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Fleur De Lis silicone seduction reviews

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This beautiful Silicone Seduction vibrator by Evolved is a gorgeous toy and the perfect addition to any toy box. It is a classic vibrator with an elegant twist - luxuriously smooth silicone, unexpectedly strong vibrations, quiet motor and beautiful packaging that can be used as storage. This was my first silicone vibrator, and definitely did not disappoint. I would recommend it to everyone!

Lots of buzz, in both sound and vibration. Feels great in all the right ways and is a breeze to clean and pack away when you're done!

Better than the original in most ways!

While this toy is better than the original Seduction, I just am not sure it's a full $20 better. It is a nicer material, and it does fit better to my body, but it still has the same 3 settings as the original and doesn't have any more oomph.

This is my second Silicone Fleur De Lis item and so far my favorite. The shape is simple and sleek, but it's just right for me. And while the vibrations are a bit buzzy, they're just what I want internally. I was a bit surprised at how much I like this toy, since it is so simple.

There's a lot of things I was really surprised by with Fleur De Lis. The silicone was much nicer than what I expected for what I paid and the shape blew me away with how good it felt. On those two things, this would be a five star toy. However, it's weak and buzzy vibrations take it down a peg. Even worse, the battery compartment is larger than the batteries themselves. This means that the batteries can shift around causing the vibrator to randomly shut off. Major fail.

Not just a pretty package, but a powerful, gorgeous toy that packs a punch! As I mentioned in the Cons section, the only con for me really was that the toy just shut off when the batteries died. Usually I really notice the power of a toy declining when the batteries are about to go but not with this one. When the batteries died it just suddenly shut off but honestly, this toy is so awesome I have no complaints and I just make sure to keep spare batteries near!

Quiet Intense Pleasure

This makes a great gift for anyone. It comes in a very appealing packaging with a cute little charm on the top. It has some very strong vibrations. So, I would definitely keep that in mind while purchasing.

If you are new to toys and aren't put off by the slightly larger bulge circumference, this would be a great starter toy. Even for those of us who are more experienced with toys, this one has a lot of pros to offer. Strong steady vibrations are expelled via the g-spot bulging tip, as well as the rest of the shaft. Sometimes, ya just need a simple, easy vibrator to get the job done.

This is a great toy for a beginners. I love the shape and design of it and I know other women would love it too.

Seduction by Evolved is a classic vibrator that is well-made, attractively packaged, and designed with usability in mind. Made of body safe silicone and plastic, this waterproof toy delivers moderately strong vibrations that can barely be heard. If you're looking for a quiet toy that's easy to use and clean, allow yourself to be seduced by Seduction.

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