G-plus massager attachment

Vibrator Accessory
by Sinclair Intimacy Institute

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G-plus massager attachment reviews

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A great way to transform your Hitachi massager from an external vibrator, to a penetrative one. It's well made, convenient, and given its odd appearance, suprisingly non-threatening.

The G-plus was very disappointing! I really was hoping for an attachment that would knock my socks off to use with my Hitachi, but that did not happen. If you like to "feel" your toys inside, I would look for another attachment.

I believe there is nothing better than accessorizing things you already love. That is what the G-Plus does. It takes a powerful toy and allows you to change the way you use that power.

This was a fun item to try and I am sure it will work great for some. I was not one of those people so my opinion would be buy it on sale and at your own risk.

It's designed for the Ideal, but you can use the G-Plus with any massager with a ball head. It's a great solution if you've been wanting to turn a massage wand into something more sexual but haven't been able to handle the strength of the vibrations.

The G-Plus adds a g-spot stimulator and clitoral teaser to most massagers. This one is designed for the Ideal also by Natural Contours. It can be used in a few way, but either way you turn it, the G-Play adds more fun to your massage wand experience.

The G-plus

This is a great product to take an existing toy and turn it into something new and different. The attachment is super soft and, yes a little floppy but it is a great to have the dual stimulation option when I reach for my hitachi.

A fantastic attempt at dual stimulation, the G-plus falls quite short of an orgasmic experience. Although I did end up climaxing by placing the flat end (aka the end without either protrusion) on my clitoris, this toy was a failure with respect to double penetration. While it technically worked, this toy felt awkward and floppy. It also made my massager louder, which is definitely a huge negative.

Good try, but it needs work. Slender and waggly protrusions didn't do anything for me. Also not made of silicone, so it cannot be shared (and a condom won't fit on it).

If you’re looking for a slow, building orgasm, this attachment is not for you. If you love your Hitachi or other ball-head massager, and wish that power could be harnessed in an insertable vibrator, this is the extension to buy. Intense orgasms guaranteed!

This is a great attachment for your wand type massager! I used it with the Hitachi but, it will fit others as well. The clitoral attachment hit the right spot and the shaft was easy to insert. It failed to apply constant pressure on my g-spot but, it did give it kind of a tickling sensation that I enjoyed!

Basically it turns the Hitachi (or other spring-ball massager such as the Ideal) into something similar to the Rock Chick or G-Rock, and who wouldn’t want delicious g-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time with the added power of the Hitachi? It's my first attachment for the Hitachi, and while it won't be the last, I can't imagine many being quite as delicious as this!

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