Brings Me To Climax? Fail!

Overall, this bullet is okay in my book. It will probably get bumped down the like-ladder when I find a bullet that truly is insertable (with closed connections of cord to bullet). I am happy with the power given off by the little motor, but it wasn't enough to bring me to full climax. This bullet would be a great little addition in use with other toys to bring a full climax. As a computer-mate to get a slight rise out of you, this bullet does the trick!
small, discreet looking, no batteries, powerful motor, great for a tease, easy to travel with
loud, short cord from bullet to controller, needs USB hook-up to work, needs help to cause climax
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E-sensual Bullet

Since this bullet is so small, there is the temptation to take it any and everywhere with you. You have to remember that it only works when near a computer with a USB port. That narrows the places down to packing it away in your luggage on a trip where you can plug it into your laptop, sticking it in your purse or briefcase when going to work, or sliding it in your pants when on the computer at home.

The only thing is, this bullet is a bit loud. Depending on the speed and vibe function you choose it can get very loud. You may end up vibrating things around you or things you're sitting on which would draw even more attention to yourself.

I found a nice spot between my lips and my two thighs where I could sit on a chair and not have the bullet vibrate the chair. I guess I have ample thighs that muffled the sound and the transfer of vibration from the bullet. You have to be careful though. This could work in your cubicle. It can slide under your skirt while the controls rest on your thighs where you can reach down and turn it off quickly if someone gets too close.

The bullet does get a bit warm after a while of being used. The warmth doesn't turn into heat or even extreme heat, so you don't have to worry about getting burned. The warmth may actually feel good to you which would turn it into a plus.

Cord to Bullet Connection

One thing I didn't like about the bullet is the cord-to-bullet connection. The bullet might have been able to be insertable if not for this connection. There's space around the cord as it goes into the bullet so you obviously don't want to put the bullet in a place where it can get liquid down inside where the motor is. That one thing held me back from sticking it in my vagina. I had bad thoughts of electrocution running through my head.

I can imagine a scenario of someone using it on another who is blindfolded. They wouldn't know what this thing is and it's so small they wouldn't be fearful of its capability until after it was turned on.

This toy is made to be used solo or with a partner. When using it solo you can stick it and forget it very easily. When using it with a partner, however, the small size might be a bit irritating as it could get hard to hold onto for long periods of time.

For those moms and others working on the computer at home, this seems the perfect fit to bring some excitement into your day as you type away!
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Bachelor/ bachelorette party
    • Couples
    • Everyone
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • At home
    • At work
    • Campus/roommate living
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Not for use in water or near liquid
    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • All over body
    • Surface of bottom parts
    • Surface of vaginal parts

Material / Texture

The bullet is made of plastic so don't let the shiny outside fool you (if you got the black/silver one). It may look like it is metal (which is by far a safer material in terms of cleanliness), but it's not. Mine came with slight imperfections on the surface like small scratches and spots. That made me a little leery about trying it out, but I wanted to let all of you know just how well this thing performs, so I pressed on.

Seam around bullet

The outside is smooth all over in spite of the seam that runs the whole circumference of the bullet (in the middle). When you pass your finger or nail over the seam you feel it, although when it's vibrating against you, you don't. The seam is not meant to add any texture to your play and it doesn't. That's just how the bullet was put together.

The bullet has a slight metallic smell to it when you hold it close to your nose. The controller has a slight plastic smell when held directly to your nose. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to smell any scent on this toy. After repeated washings the slight smells should be completely gone.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Bullet Size Comparison

The bullet was designed to look like a miniature egg. It's only 2 1/4" long and 1" wide around the middle of the vibe. Its oblong shape makes it easy to slide along your body parts or stick between your legs. Of course it won't be able to stand on its end by itself, but I highly doubt you'd want to do that anyway.

