraph) but I was able to get in harmony with this thing. The increase is fairly gradual so you have a pretty wide range of 'settings' to choose from, too. Awesome right?

Even though it takes quite a bit of sustained pressure to adjust the speed, I prefer this to the unpredictability of the iTap which changed setting anytime a strong breeze blew through the bedroom. I also love that as opposed to the iTap line, a single touch is all that's require to turn the bullet off --no cycling through a million settings. The only possible problem with that is that you have to pull away your thumb at *just* the right moment to achieve perfect intensity because you only get one click to get your setting right. The next click will turn the motor off. This also means that if you want to gradually increase the speed you are going to have to turn the vibe off and then on again in order to change the intensity. Still, I'd rather do that then have to go through a bunch of presets before I can turn it off.

The vibrations are pretty localized to the tip, with not too much "feedback" to the base where your hand would be gripping it. I love this because a toy that transmits too much vibration to the handle can make holding on to it tremendously uncomfortable. The sensations provided by the Crystal Bullet range anywhere from a dull, teasing thrum to a high-pitched and very surface buzz. Some may find the highest settings too buzzy and surface, but those that enjoy a lot of intensity should be pretty satisfied here. At its strongest this toy is loud enough to be heard through a blanket but inaudible through a door.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is splashproof, so cleaning is very easy. I would like to note that while the packaging calls this toy "waterproof" I can say pretty confidently from a lot of experience with a lot of bullets that this toy is not safe to submerge. Oh sure, the first few trips to the bottom of your bathtub will probably not result in tragedy. However as time goes on (and as you screw the cap on and off and on and off) the o-ring, which protects the motor against leakage, on a toy like this comes loose and begins to slip and pucker when the cap is screwed on. So while you can feel free to try your luck with submersion I would advise against it.

"Splashing" on the other hand, or running under water such as a faucet or shower, should not be a problem. So when cleaning your Crystals High Intensity Bullet you can lather it up with some anti-bacterial soap and run it under the sink. You can also just wipe it down with a damp washcloth if you want to be extra safe, which is usually what I do.

All vibrators should be stored with the batteries removed in order to prolong the life of your batteries (this toy takes one N-1 battery) and your bullet. There will be no problems from storing this guy with any other toys; hard plastic does not negatively interact with silicone, jelly, metal, glass, etc. It is also not sensitive to lubricants so you can feel free to use this with silicone, water or oil based lubes. However in my experience this toy hasn't necessitated lube as it's quite slick.


Cal Exotic has really classed up their packaging in the past year or so. The simple, informative packaging of the Crystals Bullet is so infinitely better than lubed up models simulating O-faces for the camera. While the plastic blister pack isn't the most useful (I wouldn't recommend keeping it to store your toy in) or even the prettiest, it does hit the main points of interest about the toy. It is also far more neutral to sexual orientation and gender, which is also a huge plus.

Personal comments

I really didn't expect that this vibe was going to be mind-blowing, but as a devout lover of bullets I am always curious to try the flavor of the week (even though it's often the same as last week's). The Crystal High Intensity Bullet really surprised me; it takes a small but pretty significant step forward in bullet design. I have had great bullets that had everything I needed EXCEPT that none their three presets were quite right for my body. One was too strong, another not strong enough, the whole Goldilocks deal. I usually would end up giving them away to a friend because they just didn't feel right. No such complaint with this bullet, and if it weren't for a couple of totally minor things (such as the wayward rubber o-ring) this would easily be a 5 star bullet. For its price and for what it is, I think this is an awesome deal.
Follow-up commentary
I'm a bullet girl. No matter how many fancy vibes I get, I am still always lured by the latest with these babies. But this still remains my absolute favorite. It's cute, easy to use, and capable of being "customized" in terms of its speed. Reminds me of some Fun Factory products in that way. A FF comparison for a toy under $20 is a big deal in my book! Its great for using in dildos because the intensity carries the vibrations farther than others might through dense materials, and this is probably my favorite use for it. I recommend this really highly still to anyone, whether they're totally jaded toys connoisseurs or total newbies.
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