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Delightful, but shallow

A beautiful toy that I love so very much, but in the end left me disappointed that it didn't actually reach my G-spot. The power is surprisingly strong, and the toy still manages to be pretty quiet. I would highly recommend this toy to a woman who's G-spot is not difficult to reach or is at least shallow in location. Measure before you buy is my advice.
Great quality, comfortable design, powerful, fairly quiet, rechargeable
Too short to reach my G-spot
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The Delight by Fun Factory|Delight by Fun Factory is a beautiful and sexy toy. I ordered mine in black and white as I thought it was more sexy and sleek instead of cute or pretty like the pink or blue/violet versions. The idea behind the Delight is that you put the curved silicone end into your vagina to stimulate your G-spot while the curves bring the rest of the toy up into an S shape to simultaneously stimulate your clitoris. The toy is constructed from hard plastic (the white) and 100% silicone (the black). It looked like a very clever design, so I ordered it and anxiously awaited its arrival.

The toy comes in a usual Fun Factory box which has a clear middle section and two cardboard flaps on the back that contain some information about the toy. Taking it out of the box I realized that the Delight was a lot smaller than I had pictured it in my mind. The toy feels lovely. The silicone is quite firm and not tacky at all, but more velvety smooth.

The pretty case that comes with it also doubles as the toy’s charger. The Delight is powered by a Lithium Ion battery that requires a 3 hour charge. The instructions say that the charge will last for 90 minutes of continuous use on the medium setting; I find that to be pretty accurate. I have discovered that the toy actually doesn’t lose any of its power when the battery is low. That might sound like a great thing, but it can be very frustrating as well. When the battery is low, you have no warning or indication; it just shuts off. It took me a little bit to figure out why this expensive new toy of mine kept shutting off when it seemed like it still had lots of power. After reading the instructions, I learned that this is to help protect the battery. It will not allow the battery to be fully discharged, or to be over charged.

The controls are very simple and easy to use. There is a +, the word “fun,” and a –, that all illuminate when the toy is on. To turn the toy on, you need to press the + sign for about 2 seconds. You can then cycle up through 8 different levels of intensity either by pressing individually per speed, or by just holding it down to. Once on the highest vibration setting if you hold the + sign down for a couple of seconds it will switch to a slow pulsation, another press of the + button goes to a medium pulse and one final press will reach a rabid pulse. By continuing to press the + button you will only cycle through the same 3 settings. No matter which setting you are on, one press of the – sign will return you to the most intense vibration mode. To power off you must cycle through all the settings (easiest to just hold it down for this, faster too) then one press of the – will power it off. I found the controls easy to use, and actually quite similar (if not identical) to the controls of both the LAYAspot|LAYAspot and the Sinnflut|Sinnflut intensity review. If you already own either of those, then getting used to this toy would be a breeze. As far as actual power goes, I was quite satisfied. The internal intensity was higher for me than the clitoral intensity was. I also thought the Delight was fairly quiet. You would be able to hear it through covers, but not through a wall or closed door.

This toy is splash proof, not to be confused with water proof. While it is safe to clean this toy with warm water and mild soap, it is not safe to submerge it. I prefer to clean my toys with Before and After toy cleaner|Toy cleanser - Before and after toy cleaner review., and have had no problems with this method. The instructions advise that the toy should be stored in its case plugged in so it’s always ready to use. Because this toy is motorized, you can’t boil it or throw it in the dishwasher to sterilize it. You can however wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, but would be pointless as this would only sterilize the silicone and not the plastic. It you really want to share it, I’d suggest condom use instead. Also keep in mind that you should not use silicone lube with silicone toys because of the risk of melting said toy. Instead use a good water based lube like Maximus|Lubricant - Maximus review.
I was excited to try this toy out for the first time. All its sexiness was calling to me, luring me. I spent a good couple minutes just feeling the smooth cool plastic and the velvety silicone. I grabbed my trusty bottle of Maximus and put a drop on the Delight’s lower curve and massaged a drop onto myself. I slipped the toy easily into place and turned it on. I am a power whore, so I didn’t waste any time cranking it up to max speed. It felt quite pleasing both internally and on my clit. My finger slipped through the loop and my thumb rested on the controls.

I began to move the toy around a bit. It was impossible to do any thrusting because of how well the curve hugged my pubic bone. That was okay though as I rarely thrust when flying solo anyway. The easiest way I have found to stimulate my G-spot is a fast wiggle of a toy from side to side while pushing the outside tip downwards. This too is pretty impossible with the Delight. With a traditional phallic shaped toy, I am able to use the long shaft for some leverage, but the curve of the Delight still gripped my pubic bone, refusing to move much. I have found that really the only way it is possible to move the Delight is by gently rocking it back and forth. This feels lovely on my clit, but isn’t the type of stimulation that I need on my G-spot. Just to note, personally I enjoy internal vibrations, but they don’t actually do much for me in terms of reaching an orgasm. Therefore the different pulsations that feel so lovely in my hand, don’t really do much for me when the toy is in use.