The packaging says it's intended for external use only so it reminds me of a massager. Although, since I found it here on EdenFantasys I assumed it would be able to be inserted somewhere. I was wrong. This toy was definitely not made to be inserted anywhere. All you're left with is a little egg-like vibrator that you can rub on your most sensitive parts.

Since this is a mini egg, the size doesn't seem like it would be enough to do much of anything for arousal sake. The power source and little motor prove that theory wrong. Don't let the size of this mini egg fool you! You will be able to get some pleasure out of it, although I wouldn't look to it for a be-all-end-all tool to get you to your climax.

Being smaller, I'd say this bullet is perfect for beginners or if you need a little buzz while on vacation somewhere. You won't be intimidated by a huge hulking thing about to be placed on your private. It's perfect to hide in your luggage, in your pants, between the couch cushions, in your purse. Whatever.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations on this bullet can be felt all around the bullet. Since it's so small, the motor is very efficient in delivering the vibrations to the whole mini-egg shape.

Even at a low speed setting (the first function you come across when you turn the bullet on) this bullet is buzzing loud enough for another person quite a distance away from you in a quiet room to hear it. You'd probably not be able to hear the vibrations though another room wall, but perhaps you'd be able to hear them at the door to the room you're using the bullet in.

E-sensual Bullet Controller

One thing to be careful of is that the button closest to the bullet on the controller does not turn it on. The arrow button farthest away from the bullet turns it on. Not sure why it's made like this, but it's real easy to figure out when in use. You can't get confused unless you put the controller down in a different position than you picked it up in. If you do get confused and turn it off unintentionally, you'll have to cycle back through he functions to find where you were. The bullet doesn't remember which function it was on when it was turned off.

This toy has various different functions to enhance the use. They are:

- Three continuous vibrations at low, medium and high speeds (high being also very loud)
- A syncopated function (at high speed) of short, short, long
- A continuous function (on high speed) of short blasts
- An oscillating function of short blasts in a low speed to hi speed pattern
- A (very funny sounding) low to high speed continuous function (which sounds like the thing is revving up to ride somewhere)

While all these functions are nice, they still don't do the job to bring completion to the slight arousal they caused.

The bullet seems mostly closed off, but the bullet is not for use in water.
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

Since this toy is made from plastic with a coating over it, you may be limited as to how you can clean it. Toy wipes would probably be the best bet. You could also use regular baby wipes, or just clean it with water and antibacterial soap. After much use, the coating would probably show wear though, especially the silver coating.

The plastic part is actually not in contact with your body at all so relying on the idea that you can clean this toy like any other plastic toy would be a bit off. You can usually sterilize plastic by rubbing it down with rubbing alcohol before you give it to someone else to use. That may damage the finish (which doesn't seem to be plastic) on this toy though, so keep that in mind. You can also store the toy in the packaging box and tray.

Because this toy is plastic and not the safest material on Eden’s safety scale, I'd hesitate in sharing this toy with someone.

Since this toy is so small, you probably won't need any lube, as your own body will produce enough to aid the insertion. If you do want to use lube, you have the choice of water-based, silicone or oil. I'm a coconut-oil-for-lube fan so that sounds great to me.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Low maintenance


E-sensual Bullet packaging

The E-sensual Bullet came packaged in a plastic see-through, rectangular box. The writing on it gave the item a bit of color and would probably catch my eye if I happened upon it on a shelf somewhere. The bullet itself was housed inside a plastic tray that you pull out of the box. The box was easy to open and you could easily return the tray to the box and reuse the whole packaging.

E-sensual Bullet instructions

If you're looking for more of the instructions, this is it. You only get a little paper with two images that are supposed to show you how to plug the USB cord into your computer. There's one picture of the cord being placed near the side of a laptop where the USB plug would be and another picture of the cord being plugged into the USB port. While that is just about as self-explanatory as you get, I would have preferred instructions on where I could place the bullet on my body. The outside of the box says for external use only, but it's in small print and I suspect it's only there for legal reasons. Was this toy originally intended for insertion or simply surface play? Based on this video the bullet was intended to be inserted as well, although I can't see how that's possible with that separation between the cord and bullet. Between the make and the package warning on the outside, I'd steer clear of using this inside you. However according to the video, it's safe for that use as well. You'll have to make the final call (if I'm being a bit over protective, please forgive me. I'm still learning).

