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19 reviews

The Fun Factory Delight is an amazing toy. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a powerful, rechargeable, dual-stimulator that is not another rabbit. The hook seems to magically find the g-spot, its easy to hold and control, and did I mention that its powerful?

If you love clitoral sensation and need very little else to achieve orgasm, then this toy might be great for you! If not? Spend your money on another fabulous toy.

A stunning piece of art that is made to stimulate those of us who have been blessed with the feminine form. From dual stimulation (that may or may not work quite so well for some) to the bonus rechargeable feature, this one is sure to pleasure beginners and advanced alike.

The Delight is a great choice for those who need a more pronounced curve to achieve G-spot satisfaction. The extreme "C" curve to the shaft and the easy to hold Royal Curve make this vibrator a great G-spotter. The fact that it charges in its own case just makes it incredibly easy to maintain, storage and charging all in one!

This toy was worth every penny and I know will be one of my favorites for years to come. It doesn't need batteries, has its own case, vibrates powerfully, and is easy to clean. Absolutely no cons to this toy.

This unit was not worth the money in my opinion. The fact that the battery stopped charging was actually very frustrating!

The Delight is an excellent g-spot toy for those who prefer strong vibes, a great shape and a rocking, rubbing motion. Vibrations are exceptionally strong and stimulating in the g-spot tip with just enough extra vroom in the shaft to give your clitoris a bonus buzz.

If you have the money, the Delight is definitely a toy to have in your arsenal. We would highly recommend it to single women who love to fly solo.

Designed to target the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously, the Delight by Fun Factory missed the mark, at least for me. While I can target both regions individually, I purchased this toy for its dual stimulation capabilities therefore I was ultimately disappointed. However if your G-spot is rather shallow, then you will probably enjoy this toy since it is unique and well constructed!

The Delight is almost a perfect toy. Its curved shape allows for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, but it is tricky to get in place since it doesn’t have much flexibility. Some may have trouble with the location of its vibration when it is inserted because of the length. When in place, however, the buttons are easy to reach and the level of vibration is incredible. The Delight is rechargeable and cannot be overcharged.

A prince among vibrators, Delight is a sleek, sexy pleasure machine.It's easy care and easy on the eyes. Don't miss it!

The Delight is another quality toy from Fun Factory. I would highly recommend this toy to anyone looking for fabulous G-spot stimulation especially if you know your G-spot is not deeply set in the vagina. This toy has just earned its place as my number one G-spot vibrator. The Delight is not what it's advertised as, but it's delightful!

I adore the Fun Factory Delight! I don't know why more companies don't follow their lead and create toys that are as comfortable to use as they are pleasurable! And I love that it can recharge in its discreet little case! Seriously, what's not to love?

I think I'm in the minority with my comments here and I wouldn't like to put people off this toy, unless, like me, they find it difficult to achieve orgasm. If so, this toy is unlikely to help.

A beautiful toy that I love so very much, but in the end left me disappointed that it didn't actually reach my G-spot. The power is surprisingly strong, and the toy still manages to be pretty quiet. I would highly recommend this toy to a woman who's G-spot is not difficult to reach or is at least shallow in location. Measure before you buy is my advice.

The Delight has already become one of my favorite toys in my toy chest. It has everything one can ask for--great design, pleasing looks, wide range of vibration and pulsation modes, rechargeable, splash-proof, hygenic, and is amazingly adept at stimulating the clit and g-spot together. Invest in this one, ladies!

The Delight touts an innovative design, a good amount of vibration, and it's rechargeable... but don't count on it for strong clit stimulation.

The Delight is something different, it's a funky vibrator that makes phallic shaped toys a thing of the past. I'm thrilled I got to venture outside of the box and The Delight shows why Fun Factory was one of the top brands of 2007 here on EF.

I love, love, love this toy! It's well-designed, attractive, and most importantly, it will rock your world! It's a little expensive, but a fantastic investment.

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