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G-plus massager attachment

Vibrator Accessory by Sinclair Intimacy Institute

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Get Me Off, Gonzo!

It's designed for the Ideal, but you can use the G-Plus with any massager with a ball head. It's a great solution if you've been wanting to turn a massage wand into something more sexual but haven't been able to handle the strength of the vibrations.
Vibrations travel very well through material, Soft, Dual stimulation, Fits a variety of massagers
Lint magnet, Floppy vaginal arm
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Want to use your very large and strong personal massager for sexual purposes but find the vibrations to be waaaaay too intense to get any real pleasure out of? Then an attachment is an ideal solution for you. The G-plus is a good one to start with, not being really extreme in any manner, and perfect for a beginner.

Material / Texture

G-plus is made of TPE rubber, which unfortunately makes it pretty porous. It's got a nice drag to the fingers, but when in use, you should definitely use lube. It does have a slight scent, but only if you're getting up close and personal with it. It can also pick up scents from things like scented/flavored lubes, as well as scented soaps. It's super soft and super squishy and also a bit of a lint magnet. Anybody looking for lots of texture should keep looking.
    • Light odor
    • Porous
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The G-Plus was designed for the Ideal from Natural Contours, however it will fit onto most massagers with a ball head such as the Hitachi and the Acuvibe. Anything with a circumference of 6 3/4" - 7 1/2" will work, but it won't be as snug on anything 7 1/4" and lower. It fits very well on my Acuvibe, which has a 7 1/4" circumference, but is still a little bit loose.

Some may think it looks like an awkward can opener, but I always think of Gonzo, and I don't know why. There's a hollow cap section that's meant to go onto your ball headed massager. If your massager is on the larger end of the recommended measurements, you'll have a bit of a difficult time getting it on. I suggest setting the open end on the top of your massager, and then running your finger around the edge while pushing it downwards and onto the toy. This will keep the bottom of the cap from folding over on itself.

From there you have two arms, one for clitoral stimulation and one for vaginal stimulation, with about 1 1/4" between them. The little clit nub extends about 2" from the body of the attachment and should easily hit the mark for most women. The vaginal arm extends about 3 1/2" from the attachment. It's about 3 1/2" around, so it won't be very filling. While it's aimed at G-spot stimulation, it's really only good for giving you a feeling of having something inside of you, since the material is too soft to really give the support that a good G-spot stimulator should have.

Due to its lint magnet status, it's not the greatest for traveling, however unless you happen to have it out in front of someone who really knows their stuff, it's not going to be immediately recognizable to most.

Functions / Performance / Controls

If you're putting this on the Ideal, which it was intended for initially, it should sit snugly and not move at all. On something a little smaller like the Acuvibe, when you turn on the vibrations, it's going to wiggle around a bit on its own. In use it stays put, but out on its own, it spins.

The vibrations are felt the most strongly near the body of the cap, obviously, but they do transmit pretty well down the length of the shaft, even on low. No matter which setting you use, the clitoral nub will always vibrate extremely strongly, and because of the curve between the two arms, most women won't have a problem having this stimulate their clit.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is pretty easy. Remove from massager, wash with warm water and antibacterial soap or your favorite toy cleaner. I'd recommend letting it air dry, since it does like to pick up tons of lint and other such particles, but you can also rinse it off before each use. You will most likely need a little bit of lube to use this comfortable, and you can safely use anything water or silicone based.

If you don't mind a little bit of bulk, you can easily store it back in its original packaging, but if you need the extra space, you can also store it in a plastic bag as well.


So classy, seriously, it would even look great giving it as a gift. The G-plus is sitting inside a little clear plastic tray, inside of a clear plastic box. The box opens easily, and while it's not the most discreet (because it does have the name of the product and a few illustrations), it's really far from being tacky and does work well for storage. There was a little pamphlet inside the box, and it gives you a little run down about the toy, as well as cleaning and how to put it on your massager.

Personal comments

Since this can't be sterilized, you shouldn't share it without a condom, which is rather difficult to get on and have it stay on. I would also suggest against using it anally without a condom.


I came in 10 seconds. Literally. The power of the Acuvibe I have makes it darn near impossible not to, even on the lowest setting, especially if I'm anything resembling in the mood. I can get off quickly and powerfully, and because this material does muffle the vibrations somewhat, I'm not numb in a matter of seconds *and* I can use it on high. I wasn't expecting much in the way of G-spot stimulation because of how soft and floppy the vaginal arm is, and I didn't get it, but I did really enjoy having it inside of me. The strength of the vibrations in the clitoral arm more than makes up for any lack of anything the vaginal arm might provide.
Follow-up commentary
Because it never sat well on my Acuvibe, this doesn't get used all that often. However I do still enjoy using it from time to time because it's just so darn simple.
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