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Lovely Shape, Not So Lovely Design Flaws

There's a lot of things I was really surprised by with Fleur De Lis. The silicone was much nicer than what I expected for what I paid and the shape blew me away with how good it felt. On those two things, this would be a five star toy. However, it's weak and buzzy vibrations take it down a peg. Even worse, the battery compartment is larger than the batteries themselves. This means that the batteries can shift around causing the vibrator to randomly shut off. Major fail.
Amazing shape
Velvety silicone
Weak and somewhat buzzy vibrations
Vibrations randomly turn off due to battery compartment issues
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Evolved's Fleur De Lis vibrator has been redone in silicone. It's a traditional vibrator intended for internal vaginal use. It features a lovely bulb headed tip that narrows down to a smaller shaft. It should not be used anally as it lacks a flared base. While it isn't ideal for external use, you could use it this way if you like.

There is a fatal flaw in the battery holder of the Fleur De Lis, which I will get into. Aside from this flaw, this is a great vibrator. Although it does get wider at the top, it doesn't get so wide that beginners should shy away.

It's waterproof, so it can be used anywhere from the tub to the bedroom. It can be used for solo or partner play. It's a great thrusting toy which makes for fun foreplay.

Material / Texture

Fleur De Lis is made of silicone, putting it at a 10 on the safety scale. I must say, I'm impressed with the silicone. It's not luxury quality, but it's really nice silicone. It has a soft, velvety feel with next to no drag. It's not the buttery soft silicone that I prefer, but it's soft enough to feel good to the touch and inserted. You don't need a ton of lube for easy insertion. There is a seam that runs down it, but it is raised only slightly. Even the seam sensitive may be able to use this. I'm not making any promises on that. It does collect lint, but it's not a lint magnet like some silicone can be.

It is a smooth finish with no added texture. I'm texture sensitive, so I loved the extremely smooth surface of Fleur De Lis. If you're a big texture fan, this won't be for you.

There is a silicone smell to the vibrator. It is fairly strong when I hold it to my nose, but not strong enough to detect away from the face. There is no taste to it.

The texture and material is perfect for beginners and advanced users that like a smoother surface. At this price point, it's a lovely stepping stone for a beginner looking to get a first silicone vibrator without spending $100+. It won't be the same quality you get at that price point, but this is some of the nicest silicone I've run across in the $50 range.

Design / Shape / Size

Fleur De Lis is what I would call an average sized vibrator, but I suppose it's all relative. It is 7.5 inches in total length, of which 6 inches is insertable. The product page says it is 1.25 inches in diameter at the widest point while I'm getting 1.5 inches. As usual, I'm not always the best at measuring so take mine with a grain of salt. I will say that this felt smaller than my 1.5 inch toys, so it's likely closer to the 1.25 that the product page lists or perhaps a little larger. At the smaller point, I get 1 inch in diameter.

This comes a little past my hand if I hold it to the tip of my middle finger. Here you can see it for size reference.

This was a comfortable size for me. I don't like large vibrators. The bulb at the head was just large enough to be filling but not stretch me out in a painful way. I like when things are bigger at the head than the shaft because I seem to be able to handle more girth in the back than the front. I was able to thrust this with ease.

I will say that the shape of this is my favorite thing about this vibrator. I had some issues with the vibrations working and being strong enough, but even if they were turned off entirely, the shape of this alone makes me really like it. It felt very good when simply left inside and paired with an external vibrator and even better with light thrusting.

Generally, my opinion is that if I can use it, it's beginner friendly. I'm one that can't handle a lot of size. While the bigger head may scare off some beginners, it's really not large enough to cause any pain. It may not be the best first vibrator, but for a second or third I would call this a safe bet. Advanced users that don't require a lot of girth should also find the size pleasurable.

It does look like a vibrator, no doubt about it. If you don't want people knowing you have a vibrator, stash this away. It's not the easiest to hide at 7 inches, but it's not a foot long either. Most drawers should easily fit this.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There is one button at the base of the toy that operates the power levels. To turn on, click the button. Do the same to turn up. Once you hit the final power level, one more click will turn it off. Pretty simple, right? The button is easy to press and I never accidentally hit it during use due to its placement.

There are only three speeds and no patterns to choose from on Fleur De Lis. It's a basic vibrator and could have more to offer in this sense. The first speed comes in at two vrooms. The second is a high level two/low level three. The third is a mid level three. Not a lot of power.

Now, this should be enough for most users. I personally tend to prefer at least four vrooms with much love for that that come in at five. Externally, I can't use anything below a mid level four. Internally, I can use a three if the shape is right. The shape was great on this one and I was able to successfully use this despite the mediocre power levels.

The vibrations center in the middle of the blub. The radiate very nicely up and down. By the time you get to the base, you can feel them but they aren't as strong. Unless you insert this down to the very base, you should feel the vibrations through the whole shaft.