The structure of the box would make it easy to wrap as a present and gives enough stability for the bullet to be taken out and placed back inside without causing the box's integrity to fail. The different parts of the bullet are clearly laid out and labeled on the back of the box, so you know what you're getting.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I really wanted to put this inside my vagina, but the design made me hesitate. I didn't think I could accomplish that without danger to myself. So I opted to just use it against my lips for the first few times.

The bullet did peak my interest after a while, but it didn't send me to cloud nine. I was expecting this vibrator to act like a miniature Hitachi (my only other vibrator. So sorry, but it's the only other vibrator comparison I can make as the Hitachi is the only other one I own). I thought it would start off lightly arousing me then jump to overtime in short order. While this vibrator is strong for its size (thanks to the power source), it can't get me to Nirvana by itself.

This was a big disappointment for me as I sit at my home computer for quite some time every day. I thought this bullet would be the perfect little helper to keep me sexually fulfilled while working (or not). So far this little bullet only teases me. Even when I'm moving around to make sure all my spots are hit while sitting on it, I still only get to about a 3 on a 10 point scale of arousal. Maybe I'm just a tough cookie to crack, but this did very little for me. The best use for me seems to be as a slight build up before hubby gets home so I can be just a bit wet and a bit worked up for him to finish me off.

Since I got up to a 3 in arousal, I also wanted some nipple stimulation to help things along. Maybe if I had some clamps or a nipple sucker toy I could really get off on this little bullet. Perhaps if I used something like this or this or even these, this might be a very different review. know I just might do that. This review needs a follow-up anyway. I'll try to add some accessories to make this little bullet really pop for my body and come back with my results. Wish me luck in my research!
    • Discreet for easy hiding
    • Not the full ticket
    • Powerful for the size


I finally got up the nerve to try it internally. My favorite vibrations were the strong pulses (number 5 going through all the functions) while inside, but the low, constant function while outside. I also preferred it to be used on the outside rubbing all over my clit and lips as opposed to just vibrating inside.

I didn't insert the bullet very far as I was still very cautious about that non-closed connection of the wire to the bullet. I made sure I didn't squeeze my thighs together while the bullet was inside so I wouldn't squeeze it further in.

I supposed since it's supposed to be able to be used as an insertable toy that you could try to use it in your anus. I was just not that brave. I'd actually advise against it because it probably will get sucked farther into your anus by your sphincter muscles just doing what they're supposed to do, which is clamp down on things that get near it. The bullet does have a wire, but I highly doubt you'd want to rely on pulling on a wire (and hoping it stays attached against your muscle strength) to get this back out. This toy doesn't have a suitable flared base to keep it from going inside your rectum too far, so don't use it anally.
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  • Contributor: Herzer
    Thanks for the review. Looks like it was designed for people who cyber a lot.
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    Yeah, it seems perfect for long sessions of typing. =) You're quite welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment and rating it!
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    Love the review!!!
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    Great review, thank you!
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    Electrocution is probably not going to happen from liquid getting into the egg but it will corrode and stop the motor pretty quick unfortunately.

    Neat idea but my comp is in the living room and we have a no masturbation during family time rule! LOL Still, what a neat idea.
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    great detailed review.
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    Whew! Thanks Airen Wolf for setting the records straight! LOL!

    I also commend your rule. With the way our household works though, I'd NEVER have time to myself if I didn't try to steal some minutes here and there away from family time. This Mama is going to start learning her body and getting her groove on no matter what time it is!
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    Thanks for the review. I still want to try it for the unique power source.
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    thank you for the great review
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