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E-sensual bullet reviews

29 reviews
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29 reviews

The E-Sensual bullet is a quirky little toy. It packs one heck of a highly-pinpointed punch which may be a tad too much for the more sensitive user. For those of us who like our vibrations teeth-rattlingly strong, however, it's a veritable dream, albeit one with a few flaws.

This E-sensual bullet is absolutely fantastic. This is my first time purchasing a bullet with seven vibrating and pulsating functions, and I must say it's worth every penny. If you are considering buying a bullet, I would suggest getting this one. This bullet will add excitement to your life and help broaden your horizons, it will lead you to the wonderful world of toys. With its USB charger, this silver gem does not need any batteries, it can go on for as long as you want it.

This little silver bullet can certainly pack a punch! If you need that relief in the middle of your day at the office, in traffic, or while sitting on the computer at home, this USB plug-in bullet is right for you!

To summarize, the E-sensual bullet is a strong toy with great features that make it fantastic to use and saved me a lot of money on batteries.

The E-Sensual Bullet Vibe by California Exotics can definitely be called the sex toy of the future! Instead of being tethered to expensive batteries or the wall, you're now tethered to your computer or wall (with USB wall plug, sold separately). For its size, price, and gimmickiness, this bad boy sure does pack a punch! With 7 vibration patterns, it's perfectly satisfying!

Overall, if you read my review, you will decide for yourself if it is right for you. If I had known it would have died as it did, I would have been more careful. This being said, minus the fact that it died, I think it was worth the money to buy this toy. It had great vibrations and I had a great experience using it. It was a great first bullet.

This is my go to toy for masturbation. It’s convenient to use while watching porn, and since it doesn't need batteries it saves me a lot of money, which I'm all about. So if you don’t mind the noise level and want a wonderfully strong bullet for a great price, then this is the one for you. It has never disappointed me and is still working after 6 months of everyday use.

This is an amazing bullet! It's perfect for masturbation, and it gets the job done. This is a bullet that doesn't require batteries. I think it's the perfect strength. The power is off the charts, and it is fabulous. The E-Sensual Bullet is exiting, fun, and worth every penny; ten times over. Don't think, just get it, and get it now!

Overall, this bullet is okay in my book. It will probably get bumped down the like-ladder when I find a bullet that truly is insertable (with closed connections of cord to bullet). I am happy with the power given off by the little motor, but it wasn't enough to bring me to full climax. This bullet would be a great little addition in use with other toys to bring a full climax. As a computer-mate to get a slight rise out of you, this bullet does the trick!

I bought this bullet thinking it would be fun for those occasions when I watch porn on my computer while masturbating. I find it IS good for those occasions - and it's such a strong, versatile bullet that I've pretty much retired my other ones!

I love this toy. I am very happy with my purchase. It has the strength I craved and the convenience of no batteries. It doesn't kill my laptop battery at all, even when the computer is not plugged in. I would recommend this for any toy box because we have all been there, when you want to use a toy and you only have dead batteries. This solves that.

I feel like the E-Sensual bullet is worth its $19.99 price tag. If you are looking for a powerful bullet, then this is definitely for you. Just beware of the super loud buzzing.

The E-sensual Bullet is a great little powerful device that can be used anywhere. You can hook it up to any USB port or charger. Enjoy in the car, on the bed, or even in front of your computer. This powerful bullet is sure to have you moaning in seconds and will last through the days. With no need for batteries the power will not fade and will last.

The E-sensural bullet is more than just a novelty--it is a solid investment with real staying power. Unlike battery-powered vibes, it is able to provide strong and steady sensation for prolonged periods of time, which is great for those of us who like to cum more than once, or who take longer to reach climax.

This thing is completely worth the money because it has settings that everyone can enjoy including multiple speeds of constant vibes, multiple settings, or pulsating vibes.

With the impending risk of becoming non-sexual vegetables glued to iridescent screens, this little missile will buzz you right back to reality while you are stepping out of it. It is wonderful for beginners and advanced users due to 7 varied functions that will cater to either crowd's needs and in between. Plug and play is truly the motto for this toy and if you have plugs for USB's other than your computer, you are set to go or can take this on the go.

The item made it worth it for me simply for the fact that it doesn't require batteries! The settings are just a bonus! Worth every cent!

The E-Sensual Bullet is a wonderful addition to any toy collection. It is very powerful to be so little and USB powered, It is by far one of my favorite bullets to date.

If you're looking for a compact bullet vibe and are turned on by technology, this toy is for you. With multiple functions, a simple design, and strong vibrations, this USB toy is a great addition to anyone's toy box. And it's only $20!

This toy is perfect for that geek in your life. The E-Sensual Bullet is essential for anyone looking to ditch the batteries and who spends a lot of time at the computer, whether that's for stressful work (providing a little break to relax) or pleasure (a little help enjoying some internet play). Offering low, medium, and high vibrations, with a variety of patterns, many users will find just what works for them.

Having a husband who travels definitely gave me a different opinion on this toy. I have used it when web chatting with my husband. Since it hooks directly into the laptop USB port, it makes it easy to use during our time apart. This toy is definitely a great twist on an old faithful toy. We have really used it in a variety of places since you do not have to worry about batteries. As long as there are plug-ins or a computer, you are good to go!

This is the perfect desk side companion. This bullet uses power from the USB port on your computer so you don’t need to worry about eating through batteries. It is convenient for people who are around their computers a lot anyway.

ALL HAIL THE CONSTANT POWER!!! ALL HAIL THE FORCE OF GEEKY PORTS!!! Forget the batteries running out before you are finished! Forget the old world of having to go and get your toys! Just plug it in and play away! Anytime! Anywhere with a port!

If you're tied to your computer, this incredibly strong USB-powered bullet is definitely for you and a great companion to digital play times.

The E-Sensual Bullet is a fantastic powerhouse of a bullet vibrator that, if you tend to masturbate at the computer anyway, will be a fantatic choice for you. With the power it has, it definitely can satisfy a lot. The USB factor does bring in some limitations to use, but it's still a good and powerful vibrator.

Erotic bloggers, cam models, porn lovers and others who do actually sit at the desk to jerk off - this is the vibrator for you. The rest of you? Go buy a battery-powered bullet so that you're not limited to places you don't want to be.

I would purchase this as gifts for all my girlfriends so that they could experience the ecstasy I felt when I used it! I recommend this to everyone because it is small and convenient to use. It is easy for a beginner and great for the experienced lady using sex toys.

Do you watch a lot of porn on your computer? Do you go through a lot of batteries? If so get this toy! No batteries just plug the USB cord into your computer and have some fun! This toy is strong! There are 7 different vibration patterns also!

Being out of batteries is no longer a problem with California Exotics E-Sensual Bullet. Powered by the USB port in your computer, this little guy is always ready to go. Brings the term plug and play to a whole new level.

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