By rocking the Delight I was able to get myself close to orgasm, but couldn’t push myself over the edge. I have learned to love the rocking motion, but think that the G-spot specific part of this toy, just isn’t long enough to actually reach my G-spot. I own the Gee Whiz|Gee whiz and use it by rocking against it, and I know for a fact that it reaches my G-spot. I think that in order to actually achieve a G-spot orgasm|Unleashing Her G-spot Orgasm - Book from the Delight, it would have to be about half an inch longer. I use the Delight for clitoral and labia massage, and it works very well for me like that. I think that for most women, the Delight would be an absolute dream. I do believe that my G-spot is deeper inside of my vagina than most, or at least compared to the women whom this toy was designed to fit.
Follow-up commentary
My views on this toy haven't changed at all, but I did give this toy a new test that I wanted to share. I got to thinking about the similarities in male and female basic anatomy a few nights ago. If a toy is meant for G-spot and clit use, it should line up for P-spot and perineum stimulation as well. I proposed my idea of using the Delight as a prostate toy|Prostate massager to my husband, and after some questions along the lines of "are you sure?" and " Do I need to use a condom?" we went to go play. I would greatly suggest use of a condom if you decide to use the toy in this way, simply because while part of the toy is silicone, a good portion is also plastic. After putting a condom over the toy, my husband turned it on, and began to stimulate himself with the tip. Once he was ready, he slipped it into place fairly easily and turned up the vibrations. The curve meant for clit use nestled against his taint right underneath his balls. The internal portion found it's way to his prostate fairly easily and all it took was some slight wiggling of the handle loop to get him into ecstasy. The higher vibration levels were too much for him, but he was able to find a speed that was just right. I gave him oral while wiggling the Delight to send him over the edge in short order. My husband still prefers a silicone dildo or plug to the Delight, but it is working itself into his ass on a regular basis. When he wants power, this is what he reaches for. He has used it lying on his back and sitting up. While sitting on it he is able to rock gently to stimulate himself hands-free. He uses his Fleshlight|Fleshlight STU vagina review (or has me use it on him) while sitting on the Delight. So far this method has provided some very powerful climaxes for him. I can ride him reverse cowgirl while he is using it as well and still reach the Delight, although this isn't a favorite position of his because he can’t reach my boobs. We are both glad that we experimented with this toy further. It does more for me up his ass than it ever did in my cunt. Thank goodness I didn't buy the pink one ;)
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  • Betty Rocket
    Pretty high priced for a toy that won't do the dishes too. Great review!

  • Dame Demi
    Sorry this toy didn't work out ideally for you--I gave myself a migraine from over-use the first time I tried it out!    The problem with g-spot/clitoral toys is that they are very dependent on anatomy and no one will work for every woman.  Hope you at least get some enjoyment out of it!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Another excellent review, Bulma. So nice of you to include information on the rechargeable battery as well, I always wonder about that. No problem with incorrect material information on this Fun Factory toy unlike the Smart Balls? It's too bad it didn't fit you just right, but good that you can find something useful to do with it, at that price, though, I would want it to be perfect for what its intended use.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    see, I would use this more for clitoral orgasm - how did it work in that regards?
  • Bulma
    Thanks everyone.  I've gone to using this primarily as a warm up toy.  After I use this for a few minutes, I am raring to go.  My husband has to leave his "Not Yet" get on for 10 minutes before intercourse, so this toy gets used during those 10 minutes to make sure that we are both ready.  It has been working great for that, so I don't regret buying it at all.  That little half inch that it is missing for me, would make this toy absolutely perfect.  Too bad they aren't offered in two different sizes :(

    Jimbo, I added the battery info special for you since you asked on the Sinnflut.  I didn't even realize before that it was relevent, but know to include it now.  Also as far as the whole silicone and elastomed deal, this toy is listed as being silicone on the box, and on Fun Factory's website.  I couldn't find it being referred to as anything else, so I feel pretty confident that this toy actually is 100% silicone.
  • Bulma
    Adriana- Pretty well, but I think it depends on exactly how much power you need.  It can't compare to the Hitachi of course, but it works great if you want to use it to massage as well as get vibrations.  The vibes are stronger in the lower part of the toy when you actually have it inserted, but I found that when it is out, the vibes are strongest in the plastic on the sides of the toy.  I need super strong vibes on my clit in order to clit-gasm, so it doesn't cut it for me unless I spend a lot of time working on it.
  • Thanks for all that specific function info. How would one go about measuring for a g-spot toy, I wonder...
  • Bulma
    I would imagine you'd just insert your (or your partners) fingers until you hit the G-spot, then measure your fingers from the tip to the point that was left outside of your fingers.  That should give a person a pretty close if not exact measurement.  All toys give their insertable lenght too.  Shouldn't be to hard.  
  • AnalArtist
    Every time I see this toy, I can only think about using this on some woman and just having fun teasing her haha. It looks like a great toy, sorry it didn't work out. And I am too a power whore haha.
  • Bulma
    Thanks Greathouse2008. I have one thing I haven't tried with this toy yet, but I need to get my husband to cooperate first ;) Maybe a follow up review soon? I hope so :)
  • Snappy
    Have you tried sitting up and then wiggling Delight around until it hits the spot?
  • Bulma
    Thanks for the suggestion, and yeah, I've tried it in every position I could think of including sitting on it. It just doesn't seem quite long enough, maybe not curved sharply enough either.
  • Fruity
    good review.
  • lezergirl
    nice review! I can definitely see how this is an anatomy-specific toy
  • Howley
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