The vibrations are on the buzzy side, but not overly so. They go deeper than a surface level vibration but if I hold this in my hand I can't feel them go past my hand and into my arm. They don't make my hand get itchy. They won't make it go numb either unless I hold this for a very long time. I don't tend to mind buzzy vibrations so long as they aren't too surface level or numbing. This had enough of an impact to leave me satisfied. If you don't like even the slightest amount of buzz, this may fall short of expectations.

On the highest setting, I can muffle this pretty well through a few layers of covers. I cannot hear it through a closed door. It is almost the exact same noise level as my cell phone.

Well, now we must get to the fatal flaw. Fleur De Lis runs on 2 AAA batteries, not included. These insert via a little plastic insert that comes out of the vibrator and then pops back in.

See that little plastic thing in the middle? I have two MAJOR issues with it. The first one is that there is a little flap that serves as the removal tab. It's very flimsy and mine is almost broken off after only removing it about four times. If this flap breaks, I cannot get the batteries out and once they die, this toy dies with them. The other issue is that the length of the battery holder is slightly longer than the two batteries themselves. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means that if you move this vibrator just the right way, the batteries won't touch and the vibrator won't work. It took me THIRTY minutes to get them in place just right so that the toy would actually stay on when I pressed the buttons.

For a while, I thought I just got a defective toy. It wasn't until my fourth attempt taking the batteries out to put them back in (thinking that must be the problem) that I realized there was a small gap in between the two. When I pushed them together and reinserted it, the vibrator came on and stayed on. If I shake it around, the batteries will move apart again and the toy will shut off until I remove the batteries and place them together again.

I call this a fatal flaw because it means I have to be very gentle when I use this. I'm scared to thrust it too hard for fear of shaking the batteries out of place. Now, once I got them positioned right I only had to reposition them once more, but it's still a major issue in my book. It has turned off on me during use. That's REALLY frustrating.

While this is a waterproof toy, for once I did not do a submersion test. Due to the issues with the batteries, I have been extra gentle with this toy and didn't want to risk yet another shut off problem. I have, however, washed it and gotten water all around the base without any issues.

Care and Maintenance

Since it's waterproof, care is very simple. You just wash this off with soap and water or toy cleaner. I use my toy spray and water. As mentioned, I have had no issues with water getting into the battery compartment.

You should use water based lubes only with this toy. Silicone lubes could potentially degrade the material.

The packaging makes for cute storage, but you could also use a pouch. No matter how you store this, you should keep it away from other silicone toys. Silicone and silicone don't go well together and should be kept apart or risk destroying the materials.


The packaging is pretty classic Evolved packaging. It's a package that stands upright. The top is clear all the way around to showcase the toy. It has a wrap around it that has written words. The front says "Evolved Love is Back." The back says some stats on the toy - that it's waterproof and silicone, etc. The toy stands in the bottom holder even if the top is removed.

Evolved packaging isn't luxury packaging by any means, but it is cute. This package even has a little metal Fleur De Lis charm on it. I use mine for storage. I don't know if it would be ideal for gift giving unless you were able to give this where no one could see as it's anything but discreet.

There are no instruction manuals save what is on the back of the package. It's a one button operated toy, so it doesn't really need instructions.

Personal comments

I have a love/hate relationship with my Fleur De Lis. I love the shape and I'm really impressed with the silicone. The battery issue is a huge deal to me. A vibrator that turns off during use is a major fail, in my opinion. Because of that, I hesitate to give this my full backing. I haven't heard anyone else complain about this though. I'm wondering if maybe I'm just inept at putting batteries in. I can tell for sure that the compartment is larger than the size of the two batteries. Either way, there is a chance that this could happen with this toy. If you're willing to take that chance, this could be a great addition.

Battery issues aside, I think beginners and advanced users will find something to like. The silicone should appeal to users across the board. The shape really is divine. It's a great step up from a traditional bullet shaped vibrator for a new user. For those with more experience, the shape is still a great addition. The silicone may not be up to the standard of a Lelo or Je Joue, but it's pretty nice for what you're paying.


There's things I love about this toy. The silicone really wowed me. Not that it's super fancy silicone. It's just I didn't expect something so velvety for $50. The shape is what really does it for me, however. Even when the vibrations would give out, I could use this on shape alone. It works well with my body and doesn't make me feel too full or like it's lacking. I am able to use this pretty much as a stand alone without a clit vibe. I prefer it with an external vibrator, but that's just my usual preference. Because of the silicone and shape, I want to give this a really high rank.

I just can't. It's weak in power, at least for my tastes. You know what, I'd forgive that on account of how much I adore the shape. What I can't forgive is the battery issue. It's just too big of a flaw. Because of that, I can only give this three stars. That's probably being generous for a flukey vibrator. That should tell you just how much I love the shape of this.
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